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August 24, 2009 // 11:01 am - Over the weekend geohot, famous for unlocking Apple's iPhone, has posted a few tweets on his Twitter account that he has began looking into hacking Sony's PS3 console.

He has also dropped by our Forums to enquire about the PS3 Hypervisor Decryption Keys, and has been in touch with CJPC via IRC as well.

To date, geohot has reported the following via tweets:

"ooo got access to a couple more pages of ram...still no hypervisor there tho. it's hiding in the top 2 MB.

anyone know if the 360 guys had a pt hypervisor to reverse?

my goal is to break out of the hypervisor... then see what my morals will allow.

gotta flip one little bit to hack the ps3. unfortunately the ps3 doesn't want me to flip it.

so, the hypervisor is in the first 0x1000 pages of RAM...think I could just pull an address line down and dump? not from kernel tho

PS3 memory map ... why did I think this would be useful again? i really want these dumps @ bootloader

it'd be nice if that worked, linux accesses sandboxed part of nand... 4mb of uselesses.

hacking the PS3, not hacked in three years how long will it take me?"

Apple iPhone Unlocker GeoHot Begins Hacking Sony's PS3

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#111 - CJPC - September 9, 2009 // 1:20 am
CJPC's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by masri01 View Post
GeoHot's Twitter, 3 Minutes ago..

yay, got R/O access to 32 bytes of RAM i wasn't supposed to. what uselessness

Not sure what he is talking about?

Basically he was able to read 32 bytes of memory that he was not supposed to, and it was useless - mind you, 32 bytes is not a lot.

For example, an IP address: - 32 Bytes (not including the .'s!) - not too much data at all.

#110 - masri01 - September 8, 2009 // 10:41 pm
masri01's Avatar
GeoHot's Twitter, 3 Minutes ago..

yay, got R/O access to 32 bytes of RAM i wasn't supposed to. what uselessness

Not sure what he is talking about?

#109 - PS4 News - September 8, 2009 // 8:42 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Geohot is still plugging away adding to the PS3 Hypervisor Function List. Sadly though, with the exception of lv1_map_device_dma_region none of them are much use... and even with that function you can't DMA to the HV Memory and the only other Memory is Linux so basically useless.

#108 - semitope - September 8, 2009 // 1:04 pm
semitope's Avatar
lol. Actually I think they do it whether we cared or not. They arent necessarily trying to hack it because we are asking them to and I am not sure many of them care if ppl complain or have doubts. Always thought that the scene was like that, doing it for the love of it and not because some noob wants it done. Hacking the ps3 would be the ultimate bragging right probably for a decade to come.

#107 - imtoodvs - September 8, 2009 // 5:18 am
imtoodvs's Avatar
Everyone should also keep in mind that the ps2 also had a very rough road in its quest to be hacked. ESR is still not in a final state and we've had a decade to explore the ps2. lets not put to much pressure on the talented Devs out there working for free, every chance they get.

These guys should be commended for their work and dedication, some even going as far as to put the scene before their everyday lives. also keep in mind companies have million dollar budgets & teams to engineer consoles, while the average joe has a $19.95 budget and the weight of the world on his back.

So to the average Joe Dev... Thank You, keep up the good work!

just a thought

#106 - semitope - September 8, 2009 // 2:21 am
semitope's Avatar
It might require an information leak from sony or ibm to hack the console. Maybe enlist some internet hackers to snoop around.

#105 - Rob777 - September 8, 2009 // 1:18 am
Rob777's Avatar
I have great faith that somehow by some one/group it will be done very soon, probably not this year though...

Surely though if geohot and/or the devs actually do find a mad exploit or hack will we really find out through these pages and geohots twitter account. I doubt it, I think we won't know how successful anyone is until the hack actually gets released. Why announce you've done it before you can apply it to anyone's machine and then Sony fix in an update or something anyway.

Oh well its fun going between here and there everyday expecting the good news to suddenly be released, knowing deep down you'll be doing this a lot before that day arrives.

Hackers/devs whoever is doing something, keep going, your great, only wish there was somehow a newbie could help also

#104 - TrentMKII - September 8, 2009 // 1:12 am
TrentMKII's Avatar
Granted geohot did find another module on the iPhone that could be exploited but he did require other people's work to initially get him into the iPhone to create purplesn0w. His method on the iPhone did work but it was too big and used up too much memory and was quite buggy. With that said, I do hope that he can get something going on with the PS3. I'm just not going to hold my breath on this one.

#103 - PS4 News - September 7, 2009 // 8:43 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Nah, they are talking about phone (not PS3) hacking there... see the other guy's Twitter he replied to:

@geohot cuz any1 going back to 3.0 keeps same bb and so as long as we dont upgrade bb again we could use 5.11.04 exploit to reuse our phones
2:37 PM Sep 5th from web in reply to geohot

@geohot reason i ask is that alot of people updated bb during 3.1beta and r sol, but since ther is a known explot in 5.11.04 wuldnt it work?
2:35 PM Sep 5th from web in reply to geohot

@geohot How hard would it be to change your program purplsnow to work on 05.11.04 bb baseband if an exploit already exists and is documentd?
2:31 PM Sep 5th from web in reply to geohot

#102 - telmom - September 7, 2009 // 6:36 pm
telmom's Avatar
when he say: "@BADASSC5 v1 is open source, try making the new exploit work"

this "Exploit" isn't about PS3 or... is?