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January 23, 2011 // 5:58 pm - Today smokin has made available Wipe History version 1.2 followed by v2.0 while Chossy has released EraseMe v1.1 which also generates a fake activity log, and both PKG applications clear out the PS3 history so Sony won't know what games or homebrew application IDs have been used on the console when connecting to PSN.

Download: Wipe History v1.2 for PS3 / Wipe History v2.0 for PS3 / Wipe History v2.0 for PS3 3.41 + Waninkoko CFW 3.55 / EraseMe v1.1 GeoHot for PS3 / EraseMe v1.1 Kmeaw for PS3 / EraseMe v1.1 Source Code

On Wipe History, to quote: The thought behind this program, is to run it prior to going online onto the PSN, to remove your play logs from Sony's peering eyes. It is possible that by deleting these logs, it will protect your console from the threat of being banned. To use the app, run it via the XMB, your screen will flicker black and return you back to the XMB as normal.

This is my first ps3 homebrew app, it clears your history (ie.,boot_history.dat) so Sony doesn't know what games or homebrew you have ran.

Most homebrew apps in .pkg form use an id which goes to a file that gets uploaded to sony when you sign into psn, obviously homebrew apps have their own id that sony doesn't recognize which could potentially get you banned.

This app clears that history so just run it after you run homebrew, It will do ALL accounts on your ps3.

When you run it the screen will go black then return you to the xmb.

Get version 2 it deletes pushlist too which is also sent to sony The files are in dev_hdd0/vsh/pushlist/patch.dat and game.dat

On EraseMe v1.1, to quote: After making this app for BeeGee7730 i got to thinking that a blank pushlist is just as bad as one full of homebrew so i quickly edited v1.0 to allow the copying of dummy files as well.

So i have encluded in this version a game.dat/patch.dat/boot_history.dat with 5 genuine games played that can be copied over instead of deleting the pushlist/history.

If you really want some fun after install FTP into the app BLES00132 and hex in some swear words in the game.dat/patch.dat & boot_history.dat in the USRDIR folder then copy them across

Cross will delete all files.
Circle will copy dummy files.

SRC Code Included.

Finally, in related news bazgee has released LogJam Intelligent Log Stealthing POC v1.02 KMEAW for PS3 which cleans up your logs, not by erasing them (easy thing to spot!!), and not by copying the same data to them (again, VERY easy to spot), but by clearing out invalid entries, homebrew, games that don't belong in your region, etc... and replaces them, if needed, with valid games, randomly.

The code is there, written in C, not compilable as is (built with PSL1GHT), but authors of Backup Managers are welcome to incorporate the "LogJam" Stealthing routines. It's packaged for installation with KMEAW firmware. If somebody wants to repackage it for others, go for it.

Wipe History v2.0 and EraseMe v1.1 PS3 Homebrew Apps Arrive

Wipe History v2.0 and EraseMe v1.1 PS3 Homebrew Apps Arrive

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#24 - Ducati87 - January 24, 2011 // 10:37 am
Ducati87's Avatar
Hi guys, I have tried this program but after that I tried to play Fallout New Vegas loaded from gaia manager and I showed this error: sSYSUtil_AutoSaveWarning: No Default String. Must be loaded from INIFile.

What's happened? Can I fix it?


#23 - gotrice97 - January 24, 2011 // 9:43 am
gotrice97's Avatar
this looks awsome. i hope this hopes with the sony finding out issue.

#22 - NCSUfan - January 24, 2011 // 9:33 am
NCSUfan's Avatar
cool thanks man, will be reading over that tomorrow when I get some time!!

#21 - Field - January 24, 2011 // 9:30 am
Field's Avatar
Yep - my original post is located here:

It's a little outdated and I've learnt some new things - some of those 'ideas' are a little wrong - mainly the creation of the unique key [can't even remember the proper name for it lol]

But the hex editing it what you'll need to do. Changing the Game ID is a fairy simply method and looks to be the best bit. The other copy of info is probably over kill, but I wanted to make sure that people were hidden from Sony.

Using a PSN game or demo is best because they can be installed. As far as renaiming things - you can kinda do that - once you learn about the inner workings of a PKG file, you'll see images that could be replaced for your own. Just make sure that the Game ID is that off a game. The whole reason is to log that ID so that it looks legit and not LAUN12345

Also note - the tutorial is old and Mods might not want it to be re-opened, so if anyone has any troubles they can contact me here or email, or open a page in the help section. Best of luck.

#20 - NCSUfan - January 24, 2011 // 9:17 am
NCSUfan's Avatar
Does anyone have a guide on how to stealth a app anyways? Apart from helping us hide from Sony...

I'd personally LOVE to be able to 'stamp' my own... renaming Gaia Manager or Open Manager to "Call of Duty 9: Space Warfare" would be alot of fun just to mess with my friends on PSN as they can see what app your running/game playing.

#19 - Field - January 24, 2011 // 9:17 am
Field's Avatar
I've done the Stealth backup method a long time ago. A 'Ninja' method too. I'm sure that the same method will apply.

All the method did was change the Game ID to that of PSN game installed. As stated I'm using 'The Last Guy' as my GAIA BM - though I'm still using the USB Device.

I'm guessing the the only thing the CFW does is the ablilty to run homebrew without the jailbreak device - of course depending on the payload and such. Looking at the latest GAIA BM (ver 2.04) they are PKG files - so I would imagine extracting them with the SDK, hex editing the Game ID and re-built.

Also it should be noted that (i'm lead to believe) running the erase app will load to a black screen / erase / copy the .dat files across leaving a nice legit looking log file. Then you'd log onto the PSN. As stated by Randalf many moons ago, running any PKG will phone home, so it's best to disconnect the internet cable, erase clean, then connect and log on.

[though also like to add that I'm guessing this might be different as the usb device is non functional on the new firmwares - I assume that the USB JB doesn't work even on CFW due to the 3.50+ FW - though installing edited PKG may still be possible before installing]

#18 - NCSUfan - January 24, 2011 // 9:02 am
NCSUfan's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
If you install this app and let it on you console and reboot, the system should send the log, where the program is inside, to Sony. Wouldn't it be more secure if the famous and popular homebrew apps get stealthed ? Just like Rogero did it for the blackb0x FTP.

+1000 still waiting on a stealth Gaia manager for 3.55. rogero wont install to kmeaz for me even saying its for 3.5 and that keamz can install all pkgs too. stealth blackbox is nice.

we NEED stealth Gaia, and maybe multiman to keep around as a backup (waiting 3 mins for app to boot while it looks for vids that can play natively annoys the piss out of me only important video stuff is a mkv player the rest is totally useless as anyone with a brain can stream it correctly from PC and no one has the space to store massive ps3 games plus a ton of movie files on same HD)

the movie thing is a cute fad and nice to set his loaders apart from the rest but its still not needed and impractical for the vast majority. It'd be nice to set it up for the 10% or so that use multiman for movies and games to alter their text file to check for movies... instead of it doing it preset like it does now and the majority of us not using it and just causing us to wait a bit longer as it checks for files not there.

Who uses deans for video honestly? Id rather not cherry pick and add one or two files at a time to my HD thats for my ps3... Ive got external HDs devoted just to video like I imigine most do... a ext 2TB cant hold alot of ps3 games and movies. Its cool to a extent I guess but it feels more like showing off than really putting something practical together.

I'd personally prefer more work going into increasing game comptability as all the loaders are the same now its ALL based off open manager.. its more or less which interface do you find appealing, cosmetically options are nice however if they all are working with the same stuff under the hood having the same projects doing the same stuff with just a diff background image seems redundant.

#17 - oVERSoLDiER - January 24, 2011 // 8:18 am
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
If you install this app and let it on you console and reboot, the system should send the log, where the program is inside, to Sony. Wouldn't it be more secure if the famous and popular homebrew apps get stealthed ? Just like Rogero did it for the blackb0x FTP.

#16 - Field - January 24, 2011 // 7:18 am
Field's Avatar
Yeah good points - the other funny thing is [i guess might be time consuming though for some ppl] is that if the log files do grab the last 5 games played - even PSN demos - then why not just run 5 legit games. You don't need to play them - only to the main menu.

Backups games ID could be used as they have the same IDs, though booting the Backup Manager would need to be changed - I'm currently using the ID for 'The Last Guy', so that shows in my logs. This app is really handy for those that run homebrew as those IDs are usually LAUN12345 or not official.

While this app is handy - I don't plan on going online anyway, and if I do [for those special occasions] then I can run boot 5 games to re-log the IDs.

Also note that if you have access to the SDK - you can extract the files from within the pkg and input your own game ID - ie If you own Motorsport, then you can hex edit that ID into the .dat files and use that. That way, you own the games, you have the save files and it's from your region, and that will be used to copy over/erase with IDs that are yours.

#15 - inginear - January 24, 2011 // 7:01 am
inginear's Avatar
i agree with the random game list problem. it would seem more feasible from sony's standpoint if your ps3 had the same game played list every time you logged onto the psn. it would make sense for each user to select/enter 5 or so games of their choice into a file that would be used for every wipe.