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January 23, 2011 // 5:58 pm - Today smokin has made available Wipe History version 1.2 followed by v2.0 while Chossy has released EraseMe v1.1 which also generates a fake activity log, and both PKG applications clear out the PS3 history so Sony won't know what games or homebrew application IDs have been used on the console when connecting to PSN.

Download: Wipe History v1.2 for PS3 / Wipe History v2.0 for PS3 / Wipe History v2.0 for PS3 3.41 + Waninkoko CFW 3.55 / EraseMe v1.1 GeoHot for PS3 / EraseMe v1.1 Kmeaw for PS3 / EraseMe v1.1 Source Code

On Wipe History, to quote: The thought behind this program, is to run it prior to going online onto the PSN, to remove your play logs from Sony's peering eyes. It is possible that by deleting these logs, it will protect your console from the threat of being banned. To use the app, run it via the XMB, your screen will flicker black and return you back to the XMB as normal.

This is my first ps3 homebrew app, it clears your history (ie.,boot_history.dat) so Sony doesn't know what games or homebrew you have ran.

Most homebrew apps in .pkg form use an id which goes to a file that gets uploaded to sony when you sign into psn, obviously homebrew apps have their own id that sony doesn't recognize which could potentially get you banned.

This app clears that history so just run it after you run homebrew, It will do ALL accounts on your ps3.

When you run it the screen will go black then return you to the xmb.

Get version 2 it deletes pushlist too which is also sent to sony The files are in dev_hdd0/vsh/pushlist/patch.dat and game.dat

On EraseMe v1.1, to quote: After making this app for BeeGee7730 i got to thinking that a blank pushlist is just as bad as one full of homebrew so i quickly edited v1.0 to allow the copying of dummy files as well.

So i have encluded in this version a game.dat/patch.dat/boot_history.dat with 5 genuine games played that can be copied over instead of deleting the pushlist/history.

If you really want some fun after install FTP into the app BLES00132 and hex in some swear words in the game.dat/patch.dat & boot_history.dat in the USRDIR folder then copy them across

Cross will delete all files.
Circle will copy dummy files.

SRC Code Included.

Finally, in related news bazgee has released LogJam Intelligent Log Stealthing POC v1.02 KMEAW for PS3 which cleans up your logs, not by erasing them (easy thing to spot!!), and not by copying the same data to them (again, VERY easy to spot), but by clearing out invalid entries, homebrew, games that don't belong in your region, etc... and replaces them, if needed, with valid games, randomly.

The code is there, written in C, not compilable as is (built with PSL1GHT), but authors of Backup Managers are welcome to incorporate the "LogJam" Stealthing routines. It's packaged for installation with KMEAW firmware. If somebody wants to repackage it for others, go for it.

Wipe History v2.0 and EraseMe v1.1 PS3 Homebrew Apps Arrive

Wipe History v2.0 and EraseMe v1.1 PS3 Homebrew Apps Arrive

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#34 - RobotMenace - January 24, 2011 // 8:27 pm
RobotMenace's Avatar
While I'm not going to slag this off, I haven't played with it, that statement alone should be enough to make ppl pause and think.

It may be this simple, but I wouldn't rely on it until people have really dug into the whole system.

#33 - barrybarryk - January 24, 2011 // 8:17 pm
barrybarryk's Avatar
they can just silently change the PSN challenge logging in though, either sending a file list, checking memory offsets or even just checking where dev_bdvd is mounted and it wouldn't even take a firmware update unless they need to lift any restrictions to give it more access and any DBA or dev worth their salt could code that up in a few hours.

They aren't checking the log files because the log files are all sent anonymously and it'd be against dpa to track it back to the PS3 which sent it.

#32 - Zentsuken - January 24, 2011 // 8:02 pm
Zentsuken's Avatar
Well said Tonybologna, We have NO idea what Sony is planning. But heck, I'm sure many of you would agree that if you were a huge corporation you would rather stay seated, quiet, and wait for more sheep to jump in, and try hopping online with this kind of stuff.

Then BAM! I'll never forget the massive Microsoft banhammer. Gotta say that was a pretty wicked move though. Smashed over a million users like insects. (me included)

It might not be instant, but you would have to be absurd to think Sony isn't thinking how they will battle this. They'd waste $1 billion to save $200 million.

#31 - tonybologna - January 24, 2011 // 6:06 pm
tonybologna's Avatar
You'd think Sony already implemented some type logging system soon after jailbreak was announced. They had no reason to do this in the past. Well, not for users with CFW but for other TOS matters.

I believe something is coming from Sony. I don't know if it will be banning or just keep bringing out firmware updates. If they do/did have real-time logging enabled then there's possibly gonna be some very angry gamers in the near future.

Especially for the ones that went on PSN with 3.41 jailbreak spoof for that short period of time. I don't believe Sony had anything implemented then because they did nothing about it except come out with new firmware. Maybe that's been their plan all along.

BTW, these apps could be ruled useless possibly. There is another file on HDD that stores everything. It's need at startup everytime as well. Here's the path:


It can be deleted but is needed. What we don't know is if this file is sent to Sony.

#30 - NCSUfan - January 24, 2011 // 6:05 pm
NCSUfan's Avatar
illegal to do an update without consent.. we may lose psn again but they wont magically update your system to newer FW... they will try and scare you into it, however at the end of the day you must click yes for it to happen.

#29 - adrienfahrenhei - January 24, 2011 // 5:02 pm
adrienfahrenhei's Avatar
From what I understand, if there's an ethernet cable connected to the PS3, it will try to push the .dat's. You can check for activity in your router's status/log section. What I do on my D-Link 615 is block website activity to these sites and create a toggle for it on my access-permissions page. (toggle on for block / off for full PSN access)

I've done this because I don't want Sony pushing an update to my console: > secondary update attempt (could force updates)

#28 - Ecniv - January 24, 2011 // 3:43 pm
Ecniv's Avatar
Hmzz just a random idea but lazy as I am (really I am ) couldn`t you contact dean to try and include this in one of the Managers or even better in the CFW!! people wouldn`t be able to forget it and U could leave auto login setting on...

Just a thought anyway keep up the good work!!!

#27 - adrienfahrenhei - January 24, 2011 // 3:03 pm
adrienfahrenhei's Avatar
Does the list always contain 5 different IDs, or are they entered in ascending/descending chronological order? (Maybe lists sometimes contain the same game ID more than once?)

#26 - B4rtj4h - January 24, 2011 // 2:42 pm
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Aw... if i knew this like 1 day earlier i would not have to erase my HDD and loose all my trophies :|

#25 - PhuckEwe - January 24, 2011 // 12:18 pm
PhuckEwe's Avatar
Maybe I've missed something, but how has the 3.41 been able to avoid having extra things showing up on their systems? And where does Sony store this information from millions of consoles all sending them their lists every time they turn their consoles on? I'd imagine that would be a huge amount of data.