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February 4, 2011 // 7:06 pm - While graf_chokolo is busy working on returning PS3 OtherOS to the PlayStation 3 entertainment system and posting updates of his progress along the way, kmeaw shared a video of PS3 Linux on PlayStation 3 CFW 3.55 Custom Firmware today alongside AsbestOS Installer v0, v1 (for Fat PS3's), v1.1, v1.2, v1.3, v1.4, v1.5 and LV2 Patcher v9.

Download: AsbestOS Installer v0 for PS3 / AsbestOS Installer v1 for PS3 / AsbestOS Installer v1.1 for PS3 / AsbestOS Installer v1.2 for PS3 (Fat) / AsbestOS Installer v1.2 for PS3 (Slim) / AsbestOS Installer v1.3 for PS3 (Slim) / AsbestOS Installer v1.4 for PS3 (Slim) / AsbestOS Installer v1.5 for PS3 (Slim) / AsbestOS Installer v1.5 for PS3 (Release) / Kmeaw PS3 LV2 Patcher v9 (required) / Gentoo PS3 rootfs (Marcan) / Gentoo PS3 rootfs (Marcan) (Mirror #1) / Gentoo PS3 rootfs (Marcan) (Mirror #2) / Gentoo PS3 rootfs (Marcan) (Mirror #3) / Gentoo PS3 rootfs (Marcan) (Mirror #4) / Gentoo PS3 rootfs (Marcan) (Mirror #5) / Gentoo PS3 rootfs (Marcan) (Mirror #6) / PS3 Linux Kernel Image and Modules / PS3 LV1 Dumper

This tool installs AsbestOS, which can be used to boot Linux kernel from lv2patcher v9. Thanks to marcan for AsbestOS, Mathieulh and graf_chokolo for default.spp trick, geohot for dev_flash mount code. Thanks to jbc for testing and KingDong for the icon You would need to set up a DHCP, TFTP and NFS servers on your LAN to make it work. Wireless connection is not supported by AsbestOS yet. Have fun.

Here is what kmeaw had to say about it via IRC:

kmeaw: it is gentoo
kmeaw: marcan's rootfs
stuntcock: does your linux install have access to gameos from within linux and also to all spus?
kmeaw: no
kmeaw: it doesn't need usb stick
kmeaw: linux has access to all spus
kmeaw: gentoo is running from my laptop's hdd
kmeaw: but if you change your kernel parameters then you can install it on ps3's hdd like marcan did
Lush: is this a different approach than graf_chokolo?
kmeaw: i don't change VFLASH
GraFfiX: kmeaw:does X launch?
kmeaw: haven't tried yet but I think of a reason why it shouldn't
kmeaw: Xfbdev will definitely work
kmeaw: in this video ps3 boots gentoo from the network via nfs
kmeaw: laptop's harddrive partition is exported using nfs kernel server
GraFfiX: is nfs efficient?
GraFfiX: like speed-wise
kmeaw: yes, i have a home NAS exported via nfs
kmeaw: works faster for me than samba
kmeaw: there are no full support for rsx yet
kmeaw: s/are/is/
GraFfiX: kmeaw:do you see any reason why xbmc would not run when we have full rsx?
stuntcock: someone has to code a driver for the video
stuntcock: right
kmeaw: no
kmeaw: when we have full rsx support in linux drivers, then everything should work
kmeaw: i have released asbestos installer
kmeaw: however, it will need some network services configured (DHCP, TFTP and NFS) to make it work
kmeaw: see marcan42's posts for more information
kmeaw: note that asbestos requires lv2 patcher v9
kmeaw: it won't work with v8
kmeaw: - debian squeeze with lxde graphical environment, bootable from usb disk on a ps3
kmeaw: latest version is v1.2
kmeaw: it can work without ethernet cable at all
kmeaw: however it still supports ethernet booting for developers that would like to experiment with their own kernel builds

How to Install AsbestOS via Debian

1. install AsbestOS installer v1 or higher
2. partition a USB disk to have at least one partition (FAT-formatted);
3. unpack linux.img ( or and put it into the root dir of usb disk;
4. run AsbestOS installer;
5. install lv2 patcher v9 or higher
6. attach an ethernet cable, connected to a network with a dhcp-server (just for the initial boot, it can be a SOHO router - just anything with DHCP);(NO LONGER NECESSARY IN ASBESTOS 1.2+)
7. run lv2 patcher and select "Linux";
8. as you see the fb console with penguins, you can unplug the ethernet cable;(NO LONGER NECESSARY IN ASBESTOS 1.2+)
9. login: ps3, password: ps3.

If you don't see anything, press Ctrl-Alt-F1, then Alt-F7.

Marcan Guide to Running Gentoo Linux on PS3

ubuntu-desktop% sudo apt-get install dhcp3-server tftpd-hpa nfs-kernel-server = rootfs = kernel image and modules

extract rootfs into /mnt/experimental:
% sudo mkdir -p /mnt/experimental
% sudo tar -C /mnt/experimental -xvpf /path/to/gentoo-ps3-20101020.tar.bz2

then copy 2.6.36-rc7-01073-g47a9595-dirty from ps3linux.tar.gz into /mnt/experimental/lib/modules.

Set up the DHCP server. Put this in /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf:

option domain-name "";
option domain-name-servers,;
default-lease-time 600;
max-lease-time 7200;
ddns-update-style none;
log-facility local7;
subnet netmask {
filename "kboot.conf";
option routers;

Set up your wired network interface (eth0) to have a static IP address "".

Copy vmlinux file into /var/lib/tftpboot.

add this line to /etc/exports (requires root privs):


Then everything is done. Let's start up the services:

% sudo service tftpd-hpa restart
% sudo service dhcp3-server restart
% sudo service nfs-kernel-server restart

Create a kboot.conf file in /var/lib/tftpboot with this line inside:

linux='vmlinux video=ps3fb:mode:2 root=/dev/nfs rw ip=dhcp nfsroot= panic=5'

That's all. Run Linux from lv2patcher v9 and see if it boots.

Video: PS3 Linux on Kmeaw CFW 3.55 Custom Firmware

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#42 - rebel101150 - February 11, 2011 // 12:39 am
rebel101150's Avatar
I have before but I wish you luck, I just got the interfaces package and am searching for the ps3 utility one.

#41 - barrybarryk - February 11, 2011 // 12:35 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
no wireless isn't in either, the 1GB one is missing the ps3-utils package too. not a major issue you can just install it if you want it but if you want it more for anything else than testing I'd leave it for a while until grafs method is published. 1GB or even 2GB is really a drastic limit on the filesystem side and booting off external or sd card performance isn't exactly awesome.

And getting the wireless to work might require a kernel patch which is more complicated than it sounds if you haven't compiled your own kernel before.

I'm having a play at the minute trying to get Xubuntu to boot over the network if I get that running with wireless and all that I'll post a guide.

#40 - rebel101150 - February 11, 2011 // 12:12 am
rebel101150's Avatar
So wait it is preinstalled in the 1gb version though?

#39 - barrybarryk - February 10, 2011 // 11:53 pm
barrybarryk's Avatar
That's a link linuxv2.img: to a 2GB version of the img with 800MB free, it runs a fairly stripped out filesystem to keep the size down so wifi isn't pre installed but thats nothing a bit of apt-getting wont solve. as for wired internet for using either version the steps are the same once logged in (user: ps3 pass: ps3) just open a terminal and type

[Register or Login to view code]

and your ethernet connection will then be working. and the kernel versions I used were the ones linked here in the first post

#38 - barrybarryk - February 10, 2011 // 11:37 pm
barrybarryk's Avatar
ok quick update. I kept getting the same module index corrupt over the network boot using the tutorial (and the multiple copies posted over the web incase it was the upload) my desktop runs xubuntu and I couldn't figure out how to rebuild the module index using a different distro (filesystem is gentoo and the kernelsymbols aren't included)

The USB method does work but the v1.2 FAT asbestOS bootloader has the mounts all messed up so if you have a Fat PS3 with a card reader it'll only boot off memory stick pro and the v1.3 asbestOS loader crashed about 5 times on me at "scanning lv1" requiring a hard reset before it would complete (pretty sure if it gets past scanning lv1 it'll be ok it just takes a while but you'll know within about 10 seconds if it's frozen).

After getting v1.3 installed it did boot the linux.img from external and SD card but the bootloader has been compiled without large file support so it'll only support a max img size of 2GB (one linked in 1st post is 1GB).

#37 - rebel101150 - February 10, 2011 // 11:36 pm
rebel101150's Avatar
So is wifi working for it now? that was my biggest issue with yellow dog..

#36 - miseryguts - February 10, 2011 // 11:34 pm
miseryguts's Avatar
Great work so far, at this stage barely more than proof of concept though & of little use to the majority of users.
Interesting to see what develops from this.

#35 - daveshooter - February 10, 2011 // 11:21 pm
daveshooter's Avatar
Barry can I ask what Kernel ver you was trying?

#34 - barrybarryk - February 10, 2011 // 3:03 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
hmm I get that module index corrupt error too using the network boot image. has anyone managed to get it to boot using the gentoo image over a network? more a pain because it doesn't load the usb module so i can't even login and see what's wrong from the ps3 end lol

#33 - CJPC - February 7, 2011 // 8:41 pm
CJPC's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by marcojoao View Post
Please we need linux on pc to do this?

For the moment - yes. Namely the PC is used to serve files it needs via TFTP. You set up the DHCP server to point to the TFTP server (your pc). I suppose if you have a half decent router you can set the DHCP option to point to your local PC as a TFTP server, but that can be very model-specific. It should in the future be possible to have it all boot from the PS3 however!