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233w ago - As a follow-up to my PS3 Acid CFW XMB XML Hack Pack, today we are happy to announce that we have enabled more PlayStation 3 Debug options in our ongoing PS3 Acid CFW WIP project and posted a video below.

Here are the details from DeViL303 at (linked above): As you may know, the Acid CFW project was first released on over a month ago by Cfwprophet, and since then its progress is going like a snowball on a big hill !!

We are working on this continously and even in last few hours Cfwprophet and myself have made some great discoveries with regard to Debug options! More news to come so watch this space for more great info about this Custom Firmware for PlayStation 3!

This is a work in progress so any help or ideas you can offer will be gratefully accepted. Big thanks to PSJailBreak team for making all this possible, Hermes and KaKaRaTo for all the payloads, Grimso (you know why!), JaicraB for the Firmloader which is vital at this point, Nev for all the work on this site, PS3 News, CJ and all the other great people over at plus many more.

If we all get together and hack this brilliant piece of technology it will keep getting better and better, who knows where it will stop! Even today there is talk of JailBreak for 3.50FW - WOW! Keep up the good work guys!

Video: PS3 Firmware 3.50 JailBroken with x3Max, No Downgrading

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#132 - jwats01 - 232w ago
jwats01's Avatar
So why hasn't this 3.50 jailbreak appeared yet?

#131 - krackow - 233w ago
krackow's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by fldash View Post
At this point, I'm pretty sure everything is just a matter of 'time'. It will become a game of cat and mouse, but it's not a big deal, happens with every system.

The one major difference, in my opinion anyway, will be that on the PS3 the cycles between a hack and Sony's fix will probably be much shorter, at least with the current methods. Running a few Xbox 360s and a Wii, over years I've only had to do something to each 2 times. Again, the methods are totally different, but when it comes to simply making games work, it's a relevant comparison.

Sony did a good job of making users accustomed to being online and relatively frequent mandatory updates. This allows them to force fixes more often than other consoles. Like everyone has been saying all along, a different method of attack will be necessary for the long term.

#130 - metalmaniac253 - 233w ago
metalmaniac253's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by nsignific View Post
Are you serious? PS2 never had an online service you could get banned from, and up until now Sony never had a reason to ban PS3s.

If you seriously think there won't be any bans, you're up for a H-U-G-E surprise.

The major PS3 hackers have been able to access PSN since shortly after the DNS and proxy method were patched, they're still going online, and they haven't been banned yet, sony just can't get it right

#129 - GTluver - 233w ago
GTluver's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
I'm not sure but I think it's actually just a coinsidence because if the master key has been cracked it would lead to a soft mod as we'd be able to sign our homebrew apps and it'd make the dongles obsolete but as I said i'm not sure about that hopefully someone that knows a lot more can confirm that because im sick of booting my PS3 only to find i've left a disc in it and the jb fails so I have to do it again lol.

if u do i rite, the hack still works w/ a game in...i do it all the time.

#128 - Helmax - 233w ago
Helmax's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by polly316 View Post
A lot of people also thought the earth was flat.

lol thats just too god damn funny


#127 - polly316 - 233w ago
polly316's Avatar
A lot of people also thought the earth was flat.

#126 - bernywtf - 233w ago
bernywtf's Avatar
this video is quite noobish-maked, poor quality and all, but it seems to be true a lot of people says it too) and i hope so, as 3 days ago i ordered an x3max, reason being, it seems to be having the highest memory so far, seems i'll be lucky~

#125 - fldash - 233w ago
fldash's Avatar
At this point, I'm pretty sure everything is just a matter of 'time'. It will become a game of cat and mouse, but it's not a big deal, happens with every system.

#124 - rocco99 - 233w ago
rocco99's Avatar
i think JB FW 3.5 is only mater of time....

I hope soon some one will make us happy........

But i think sony will soon after JB3.5 will be published make 3,6 or 4.0 ...

#123 - farenheit - 233w ago
farenheit's Avatar
They havent updated their website for over a month lol... so i wouldnt expect any news on it anytime soon (Last news posted: New X3 Programming Tool [ Release ]
They have however updated their twitter