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December 4, 2010 // 11:34 pm - Update: VICE (Versatile Commodore Emulator) for PS3 version 1.0.2 updates for C64, C128, PLUS4 and VIC20 are now available followed by version 1.0.3 complete with source code!

Today I have released VICE (Versatile Commodore Emulator) for PS3 release 1.0, which is a C64, PLUS4 and VIC20 emulator for PS3 JailBreak users.

Please note, this is not related to the forthcoming release by AreaScout. But a bit of competition never hurt anyone

Downloads: PS3 VICE C64 v1.0.0 / PS3 VICE PLUS4 v1.0.0 / PS3 VICE VIC20 v1.0.0

Currently supporting the C64, PLUS4 and C16.
C128 support in the next release.

Source code to be made available pending some serious cleanup and refactoring.

Build 1.0 (20-11-2010):

- Initial Release, based on Vice 2.2.7

  • Full-speed emulation
  • Audio enabled (FastSID)
  • Fullscreen support, 16:9, 4:3
  • Video filters, with preview
  • Autoload
  • Warp Mode (Achieves ~ 350-700% actual speed)
  • On-Screen Keyboard (partial support).
  • Keyboard Support (partially implemented).
  • Supports all known (uncompressed) formats (.d64 .d71 .d80 .d81 .d82 .g64 .g41 .x64 .t64 .tap .prg .p00)

Thanks go out to Squarepusher, Shinhalsafar, Cm0nkey, Airmaker for their hard work on the Snes9x PS3 port, and their cellFramework library. This work also incorporates their menu system and config UI. Also to the original VICE team for creating a solid and well maintained codebase to work with.

Menu Controls:

CROSS - Launches the emulator with the selected title set to fast autoload
TRIANGLE - Launches the emulator directly into C64 BASIC
SELECT - Settings / Configuration
START - Returns to the emulator

Vice Controls:

CROSS - Fire
D-PAD - Joystick

SELECT - Swap joysticks
START - Menu/Configuration

TRIANGLE - Mapped to keyboard for 'Y'
CIRCLE - Mapped to keyboard for 'N' - Doubly mapped to 'UP' (See note 1)
SQUARE - Mapped to keyboard for

L1 - Mapped to keyboard for 'F1'
L2 - Mapped to keyboard for 'F3'
R1 - Mapped to keyboard for 'F5'
R2 - Mapped to keyboard for 'F7'

R3 - On-Screen-Keyboard (partially supported)

L2 + R2 - Warp Mode

*1 The CIRCLE button has been doubly mapped to the joystick 'UP' direction. This is useful for platform style games where the UP direction indicates a JUMP action. Clearly a difference in design aesthetics between joysticks and control pads, this might be more desirable.

Known Issues

- Compressed formats currently NOT supported (.zip .bz2 .gz .d6z .d7z .d8z .g6z .g4z .x6z)
- On-Screen-Keyboard is not fully mapped yet. Some keys will register incorrectly, if at all.
- Actual Keyboard support not fully implemented, but good enough for the minute.
- Does not save settings / configuration

Video: PS3 Acid CFW Project WIP - More Debug Options Enabled!

Video: PS3 Acid CFW Project WIP - More Debug Options Enabled!

Video: PS3 Acid CFW Project WIP - More Debug Options Enabled!

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#14 - shawn808 - December 5, 2010 // 1:03 pm
shawn808's Avatar
Love the white widow =}...

The CFW is nice too...

#13 - Dotz - December 5, 2010 // 10:32 am
Dotz's Avatar
Amazing work guys

#12 - zyxes - December 5, 2010 // 10:23 am
zyxes's Avatar
Impressive theme you guys have got there. Is that also homebrew?? Makes me hungry or smokey or whatever...

Nice work btw.

#11 - condorstrike - December 5, 2010 // 8:57 am
condorstrike's Avatar
wow, awesome work, keep it up...

#10 - Riskyblam - December 5, 2010 // 7:50 am
Riskyblam's Avatar
Awesome work devil303 very impressive , love the background and icons you rule. Thanks for your time on this project cfw is what everyone wants. Ps. Sleep is for lightweights lol

#9 - DeViL303 - December 5, 2010 // 7:30 am
DeViL303's Avatar
Only browsing. Progress , Progress , Progress!

The Performance now bar completely working in AcidCFW, and Also Owner Information for gamesaves!! Small steps all the time people!

Now I must get some sleep, I need to get up soon!

#8 - avojps24 - December 5, 2010 // 7:07 am
avojps24's Avatar
can you download from the ps store? or is it only browsing...

#7 - DeViL303 - December 5, 2010 // 6:00 am
DeViL303's Avatar
Guys, question: anyone else still able to browse the PS store when using spoof payload? I have just realised I can! but only if i use a user with no psn account at all, if the user has a psn account i get told update available, i can also make a new psn account completly, then it tells me update available after completion, so just want to know if anyone else has noticed this. seems to me that the spoof payload is still half working.

#6 - SaveU - December 5, 2010 // 5:50 am
SaveU's Avatar
wonderful job. I don't think he meant you were on a debug console.

I think he was stating that he recognizes that you have activated options that are on debug consoles.

Keep up the great work, everything you have done so far has been a positive step and will be/is useful.

#5 - PS4 News - December 5, 2010 // 5:42 am
PS4 News's Avatar
I have now moved this to the main page as well- Thanks for the update cfwprophet and DeViL303!