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222w ago - Today kmeaw has made available a video proof-of-concept of his upcoming HPR, a PS3 homebrew network PKG repository which includes a built-in PKG Installer alongside BM (Backup Manager) Enabler LV2 V5 PKG followed by BM (Backup Manager) Enabler LV2 V6 PKG.

Download: HPR.PKG Homebrew PKG Repository for PS3 / PS3 View of HPR Version 1 / PS3 View of HPR Version 2 / PS3 View of HPR Version 3

Here are some POC details thus far from kmeaw via IRC:

Homebrew PKG Repository (HPR) is currently a WIP but runs on a PS3 with a built-in PKG installer, basically, it is a very simple embedded Web browser that can install PKGs.

It uses HTTP to download PKG files and supports a small subset of HTML, as the builtin PS3 browser is much better than this one in displaying HTML but it cannot install PKGs although a complex markup for package descriptions isn't necessary.

Finally, he has also made available a first version of PS3 View of HPR above for those who wish to give it a try!

Video: HPR: PS3 Homebrew Network with PKG Installer by Kmeaw

Video: HPR: PS3 Homebrew Network with PKG Installer by Kmeaw

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#8 - h8t3d - 222w ago
h8t3d's Avatar
Got the same problem... i run it and it sends me back to xmb.

#7 - money15 - 222w ago
money15's Avatar
it sends me back to the xmb when i run it.

#6 - condorstrike - 222w ago
condorstrike's Avatar
good potential, the problem with these type of Homebrew repositories is the up-keeping, hopefully it becomes big enough.

#5 - johnsmith000 - 222w ago
johnsmith000's Avatar
sorry what exactly does this do?

#4 - Aba - 222w ago
Aba's Avatar
Good, but I think Deans addition of DemonHades PSX store into his manager is a better choice

#3 - PS4 News - 222w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
It's now available, I will add the HPR.PKG file to the first post as well.

#2 - barrybarryk - 222w ago
barrybarryk's Avatar
now thats going to come in handy, i wonder if it checks the firmware version on the ps3 so it grabs the correct package (signed unsigned etc)

#1 - serial2305 - 222w ago
serial2305's Avatar
that's awesome bro! keep the freakin real good work up. kingsize!