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January 23, 2011 // 8:08 pm - Today kmeaw has made available a video proof-of-concept of his upcoming HPR, a PS3 homebrew network PKG repository which includes a built-in PKG Installer alongside BM (Backup Manager) Enabler LV2 V5 PKG followed by BM (Backup Manager) Enabler LV2 V6 PKG.

Download: HPR.PKG Homebrew PKG Repository for PS3 / PS3 View of HPR Version 1 / PS3 View of HPR Version 2 / PS3 View of HPR Version 3

Here are some POC details thus far from kmeaw via IRC:

Homebrew PKG Repository (HPR) is currently a WIP but runs on a PS3 with a built-in PKG installer, basically, it is a very simple embedded Web browser that can install PKGs.

It uses HTTP to download PKG files and supports a small subset of HTML, as the builtin PS3 browser is much better than this one in displaying HTML but it cannot install PKGs although a complex markup for package descriptions isn't necessary.

Finally, he has also made available a first version of PS3 View of HPR above for those who wish to give it a try!

Video: HPR: PS3 Homebrew Network with PKG Installer by Kmeaw

Video: HPR: PS3 Homebrew Network with PKG Installer by Kmeaw

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#28 - Juntistik - January 24, 2011 // 9:56 pm
Juntistik's Avatar
Is this going to be updatable? I'm glad something like this has come out so I don't have to fumble back and forth to my pc and ps3. Thanks alot Kmeaw.

#27 - THCIV - January 24, 2011 // 8:56 pm
THCIV's Avatar
arrested? the only thing that can get you arrested is redistrubiting sony code and only in some countries. for the most part modding anything own is legal everywhere especially if its only your code your using/distributing.

#26 - Tidusnake666 - January 24, 2011 // 8:28 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
oh, anoher update of LV2 patch... And ofcourse it'll take few days for Gaia and Multiman to incorporate new updates.

Just a question, I'm not very familliar with PS3 permissions, but can Gaia/multiman be programmed to run LV2 patch externally, something like execute dev_hdd0/game/LV2V50001/eboot.bin and then return and load manager itself.

This way, by omitting incorporation of LV2 patch into the main backup manager's code and by running it exterally we can elliminate all those needless constant BM update's just to include latest LV2 patch.

Hope my question is clear, but I highly doubt it's posible in any way, hust thought maybe I throw some new ideas to the devs!

Cheers, have a good day (I'm pulling all-nighter today, have a lot of work for tomorrow)!

#25 - almoront - January 24, 2011 // 7:44 pm
almoront's Avatar
maybe they would work together if they werent scared of being arrested together. this way you're more private and safer. unfortunately theres the downside of productivity but thats fair considering the other option.

#24 - modmate - January 24, 2011 // 7:43 pm
modmate's Avatar

To add a little information here . Kmeaw has released V6 of his lv2.pkg along with some changelogs after v.5:

Lv2. V5 Changelog:

  • New Makefile stuff
  • u64 to void* for lv2_alloc
  • Some more build system stuff
  • Fix +08000000000000000 offset, handle bad reads, show current patch.txt path.
  • Add 50 pixel margin.
  • Add CREDITS file

Lv2. V6 Changelog:

  • No major update, just a new icon.

To make sure that you have the correct V5 of the LV2 patcher, you can check the hashes of V5 as well as the older versions.

V2 MD5: 16AA65365A889F1CD4CAF2A7E6856FBC Size 91kb
V3 MD5: E003AF9E01831F3B7FACFA5F41CE1443 Size 90kb
V4 MD5: 78A22498F167119E4EB4A9CE416657DA Size 91kb
V5 MD5: BE10C015EF0CD17032831141824FA6C4 Size 91kb
V6 MD5: D7FF629B669644CD77707CB6C5129475 Size 124kb

Download Lv2. V6 PKG:

Greets Modmate

#23 - lilmikey - January 24, 2011 // 5:54 pm
lilmikey's Avatar
it sends me out to the xmb why?

#22 - kill3rvill3 - January 24, 2011 // 2:23 pm
kill3rvill3's Avatar
thanks for letting me know so quickly - i can't wait to get out of work now and go home and play

#21 - Tidusnake666 - January 24, 2011 // 1:58 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
yeah, they for sure will be seen.

#20 - kill3rvill3 - January 24, 2011 // 1:51 pm
kill3rvill3's Avatar
Brilliant - I presume this is along the lines of cydia for the iphone. Looking forward to getting kmeaw's cfw on my 60gb fat model tonight when i get home.

I am a little out of touch and i am currently using a psbreak dongle that could nto be updated so i have had to stick with 3.4.1 with backup manager and open manager - can anyone tell me whilst i am on the subject if all my games in their current locations will be seen by the cfw and multiman ?

Thanks in advance

#19 - trotskiii - January 24, 2011 // 11:31 am
trotskiii's Avatar
The playstion 3 has to be the most exciting peice of equipment on the market at the moment. aren't we doing sony a favour. this machine is going to be awesome and is awesome. Things can ONLY get better, there will always be piracy.. always has been people still buy games, and i can only see what's happened with ps3 as being a really good advantage for all of us. it's a real exciting time for ps3.