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February 11, 2011 // 8:31 pm - Today an anonymous user on PS3-Hacks has posted a guide on connecting to PSN on PS3 CFW 3.55 Kmeaw Custom Firmware with a video by tt94867 below, followed by a simpler tutorial from slifer1231 HERE and PSN Update Bypass v0.1.1, PSN Update Bypass v0.2.1 and PSN Update Bypass v0.2.2 by GamerX5500.

To quote: Personally I haven’t tried this yet, but it seems promising... This comes from an anonymous fellow who is reporting success on connecting to PSN using PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55 by Kmeaw. So install that first and then follow these steps.

The following assumes you’re technically inclined and/or very resourceful, i.e. you know how to use Google. You’ll likely need to reference Google when it comes to generating/signing a certificate and creating a CA (certification authority). That said lets get started; here we’re using a combination of two tactics:

1. DNS server trick: Set Primary DNS to under Network Settings
2. Simple SSL proxy that basically modifies the headers for outgoing packets to’s to change “PS3 03.55″ to “PS3 03.56″ — this makes PSN believe the PS3 is using the proper firmware version

Got it? Now here is how we accomplish tactic #2:

1. Replacing a SSL cert in the CFW (in /dev_flash/data/cert) with your own CA SSL certificate
2. Creating an SSL certificate for “” signed with your CA certificate
3. Run a DNS server on your machine that resolves to your PC’s internal IP
4. Create a Java SSL proxy (basically PS3 <-> PC <-> PSN). The PC claims (to the PS3) that it is “” and is successfully accepted because a CA signed the SSL certificate
5. Replace the headers sent PS3 -> PSN to specify “PS3 03.56″

ChrisTechTV (if it works) they’ll need you for this one man!

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

Update: Looks like it works... Here is video proof:

And no, this isn’t a video tutorial. Wait for that.

Connecting to PSN on 3.55 with only ONE machine (no VM) by eth0, who also released PS3DNS GUI for PS3 today:

You need Charles and my attached .zip file (PS3DNS v3.2) and then just follow this guide, it shouldn't take you any longer than 15 minutes :-).

1. Install the Charles certificate on your PS3

1. Make a copy of charles-proxy-ssl-proxying-certificate.crt (C:Program FilesCharlesdoc) and rename it to CA24.cer (Win7 users will have to enable "show file extensions")
2. Copy the included .pkg file (AsbestOS) AND the above CA24.cer to your USB drive
3. Install the pkg file on the PS3 as you would any other package and then run the AsbestOS Installer. The installer will take a while (5 mins+ for me) and it WILL fail, it's fine. (if it doesn't work for you use FreeFlash)
4. Open your favorite file manager and copy the CA24.cer to /dev_rwflash/data/cert (remember to make a backup of the original!)
5. Reboot your PS3.

2. Setting up Charles

1. Download and install Charles
2. Replace the included charles.config to your profiles app-data path. For Windows 7 it is C:UsersxxxxAppDataRoamingCharles and for Windows XP it will be C: Documents and SettingsUser(Local?) Application DataCharles or C:Program FilesCharles - if the file isn't in these paths then do a search for it.
3. Start Charles.

3. Setup your DNS/Update List

1. Open PS3DNS.exe included in the zip file, select your IP - I have developed this program my self, it's basically a DNS server and the source is attached if you wish to compile for your self.
2. Set the PS3's PRIMARY DNS server to your PC's IP address
3. Set the PS3's SECONDARY DNS server to your actual DNS server (e.g. router)
4. Copy the ps3-updatelist.txt to the root of your C: drive - my file is for UK you will have to change the Dest=87 to another number as defined here: AND the CDN= prefix, so duk01 becomes dus01 for US.

Target Name / ID / TLD

Reference Tool / 81 / ???
Debugging Station / 82 / ???
Japan / 83 / JP
United States / 84 / US
Europe / 85 / EU
Korea / 86 / KR
United Kingdom / 87 / UK
Mexico / 88 / MX
Australian/New Zealand / 89 / AU
South Asia / 8A / SA
Taiwan / 8B / TW
Russia / 8C / RU
China / 8D / CN

4. Reboot your PS3 and then login to PSN - enjoy!


My PS3 is still asking to update
Make sure you have put the ps3-updatelist.txt in C: and have edited as in step 3.4. Double check Charles and make sure it's serving your local file and not Sony's.

I'm getting DNS errors
Make sure PS3DNS has your PCs correct IP address and your PS3s secondary DNS is your router. Try setting your secondary DNS to (Google).

Charles is giving me Address Already in Use: JVM_Bind
Make sure you have no web server running on port 80/443, Skype also seems to be an issue so if its open, close it! Run a netstat -ano | findstr 80 to see what process ID is using these ports.

Notes: you do NOT need to set the proxy option on the PS3. you can close Charles after you have signed in you MUST keep open PS3DNS.exe my progam requires .NET 3.5

Finally, below is another simple guide from GamerX5500, to quote: Picture Tutorial:

1. Install "Charles" from to the default installation location (usually "C:\Program Files\Charles)

2. Enter your Country Code:

3. Press "Guide" and walk through the steps.

4. Press "Install Files" button.

5. Press "Validate Installation" button. If you receive an error, press the button again and go through the questions, making sure you have the correct region selected.

6. Now that you've performed all these steps, you may now adjust the settings on your PlayStation 3 System. Turn on your PlayStation 3 System and install the PKG files you have downloaded (asbestOS_v1.5.pkg, and lv2.pkg).

7. Run the "LV2 Patcher" application first.

8. Run asbestOS.

9. Wait until you see something similar to this, or when it asks you to press [X] to quit.

10. Run multiMAN.

11. While in multiMAN, press START+SELECT to get to this screen. Then, find "dev_rwflash" and press [X].

12. Press "data".

13. Press "cert".

Video: Connecting to PSN on PS3 CFW 3.55 Kmeaw

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#24 - moja - February 12, 2011 // 12:08 pm
moja's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post

1, as there are no banned PSPs, and no banned PS3s and even no banned PS2s I doubt you will get banned. $ony are NOT Micro$oft and they don't ban consoles.

.. yet. Online with the PS3 is much more lively and robust a service than PSP and PS2. I am very curious to see how this aspect plays out, and would not be the least bit surprised to see them forge a mighty ban hammer.

#23 - Jes03 - February 12, 2011 // 11:35 am
Jes03's Avatar
I wanna play my original disc with the paid for DLC on MY console. The only theft here is from $ony as I paid for the DLC and they are refusing to let me play it. I am not going to be forced by $ony to update to a firmware I don't want to update to.

Also go do a search and find out what the difference between CFW and hackers/cheaters. Just coz you run CFW DOES NOT mean your a cheater. You can still cheat on OFW and cheating was around years before CFW was even created. (How many times have I said this over the last week?)

Why don't we just edit the files and tell the console its 3.56 instead of all this crap with proxies that do the same thing?

For 3.41JB there was a payload that said it was 3.50 and 3.55 so why cant we just make a new payload that says its 3.56?

1. as there are no banned PSPs, and no banned PS3s and even no banned PS2s I doubt you will get banned. $ony are NOT Micro$oft and they don't ban consoles.
2. I don't know how it works for 3.55 so would not have a clue on any firmware atm. If its a PC server thing then yea, it should work.

#22 - FireLion - February 12, 2011 // 11:16 am
FireLion's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by anulu82 View Post
well, i need a bit help with the point 5, that how to replace the SSL header.

From what I understand, you can't replace it until you decrypt it. SSL = https://

#21 - xMotorhead - February 12, 2011 // 8:31 am
xMotorhead's Avatar
I have two questions:

1) Is there any chance of getting banned?
2) Is that working with lower firmwares?


#20 - heartagram62 - February 12, 2011 // 8:08 am
heartagram62's Avatar
I'm sorry but I feel I must point out that you are just as bad as $ony in this case, The custom firmware you are running is a "theft" & rewrite of what $ony own. I think they are doing the right thing by keeping CFW and homebrew away from their own private network. I mean, If you all want your own homebrew applications and the ability to run back-ups fine, but keep it away from people who want to use the network to play properly where hackers can't reset your stats for example.

#19 - anulu82 - February 12, 2011 // 7:28 am
anulu82's Avatar
well, i need a bit help with the point 5, that how to replace the SSL header. got domain controller / DNS, CA and firewall (MS TMG) here, but i'm a bit confused with the last point. previous ones are easy. if someone can help me a bit with the last point, i'll try to do it on monday (next off day at work, so i'll have a bit time then), and also create a how-to.

don't expect Linux based things from me, only Windows Server 2003 / 2008.

#18 - pig098 - February 12, 2011 // 7:01 am
pig098's Avatar
i told him the truth.

#17 - Cruzer1234 - February 12, 2011 // 6:49 am
Cruzer1234's Avatar
He isn't talking about needing the ps3 to put psn downloads on psp. He just referred to the psp.

Learn to read.

#16 - pig098 - February 12, 2011 // 6:31 am
pig098's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post
ridiculous? I pay them money and they refuse me to play it.

That's the same as theft.

yes ridiculous. PSN is private server owned and payed by Sony.

and also, you agreed to their term when you signed up for PSN.

Quote Originally Posted by Zentsuken View Post

Then there's that problem with saves being locked, i mean wtf? What if I wanted to switch PS3's and something spontaneous happened and my old one failed? I can't constantly be backing up 50GB of DLC/PSN games that I LEGITLY own just because I want to keep my locked saves SAFE.


Wow... do some research.. you DONT need PS3 to download games to PSP.. also, MOST games are not copyright protected... Sony allowed this option to devs because some devs dont like the fact that game saves are uploaded online..

this was crucial in games like Demon Soul's because of PVP and such... you are literally making crap up...

and YOU CAN back up copyrighted game saves. BTW, YOU CAN play PSN game without PSN access as long you have the game installed (unless game is MP) i repeat... do some research. you are spreading crap information.

#15 - Zentsuken - February 12, 2011 // 6:30 am
Zentsuken's Avatar
Essentially they do have every right to kick us out since we are using CFW, but I totally agree with Jes03 in that sense.

I bought a PSN game a day before the PSN bypass stopped working. Which sucks, since they should at least let me download it via PC from my account or something so I can transfer it to my PC, kinda like PSP DLC they put out,

Thats the thing I'm starting to hate about Sony, the complete control of everything you freaking do. You want to play this game? Okay, well just let us remove this and that from your PS3. I remember I refused to remove 3.15 for a good while, but I just couldn't hold out too long and ended up updating after RDR/Lost Planet 2 came out.

Then there's that problem with saves being locked, i mean wtf? What if I wanted to switch PS3's and something spontaneous happened and my old one failed? I can't constantly be backing up 50GB of DLC/PSN games that I LEGITLY own just because I want to keep my locked saves SAFE.