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February 25, 2011 // 2:21 am - Shortly following Sony's raid on his house, Dukio have now confirmed while posting a legal notice that Sony is suing Alexander Egorenkov known in the PS3 scene as Graf Chokolo for 1 million Euros and he states that he still wants to continue hacking the PlayStation 3 console with reporting he has received over $28k in donations already!

To quote: I received a legal notice from SCEE lawyers requesting me to remove the coolstuff links that graf_chokolo has distributed on as well as the links at this blog. What i found interesting in the legal notice is that the lawyers are suing graf_chokolo for 1 million euros. That is quite a number, but graf_chokolo doesn't seem to care.

He still want to hack the PS3, where he said he cannot sleep knowing that he cannot touch the hypervisor of the PS3. Man, i never see someone like graf, he is an extraordinary genius hacker that Sony wasting it by making a lawsuit against him.

Back I don't have a PC at home now guys, so i will post here only when i'm able. I will try to answer all your questions about HV and installing Linux. But expect some delays because as i said i don't have access to the Internet all the time.

You know guys, you will say i'm totally crazy now, but i never slept better than in the last 2 days I don't know how to explain this feeling but i don't care about those threats with jail and high money penalties, btw, SONY wants about 750.000 euros from me if i don't cooperate They don't know me at all I don't care about it and they might double it

The higher is the sum the higher gets my motivation They don't understand what makes me tick. Money and even my life doesn't mean to me very much without knowledge. I have a scientific mind and the knowledge is food to my brain. Without HV, Linux and FreeBSD kernel hacking my life is meaningless.

I miss my HV terribly In the last 2 days i got so “hungry” for more knowledge that i cannot control it anymore. I need knowledge and research, it has a huge meaning in my life. Jail or even death cannot hold it back anymore.

The SONY's laywer asked me why i'm doing what i'm doing, because of my hatred for SONY ? He cannot understand why i'm doing it, because he is paid for what he does. I'm not. I don't hold a grudge against SONY even now Hatred clouds your mind, keeps you from more important things. I have a better use for my mind and knowledge

So, SONY you failed again, you took my equipment but my mind is still free and you canot control it. You failed again. They are just tools, i can get new ones and will continue my HV reversing and bringing back PS3 Linux which you took from us. If you want me to stop then you should just kill me because i cannot live without programming, HV and Linux kernel hacking You know who am i and where i live, so come and get me !!!

And to prove it, i will reopen right now my HV reverse engineering page And i will post my latest findings about Update Manager and BD drive here. Most of you know already that i was able to update CORE OS from Linux. And on the last weekend i tries to hel some PS3 devs with BD drive authentication and discovered some interesting stuff about it which i will post here.

And please guys, could someone post here a link to the latest version of my cloned Linux kernel. I need it. The last week i implemnted a updater for Linux and it was finished but the police got first before i could upload it. But do not fear, i have everything in my head I can write it down again and show you how it works.

So, about BD drive authentication The most importnat HV process is 6. It contains Update Manager and Storage Manager e.g. Update manager flashes e.g. new CORE OS, BD firmware or SYSCON firmware. Storage Manager sets ATA keys, authenticates HDD and BD drives.

Storage Manager

I looked at VSH closer in the last week. And found out that VSH uses the following Storage Manager services: 05004 – to authenticate PS3 discs, 05007 – to authenticate PS3 discs.

Bothe these services can be used by GameOS through VUART 10 and Dispatcher Manager (is also in a HV process), I already implemented a driver for VUART 10 and DM on Linux and uploaded it, so guys who has my latest Linux version could use it on Linux And get access to PS3 discs and PS2 discs but i didn't have time to test it.

Both these services accept one parameter: 32 bit integer. Look at the funtion stor_mgr_packetid_0x5004 in my IDA database for HV 3.15. Everything is still the same on 3.41 and 3.55, so my HV 3.15 bible is the key to HV 3.41 and 3.55. They changed almost nothing in new HV versions And look also at function stor_mgr_packetid_0x5007. I could write down a simple Linux program which uses my DM driver to communicate with Storage Manager and show you how it works It's very easy. I will upload it maybe next week.

To authenticate PS2 discs, VSH uses parameter 052 and service 05004. To authenticate PS3 discs, VSH uses parameter 053 and service 05007. But i didn't test it on my own unfortunately.

PS3′s BD support different profiles for different media, e.g. for PS3 discs, for DVD, for PS2 discs. And storage manager can tell BD drive which profile it should use.

All the communication between Storage Manager and BD drive goes through ATAPI/SCSI interface.

To read the current profile of BD drive, the Storage Manager uses the storage device command 011, look at storage_device_RBD_do_device_command in my HV 3.15 IDA database (lv1_storage_Send_device_command) and ATAPI_GetConfiguration. But HV procs do not use HV calls, they use HV syscall, and Storage Manager sends ATAPI commands to BD drive through device file /dev/rbd0. With lv1_storage_Send_device_command(011) you could read the current BD profile.

Also very interesting ATAPI commands used by Storage Manager are Report Key/Send Key commands. Look at functions HW_report_key and HW_send_key in my HV proc 6 IDA database. HW_report_key function is e.g. used by Storage Manager to read BD drive policy. Storage Manager checks the policy of BD drive.

Storage Manager uses sv_iso_spu_module.self isolated module to authenticate BD drive. sv_iso_spu_module.self gives Storage Manager data which is sent to BD drive and back.

And look closer at function HW_disc_auth_emu in HV process 6. It’s for BD emu stor_mgr_check_drive_policy in HV prcoess 6 checks BD drive policy.

Functions storage_mgr_set_ata_key/storage_mgr_delete_ata_key sets/deletes ATA keys. These functions are used in Storage Manager service 05002. This service is used by System Manager in HV process 9 during LPAR boot.

Update Manager

The name of this service explains already the purpouse of it. The GameOS updater communicates with this service and sends encrypted packages to it. The GameOS updater stores a pkg in memory and passes the LPAR memory address of the pkg to Update Manager. Look at function update_package. This functions can update/inspect and extract packages. UM services 06001(update), 06002(inspect) and 06005 (extract) use it. Inspect just checks if a pkg is valid, Update service installs it and Extract service extracts it and you can get it back extracted from UM.

I implemnted an updater for Linux which uses all these services and it worked like a charm I could extract and inspect packages. Allocate a huge page on Linux with mmap, lock it with mlock, store there a pkg and send LPAR address to one of this service through DM. I will upload soon my PS3 Linux updater and show you how we can update firmware without GameOS even noticing it

Updater Manager object in HV process 6 has a member variable which checked during package update, and if it contains a magic valu then you can install just any package version Look at function update_manager_is_valid_access in my IDa database for HV proc 6.

Sony Sues Graf Chokolo for 1 Million Euros, He's Still PS3 Hacking!

Sony Sues Graf Chokolo for 1 Million Euros, He's Still PS3 Hacking!

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#35 - modmate - February 25, 2011 // 6:26 pm
modmate's Avatar
Wow... He should make a rap out of it like Geohot does. But to be honest 1 million is a bad joke i hope.

Greets Modmate

#34 - inginear - February 25, 2011 // 5:38 pm
inginear's Avatar
like someone said in another thread about graf, he has big, salty balls!

i think it's awesome how he is motivated by knowledge. somewhat reminds me of the great thinkers of the enlightenment era. let's hope that this culminates in a revolution of intellectual freedom, similar to the american revolution at the end of the enlightenment era.

alexander, i'd be careful about telling sony that you don't value your own life. they are japanese and have access to ninjas. you'll never hear, smell, or see it coming. be careful and best of luck to you.

#33 - B4rtj4h - February 25, 2011 // 4:55 pm
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Graf... my man. I really apriciate what you are doing. And as a programmer myself... Hell i know what it is to live without coding (even my girlfriend finds it odd when i do not mention it!)

IF sony really continuous this brutal act of childsplay... i have an idea for that. Lets all donate a euro or 5. Together we will be able to pay the money for getting Graf out of prison lol i know... we will pay sony... but i don't want someone in jail because i play free games!

#32 - Colnechris - February 25, 2011 // 4:31 pm
Colnechris's Avatar
Funny isn't it, usually when you buy something it becomes yours to do with what you want.

Now I wonder if sony would go after people for smashing their PS3's. I mean does this not alter the PS3 and how it works? Does it notcause ireparable damage to the system?

I will continue to use MY ps3 how ever I like, I will paint it red, fire it from a cannon or just play free games on it to my hearts consent. Big respect to all the people involved in this. Sony dont realise they are turning the PS3 into a super console, something that will make sonys bog standard lump look like a rather naff door stop. A ps1 with better graphics basically.

As for Graf, sony will not beat the european courts so I can see why hes not worried. Its just scare tactics, besides not causing that much in lost revenue its a big number they hope will scare Graf into giving up. Doesn't look to of gone very well on sony's part.

#31 - pogopete - February 25, 2011 // 4:25 pm
pogopete's Avatar
Like it says in an old german song about the freedom of thought:
Thoughts are free, who can guess them?
They flee by like nocturnal shadows.
No man can know them, no hunter can shoot them,
and so it will always be: Thoughts are free!

I think what I want, and what delights me,
still always reticent, and as it is suitable.
My wish and desire, no one can deny me
and so it will always be: Thoughts are free!

And if I am thrown into the darkest dungeon,
all this would be futile work,
because my thoughts tear all gates
and walls apart: Thoughts are free!

So I will renounce my sorrows forever,
and never again will torture myself with some fancy ideas.
In one's heart, one can always laugh and joke
and think at the same time: Thoughts are free!

I love wine, and my girl even more,
Only I like her best of all.
I'm not alone with my glass of wine,
my girl is with me: Thoughts are free!

#30 - Preceptor - February 25, 2011 // 2:44 pm
Preceptor's Avatar
Holy hell... Mates... Graf is completely crazy... It is a baaad move that he is pulling there. You know, geohot is doing it the right way, holding on and hiring lawyers. There will be a lot of time for hacking AFTER the legal battle against sony is won. Disobeying a direct judge order? Bad move...

I feel really sad because I've been following his work for a long time, and I really respect the guy. It isn't worth throwing away his life for this... We can't ignore sony has a lot of power and money, and the only way to win this is through legal means, otherwise this will only set a terrible precedent for any other hacker that dares challenge a corporation.

Still, it's undeniable that he has balls of steel... But please graf, reconsider your actions...

#29 - costocart - February 25, 2011 // 2:27 pm
costocart's Avatar
Sony is getting very desperate to prevent people from using the ps3 'properly'. respect to you Graf C...

#28 - nafeasonto - February 25, 2011 // 2:00 pm
nafeasonto's Avatar
Wow, you have to respect this guy for his passion. In the midst of hopelessness, he still has hope. Now THAT is a strong man.

To this hacker, I give you this quote: "Because to take away a man's freedom of choice, even his freedom to make the wrong choice, is to manipulate him as though he were a puppet and not a person."

-Madeleine L'engle

#27 - gygabyte666 - February 25, 2011 // 12:56 pm
gygabyte666's Avatar
Points to post above... I can hear it now, all over the news. "Hackers, modders and homebrewers have started boycotting against the mega corporation, Sony. Claiming to have been wrongfully marked as pirates and convicts by the company."

Errrm... something along those lines anyway.

#26 - Bishoff - February 25, 2011 // 12:50 pm
Bishoff's Avatar
What bothers me so much is the fact we don't see this getting any attention from the big news giants. I wish there could be some way to get one of these high level reporters attention to write these stories of how this awful company sues kids for simply exploring other uses of hardware they paid for. Running Linux has nothing to do with piracy yet they claim it does.

We need the public to become more aware and start a trend to not buy Sony products anymore since they claim you never really own it and must use it in a way they approve.