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January 11, 2011 // 8:08 pm - Today JoyStiq (linked above) speculates that based on both a NeoGAF Tip by Mr_Brit and a Digital Foundry report Sony may be planning to remotely disable JailBroken PS3 consoles essentially banning them from PSN.

To quote: "Even if you've never signed up for a PSN account, your console will communicate with Sony servers every time it boots up.

That initial load process is used to upload error logs, download updates to the "What's New" module, and a list of recently-run applications, including any unauthorized backup manager software.

Sony has yet to ban any consoles for taking advantage of the jailbreak, but the terms and conditions of the PlayStation Network make it clear that Sony has the authority to carry them out.

Thanks to the system's constant self-reporting feature, "the company even has the means to irrevocably disable your console should it so wish," rendering affected PS3 consoles unusable, online and off. But will Sony ever use such a drastic measure? And if so, how will the hacker scene retaliate?"

From NeoGAF, to quote: "On boot the system contacts the server and uploads the play list etc. this list alone is enough to get anyone that goes online banned as it shows the bootmanger etc. has been running. Here is the list and what they do, I port sniffed this a while ago before I went online with a retail unit >.> because I am not stupid hehe.

[Register or Login to view code]

Almost all connections cannot just be port blocked, the port will continue to increment until it connects, you have to block the entire domains. Also a big point is that ALL computers on your network need to have these blocked not just the PS3's MAC because if you are running a proxy for example to get patches, the computer you proxy to will just allow the connections right out to the open unless all local IPs are blocked from these sites as well.

Surprising absolutely noone it looks like Sony are detecting homebrew applications meaning that everyone who went on PSN with a jailbroken console can expect to be banned eventually. This is definitely not the only way that Sony can detect jailbroken systems so we'll never truly ever know if it's going to be safe to go online. That ban may come tommorow or it may come in 6 months time but it will almost certainly eventually come."

Rumor: Sony to Remotely Disable JailBroken PS3s, PSN Bans?

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#42 - miiwii08 - January 12, 2011 // 12:40 pm
miiwii08's Avatar
with all the file managers etc its just a matter of time before somebody identifies a way to reset/ modify the log from the on board flash... so unfortunately sony, u stil lose

#41 - young blade - January 12, 2011 // 12:08 pm
young blade's Avatar
I dont think it will be good for their reputation if they start doing this.. even if its legal.. everyone payed a good amount of cash to obtain their console..

When the start doing this no one is going to let it slide.. And I bet that the PS-Doctors (hackers) will find a way to unlock them again..

#40 - snoekie - January 12, 2011 // 10:47 am
snoekie's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Tepoo View Post
can a police officer put you in jail for a criminal act, without your permission? yes they can.

But this is a civil case, not a criminal act. Breaking the EULA, if it even applies to you (because that's not always the case, an EULA cannot go beyond the law, if so, that clause is not valid), is not a criminal act, it's a breach of contract.

Of course, Sony would like it to be a criminal act, just like copyright infringement. (for example, a theft is a a criminal act, a copyright infringement isn't.)

All sony can so is threatening with a lawsuit, just as they have done with their stooges, the RIAA and the MPAA. What did you expect? That they wouldn't sue?

Banning you from PSN, that's something they can do, based on their EULA. Bricking PS3s is something they can do, but if they do it intentionally, they can see some backlash from consumer right associations. Just imagine all the buthurt moms who complain, because their children's PS3s got bricked.

#39 - xxxgizmoxxx - January 12, 2011 // 10:09 am
xxxgizmoxxx's Avatar
They can't disable or ban every console that has ever gone online jailbroken. I dropped out of the Jailbreak scene ages ago and removed all homebrew from my console, although I did go online with it Jailbroken when the spoof was created. Now what say I take my 'Legit' console down to the local game store and trade it in?

No one would know it had ever been jailbroken, and some poor kid would get banned or even bricked without a clue what it was going on! the log might retain the info for the console's lifetime but Sony would have to be a little more selective about which consoles to target than just opting for a blanket execution!

#38 - Tepoo - January 12, 2011 // 9:42 am
Tepoo's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by blueclouduk View Post
So Sony can disable my console without my permission?

can a police officer put you in jail for a criminal act, without your permission? yes they can.

#37 - Field - January 12, 2011 // 9:25 am
Field's Avatar
This has already been stated but just beating the dead horse.

Yep Sony will ban consoles as it's easy for them to do that. We knew this day will come when the first jailbreak came out. Measures were in place to plug the hole with new firmware.

Microsoft ban consoles due to their belief that using modified firmware on the DVD Rom is cheating, when really it's only for playing backups. But still, this is their cause for banning.

I'd dare say that if the PS3 ban occurs, it will be swift. M$ did their first ban with the Halo 3 beta tests with copies of Crackdown. Maybe LBP2 or Killzone 3 will be the ones to ban. They probably would like to get the most amount of users in the one hit. [However I don't know how users are going to be able to play them if we can't even boot them due to the 3.55 required fw]

It's also been stated in this topic and many months ago, that booting the console with the internet cable (or wifi) will still phone home - and even booting PSN pkg games will still send a query back home. Remember when it checks for updates to those games.

In todays ago of consoles, everything is connected. While there are games on the PSP that are online, I don't think this warrants a mass ban. According to the Iphone Jailbreak scene, only 10% of Iphone devices are jailbroken. Numbers aside, our consoles use the internet for a wide range of uses, so it makes sense that as a preventive measure the big companies would ban consoles and it's use of the internet. At least you haven't paid for it, unlike the xbox360, where no refund was given.

As far as crippling consoles. Not sure. Though M$ did do the same thing with a series of Xbox360 bans. They were able to cripple the hard drives. Users whom played games with their gamertag on a modded banned console ended up corrupting their gamertag.

"Your gamertag will be corrupted every single time it is used on a banned console. This means you cannot use your banned console to play backups offline just to get achievements - it wont work, the second you put your profile back on a good 360, it will be corrupted and all progress lost. There is no way around this. "

Now this pissed off a lot of people. Including me, had I not already been banned in the first 'ban hammer'. So I was kinda safe. There were ways around this, but meant a lot of messing around with the hard drive. I think that this 'preventive measure' was also removed in later bans, but not sure.

Oh also the new dashboard for the xbox360 can actually detect modified discs within itself and ban without going online. It can stop backups from working. Note sure if this is half true or not, as I've been a little behind in the xbox360 scene for a while - well since the ps3 jailbreak scene.

#36 - OGroteKoning - January 12, 2011 // 8:17 am
OGroteKoning's Avatar
I don't know about others, but when I decided to JB my PS3, I did so after making an informed decision and wieghing up my risks. Worst thing that could happen (for me) was for my PS3 to pack up and go - but then I would probably buy another (pity it would be a slim). PSN was never an issue to me . Online gaming was never an issue to me. And that is why I couldn't give a rat's a$$ if $ony wants to ban me from PSN (which is their property). I won't even be angry about it. The only value I got from PSN was a bit of DLC for 2 games and you don't even need that to enjoy the games.

If anyone hacked their PS3 and thought that $ony can't/won't pick it up, then that are really living in cloud-coo-coo-land and doesn't know what is going on in the real world. There are no drugs for naivity. We have had endless discussions about this very same topic in the past and the comments are the same.

If we get banned, so be it, BUT low and behold, I will write a strong worded letter to them and take further action should thay disable my PS3 remotely. I purchased the PS3 with my own money without any sponsorships from them.

I don't think $ony has the time or could bother with class action suits should they disable the JB'd PS3 - so that seems a bit far fetched even for $ony, but ban if thay must - IDGARA!

#35 - SexyVampiire - January 12, 2011 // 7:28 am
SexyVampiire's Avatar
Be smarter people, when making homebrew, name the program after a game and only change the icon for the game.
Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post
Why are people still going on about PSN bans? $ONY DONT BAN CONSOLES. NO PSPs ARE BANNED, NO PS3s ARE BANNED. They are not Micro$oft so I doubt they will ban consoles. It's illegal for them to ban a PS3 and PSP so they can't and won't do it.

Well clearly you don't know seeing as I have had a PS3 banned for credit card fraud.

#34 - Jes03 - January 12, 2011 // 7:26 am
Jes03's Avatar
Why are people still going on about PSN bans? $ONY DONT BAN CONSOLES. NO PSPs ARE BANNED, NO PS3s ARE BANNED. They are not Micro$oft so I doubt they will ban consoles. It's illegal for them to ban a PS3 and PSP so they can't and won't do it.

#33 - tonybologna - January 12, 2011 // 7:00 am
tonybologna's Avatar
I'm not wanting to do exactly that but close! Take a look at my previous post here.