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February 23, 2011 // 1:56 pm - Today an anonymous user has released PlayStation File System Libraries on PS3-Hacks (linked above) allowing NTFS support finally on PS3 for homebrew applications.

Download: PlayStation File System Libraries v0.1.0

To quote: "I'm out of town leaving me PS3-less, so I'm unable to test this... This being a library, PlayStation File System Libraries - libpfsm, that you can use when building your homebrew projects, i.e.) Gaia Manager.

And the Gaia Manager source is included and comes pre-modified as an example adding NTFS (libpfsm) support. You just need to build it now and I'm sure someone'll do that real soon.

What does PlayStation File System Libraries feature?

  • Support for multiple simultaneously connected devices.
  • Hot swapping of devices.
  • Support for multiple partitions (with different FS).
  • NTFS support
    o Alternate data streams
    o Sparse files
    o File compression
    o B+ trees directory
  • FAT support
    o FAT12, FAT16, FAT32
    o Long file names (VFAT)

Writing to NTFS formatted volumes is not supported and not planned. Check the README for everything else.

Thanks to... I'll never tell. The author wishes to remain anonymous. Cheers!"

I have not tested but there is a GAIA MANAGER in the archive and i'm not sure if it has this lib implement to work with NTFS as of yet??...

PlayStation File System Libraries - NTFS Support Finally on PS3!

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#33 - croft72 - February 24, 2011 // 2:48 pm
croft72's Avatar
The PS3 handling NTFS format is definately pretty cool. I'm not sure if this question has ever been answered or not but why did Sony go with FAT32 format instead of NTFS format for the PS3 in the first place?

#32 - nightwish - February 24, 2011 // 8:33 am
nightwish's Avatar
brilliant work.


#31 - adrianc1982 - February 24, 2011 // 7:20 am
adrianc1982's Avatar
I don't think I will risk corrupting my files, it can corrupt any file and I would have to play every single game to make sure they are okay and even then I would always be doubting.

I'll try to copy to every single hard drive I have and then format to ntfs and copy back, I knew this day would come and I'm happy because finally we can have bigass games in there without having to transfer to the internal hdd.

#30 - lusifer32 - February 24, 2011 // 6:43 am
lusifer32's Avatar
anyone know if it's possible to reverse it and get ps3 file system to work in windows/mac/linux etc =?

#29 - holidays - February 24, 2011 // 5:31 am
holidays's Avatar
Convert NTFS to FAT32, maybe this is the directly way to help you solve your problem. Typically problem is PS3 is not support NTFS, haha choose NTFS to FAT32 Converter ( this tool can help you finish the conversion. In case of you want to convert it back, it also can help you.

#28 - 863dj - February 24, 2011 // 3:53 am
863dj's Avatar
what about exfat? i have a 1TB drive that i would love to throw in... but it has to by exfat

#27 - Realee - February 24, 2011 // 3:50 am
Realee's Avatar
Microsoft's Convert to NTFS tool works perfectly - don't know where you're sourcing your information from but i've used the convert tools several times with success.

#26 - GTluver - February 24, 2011 // 3:40 am
GTluver's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by alwayshungry View Post
You just convert the HDD to NTFS not format to NTFS..

Any conversion needs "formation" or your files won't work and/or get corrupted... so yeah... I'd say get a 2nd 2TB hdd and transfer them (don't format it... leave it as NTFS)

#25 - daveshooter - February 24, 2011 // 3:39 am
daveshooter's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
how come I don't see 100 comments by now?... lol

Maybe because he said he never tested it, and some see it as a get out of jail card if it bricks someones PS3 or they have to reformat. With him reminding you , him saying he never tested it.

Its not something I need, nor do I trust due to what anyone will do to get access to wide open hacked PS3's thats on your home or works network enjoying your files like one of the family. That's my reasons.

#24 - alwayshungry - February 24, 2011 // 2:45 am
alwayshungry's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
now where will I put my 2tb games to format and copy again hehehehe.

You just convert the HDD to NTFS not format to NTFS..