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January 28, 2011 // 3:31 pm - Here is PSNinja, a Stealth PS3 Homebrew application and History Wiper for those that didn't update to the new PS3 3.56 Firmware.

I have also released a PSNinja Read Only version which doesn't require wiping history any longer followed by PSNinja v3 and some newer revisions below.

Download: PSNinja Stealth PS3 Homebrew Application and History Wiper / PSNinja v2 Stealth PS3 Homebrew Application and History Wiper / PSNinja Read Only (No More Wiping History) / PSNinja v3 / PSNinja v3 720p / PSNinja v3.5 / PSNinja v4

This make you appear offline using mecomment, and wipes history. It is stealthed as Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire-BLUS30017, if you play this game you suck... Its the second worst game on PS3.


  • Sign off before using, it will not show until you go off then back on if you use it while signed in.
  • In menu press X to appear offline
  • Press Circle to appear online again (it adds a blank mecomment so you can edit your comment normally)
  • Press Triangle to wipe history

I doubt this will save you in any way from Sony but you never know. It's more for fun and to get away from annoying friends.

Should work while playing a game too but i haven't tried it but i will tomorrow. Also it's my first menu, i have a wide screen tv so i'm not sure how it will look at different sizes and resolutions please lmk...

Attached download contains 3.41_waninkoko_3.55 and 3.55geo-kmeaw-wutang.

PSNinja Stealth PS3 Homebrew Application and History Wiper

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#48 - daivyphuong - June 28, 2012 // 7:05 am
daivyphuong's Avatar
can not use dongle 2.7

#47 - Bahamutzero - June 28, 2012 // 5:12 am
Bahamutzero's Avatar
So... Really cool but in the moment I want a feed-back from other. Thanks for the news guy.

#46 - technodon - June 28, 2012 // 4:07 am
technodon's Avatar
i believe that we have a good chance of getting banned now, (this app is unlikely to stop it) since genuine ps3 users have updated to 4.20 and use a different psn passphrase. we can still connnect on 4.11 using the old passphrase. if we version spoof to 4.20 it wont let you sign in. so my guess is sony left it open intentionality to trap us maybe they are just monitoring how many users are connecting on custom firmware? or maybe thet will start to ban us.. who knows?

#45 - elser1 - June 28, 2012 // 2:59 am
elser1's Avatar
thanks mate.

and bonoboy, it does enable (work) on psn.

#44 - bonoboy - June 28, 2012 // 2:28 am
bonoboy's Avatar
does it works on psn?

#43 - NTA - June 28, 2012 // 1:08 am
NTA's Avatar
Sweet. Now if only I could run pkgs

#42 - HeyManHRU - June 27, 2012 // 11:57 pm
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Following up on FckPSN and the PS3ITA PSoN packages for PS3 Custom Firmware users, today ARCH has made available a PS3 PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler along with a Clear History PSN Stealth Mod version with details below to re-enable PlayStation Network access.

Download: PS3 PSN / SEN Enabler and Disabler / PS3 PSN / SEN Enabler and Disabler (Mirror) / PS3 PSN / SEN Enabler and Disabler (Mirror #2) / Pack PSN SEN Activator / Desactivator by ARCH (Mirror #3) / PS3 Clear History PSN Stealth Version Mod

To quote, roughly translated: PS3 PSN / SEN Enabler and Disabler

Here's a Mod homebrew "version spoofer enabler / disabler 9.99" (creator Evilnat) that allows you to enable or disable the connection to the PSN with a simple package to run.

In this mode, I used the code in the file vsh.self Rebug the team in passing that I make available for their homebrew is compatible for all CFWs.

Installation and use:

  • Download and unzip the package => PSN_SEN Enabler_Disabler
  • In the case of the pack, choose the version that matches your CFW (this is very important, not to be mistaken).
  • Unpack the archive you have chosen and copy / paste the package on a USB FAT32 formatted.
  • Plug into the console and proceed to "install_package_file" and install the package.
  • Start PSN_SEN Enabler_Disabler from this icon in the XMB
  • Put "YES" twice to both questions then asked to ROUND, the console restarts, log on to PSN / SEN in a normal manner.
  • Disable access to the PSN: Restart PSN_SEN_Enabler_Disabler
  • Answer "Yes" to the first question, then "NO" to the second then "Yes" to the third, the console reboots, connect to the PSN / SEN is disabled.

NOTE => for those with CFW v2 with update 2.7, you must start your PS3 without the dongle, then activate the connection PSN / SEN, and above all, consider the Disable if you want to raise the console with your dongle. Or you can downgrade to version 2.5, as that will work perfectly with the dongle. Thank T3rr3ur for accuracy provided.

NOTE 2 => if a RSOD (red screen), do not panic, turn on your PS3 in recovery mode (Recovery) and then reinstall all your CFW simply, it will replace files altered by PSN_SEN_Enable_Disabler dev_flash in / vsh / module and dev_flash / vsh / etc. I release myself from all liability for banishment, you know the risks!

PS3 Clear History PSN Stealth Version Mod

Here is a homebrew that lets you clear the cache and history of your PS3 and be a little less recognizable:

Clear History PSN Stealth version (Mod PSNinja_v4):

  • Download and unzip the archive => clear-history-psn-stealth-version-mod.rar and install the package via "install_package_file"
  • Clear Run History PSN


  • Wipe History, Clear History files
  • Replace History-history by replacing files in - dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30017/USRDIR/files
  • Make History Files Only-read your history files become read only. Games and homebrews after you launch will no longer be added to files.
  • Lets Make History Writable-again writing about history files
  • Clear Browser History-history.xml deletes the file from the webbrowser
  • Hide from Friends did you appear offline even if you're connected to PSN.
  • Be seen again did you appear online again

Note => Read Only function remains active even after a restart of the console. You must disable the management functions of the history of your managers if they include such options.

Credit => Team Rebug and Evilnat. ARCH.

Finally from Nightbird (via comes a PSN Enabler and Disabler + Spoof Firmware v4.20 for Kmeaw CFW users, with details as follows to quote:

Download: PSN Spoof Enabler 4.20 Kmeaw.pkg / PSN Spoof Disabler 3.55 Kmeaw.pkg

Here is a PSN enabler and disabler I've made which also spoofs to Firmware v4.20. This is only for Kmeaw users. I've made one for Rebug FW too but I haven't tested it yet. I have used Rebug's spoofer files and Nathanr's tools, so thanks to them. Make sure you are unspoofed (3.55) before running the enabler.

The disabler restores the original Kmeaw files and returns to v3.55. I have also used a reactpsn compatible vsh.self in the disabler so it doesn't screw anybody up that uses reactpsn. For those that don't use reactpsn, you won't notice anyway.

To enable PSN and spoof to v4.20, run the enabler, the screen will go black for about 15 secs, PS3 will then restart, your pad will have disconnected too so press the PS button. You can now check your firmware version in system info, it should say 'version 4.20' and you should now be able to connect to PSN.

To disable and return to v3.55, just run the disabler, screen goes black again and PS3 restarts. I can't see this lasting long, as it looks like Sony are currently only checking the firmware version above and beyond what Rebug have already done.

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#41 - PS4 News - February 7, 2011 // 8:30 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Thanks smokin, added v4 to the first post also and +Rep!

#40 - smokin - February 7, 2011 // 7:12 am
smokin's Avatar
Here is PSNinja v4, i am using another menu now since the last 2 didn't work for everyone. It looks completely different now.

I also added indicators to tell you what has been done. I think it will work on all tv's now again please let me know of any issues.

READ the readme, it's called that for a reason!!!

#39 - Jonesy4700 - February 5, 2011 // 6:33 am
Jonesy4700's Avatar
On a standard definition tv, half the text is cut off. Is there any way to align the options to the top of the screen? That might work.

Oh, also, if at all possible, could you add the ability to know whether or not you chose one of the options, like an "ON" and "OFF" setting off to the side of the option youre trying to use. Its kinda hard to know whether youve activated a feature or not right now.