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December 7, 2010 // 2:31 pm - Since the release of PS3 Firmware v3.55 there is no sense in keeping the master key a secret any more - it has been released, along with unencrypted payloads, and a promise to release the source-code by PS3YES for a free PSGrade PS3 downgrader.

Download: PSGrade / PSGrade PS3 Hex Codes / psgrade_teensy_at90usb1286_16.hex by littlebalup

Of note, the downgrade hex will only work on PS3's with a firmware of 3.50 or below.

The same team which brought the PSN spoof for online support of jailbreaks now has also brought us a Free Downgrade HEX for the PS3! PS3YES has released un-encrypted HEX files for downloading.

They promise open-source code to be release soon, but find below pre-compiled HEX files:

PSGRADE AT90USB646-16Mhz Teensy++ 1.0
PSGRADE AT90USB1286-16Mhz Teensy++ 2.0

This is the last line from psgrade_ps3yes.hex

[Register or Login to view code]

Of note, The master key has been stated to be:

[Register or Login to view code]

Furthermore: A PS3YES flash update and PS3 Downgrade guide have been posted here and PS3Key flashes have been posted here.

PS3YES has stated, to quote:

"Our downgrade firmware is based on the PSGrade project, we will open the source soon.

Support for the following:

PS3YES AT90USB162 8mhz
PS3YES AT90USB162 16mhz
AT90USBKEY at90usb1287 8mhz
Teensy++ 1.0 at90usb646 16mhz
Teensy++ 2.0 at90usb1286 16mhz

Remember PS3YES were the first to release that PSN Hack that lasted a week on their Chinese forums!

Also sadly v3.55 is out so you can only use this great release to Downgrade v3.50 or LOWER firmwares!

NOTE: Importing the HEX to other devices using current payload converters will NOT work!"

graf_chokolo says: The key from KaKaRoTo for 0xAAAA dongle id is fine Just tested it by communicating directly with USB Dongle Authenticator from GameOS through DM VUART. Congratulations KaKaRoTo Good work!

PSGRADE Free PS3 Downgrade Hex Released - Master Key Found!

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#81 - dyceast - December 8, 2010 // 1:22 am
dyceast's Avatar
Thanks mate, I'm on 3.50, ive seen on the net that there is a 3.41 customised firmware?

would that be the one to use? or just the plain 1?

Thanks again

#80 - CJPC - December 8, 2010 // 1:11 am
CJPC's Avatar
Yes, you will need the proper hardware to do it, for the moment only a few hex's have been released, but I'm sure it will be ported to ipods and android phones etc shortly enough!

#79 - barbnjason - December 8, 2010 // 1:05 am
barbnjason's Avatar
For that board just use the psgrade_teensy_at90usb162_16mhz from the evil pack once fixed!!).

It all depends on what FW you are at now. Basicly with this you can downgrade from 3.42 or 3.50 and goback to 3.41 or lower.

You need to find DGF.rar to use the downgrade. This bin will only get you into service mode not out of it that what the files in DGF are for.

#78 - vizvizi - December 8, 2010 // 12:57 am
vizvizi's Avatar
I'm kind of new here and i just wanted to know, does this mean that i can do the downgrade by myself.. how? I looked at youtube but no tutorial was there yet...

#77 - junior2k9 - December 8, 2010 // 12:52 am
junior2k9's Avatar
I was wondering is this the same key you would get from fw 3.15 hv dump using the sx28 board and geohot's exploit? Or is this just a key from a official service jig?

#76 - dyceast - December 8, 2010 // 12:47 am
dyceast's Avatar
Hi, so my minimus32usb is on its way, will it work with these files? and also do I need to get a 3.42 firmware to downgrade? Thanks

#75 - dvdrdiscs - December 8, 2010 // 12:47 am
dvdrdiscs's Avatar
If this is the jig master key, does knowing it allow any other possibility besides opening up service mode to downgrade? The term "jig master key" makes it sound like it would let you potentially do anything you want, i.e. jailbreak a console.

#74 - ekrboi - December 8, 2010 // 12:45 am
ekrboi's Avatar
awesome.. this cat and mouse game is getting interesting... it just sucks that they revoked the old lv2_diag files.. someone correct me if i'm wrong but doesnt that mean that we will have to wait for the new files to be leaked? those files are not something that can be just found on a ps3 with new FW i would assume...

only time will tell how useful this turns out to be. at least for now its allowing those who paid for a newer game to play it! from my understanding the "Master Key" can be revoked as well with a FW update.. albeit sony would have to replace or at least reprogram every jig in all service centers with new "slave keys"..

#73 - cfwprophet - December 8, 2010 // 12:33 am
cfwprophet's Avatar
Ha nice and thx barbnjason. So my guess that this will be the JIG master key was correct.

Thanks team PS3YES for sharing your work with the whole com.

#72 - barbnjason - December 8, 2010 // 12:14 am
barbnjason's Avatar
Going to try my best to explain it the best I know. Going to try an analogy that hopefully works out. First off think of the PS3 as a safe and the continents that we are trying to get to inside said safe is the Service mode.

Each safe that has a digital keypad has two combinations/keys one is the Master that the Safe company keeps and the other is the one that the safe owner programs to use the safe.

So look at it this way each Service JIG that Sony has at its service centers has a user key/combination on it that is unique to that JIG device. So that JIG key is like the combination that you use to open your safe.

Well let’s say you lose your combination or it gets stolen well you would want to change it as soon as possible. Well that’s what Sony does when a JIG is lost, stolen or broken they can revoke that key/combination so that it will no longer open the safe/PS3 and let you get to service mode.

Ok now on to the Master Key- the one that was found and leaked. Just to clear this point up this is the USB JIG master key, it’s really a misnomer to call this the PS3 Master key was it will not let you open anything other than the Service mode.

So with this master key you have the Key/Combination that can always open the safe/PS3, the one that the safe companies and Sony would never want to be in the wild. Why is this well think if that the Master Key for a safe company is found out well all the Safes that have been sold are useless as anyone that knows that Master key can open it.

In Sony's case they would have to issue a new mater key via a Firmaware update and make all the JIGs in all the Service Centers useless. This is why the JIG still works with fv3.55 they still have that master key in place but they revoked to the ability to run the .self to start the downgrade once in service mode.

Hope this make some sense.