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December 7, 2010 // 2:31 pm - Since the release of PS3 Firmware v3.55 there is no sense in keeping the master key a secret any more - it has been released, along with unencrypted payloads, and a promise to release the source-code by PS3YES for a free PSGrade PS3 downgrader.

Download: PSGrade / PSGrade PS3 Hex Codes / psgrade_teensy_at90usb1286_16.hex by littlebalup

Of note, the downgrade hex will only work on PS3's with a firmware of 3.50 or below.

The same team which brought the PSN spoof for online support of jailbreaks now has also brought us a Free Downgrade HEX for the PS3! PS3YES has released un-encrypted HEX files for downloading.

They promise open-source code to be release soon, but find below pre-compiled HEX files:

PSGRADE AT90USB646-16Mhz Teensy++ 1.0
PSGRADE AT90USB1286-16Mhz Teensy++ 2.0

This is the last line from psgrade_ps3yes.hex

[Register or Login to view code]

Of note, The master key has been stated to be:

[Register or Login to view code]

Furthermore: A PS3YES flash update and PS3 Downgrade guide have been posted here and PS3Key flashes have been posted here.

PS3YES has stated, to quote:

"Our downgrade firmware is based on the PSGrade project, we will open the source soon.

Support for the following:

PS3YES AT90USB162 8mhz
PS3YES AT90USB162 16mhz
AT90USBKEY at90usb1287 8mhz
Teensy++ 1.0 at90usb646 16mhz
Teensy++ 2.0 at90usb1286 16mhz

Remember PS3YES were the first to release that PSN Hack that lasted a week on their Chinese forums!

Also sadly v3.55 is out so you can only use this great release to Downgrade v3.50 or LOWER firmwares!

NOTE: Importing the HEX to other devices using current payload converters will NOT work!"

graf_chokolo says: The key from KaKaRoTo for 0xAAAA dongle id is fine Just tested it by communicating directly with USB Dongle Authenticator from GameOS through DM VUART. Congratulations KaKaRoTo Good work!

PSGRADE Free PS3 Downgrade Hex Released - Master Key Found!

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#121 - tonyqc - December 8, 2010 // 4:19 am
tonyqc's Avatar
Nice my Ps3 take more and more value last fat generation without the bd laser and ylod issues with otheros and downgrade without hdd format

my 2 other fat ps3 with 4 usb port have laser issues

my slim will format if I donwgrade and some slim broke with the ylod

#120 - BwE - December 8, 2010 // 4:09 am
BwE's Avatar
nope, wish i could help.

if it's because the 3.41 is modified why not just downgrade from that to 3.15 (or lower) and update to the legit 3.41

#119 - mushy409 - December 8, 2010 // 4:03 am
mushy409's Avatar
Can someone confirm if the BD video playback still works after downgrading? There's been rumours that people can't play bluray movies after downgrading.

Can someone check this? Cheers

#118 - gamefreak2010 - December 8, 2010 // 4:00 am
gamefreak2010's Avatar
I just turned a demo unit into a retail unit. There's spooge everywhere somebody hand me a wetnap

The guide:

#117 - BwE - December 8, 2010 // 3:55 am
BwE's Avatar
The pup has to be modified in order to work - But it has apparently been done.

I dont see how as the retail 2.15 doesnt even work to begin with...

#116 - IslaTurbine - December 8, 2010 // 3:54 am
IslaTurbine's Avatar
Ok I'm up to speed. Don't mind me.

#115 - hackerxide - December 8, 2010 // 3:53 am
hackerxide's Avatar
Make sure if you want to downgrade that you remember that ps3 slim consoles will format the harddrive and fat ps3's will not

#114 - FMAranda - December 8, 2010 // 3:52 am
FMAranda's Avatar
Ok, thanks for that. So we can't upgrade or downgrade to any version of debug firmware?

#113 - BwE - December 8, 2010 // 3:52 am
BwE's Avatar
See here:

#112 - IslaTurbine - December 8, 2010 // 3:48 am
IslaTurbine's Avatar
Have they been taken down from the first post? Not seeing them. Only see the hex files.