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November 29, 2010 // 6:06 pm - Today Hermes has relased a port of the classic PC games Heretic & Hexen for PS3 JailBreak homebrew users. The included .pkg file is the front end of both the games, but due to copyrights the game files are not included.

Download: PS3 Heretic and Hexen Homebrew Ports

The quote from Hermes post on Spanish Web site Elotrolado (linked above), roughly transleted by me with help from babelfish:


In order to celebrate that PSL1GHT already beginning to have a good foundation and with the addition of the PS3 Soundlib that allows it to reproduce up to 16 voices of sound, I have ported two classic games from the PC to PS3 that make use of multiple effects: The games Heretic and Hexen.

In order for them, to work they require wads HERETIC.WAD and HEXEN.WAD respectively (shareware or full retail will work, in capital letters and with that name) that must be copied in the directory of the EBOOT.BIN, within the folder " heretic" and " hexen" respectively, on a USB device. When starting the game, if it has been installed in hard disk (by means of PKG) the option to press CIRCLE to copy the content of the folders " heretic" or " hexen" from device USB to the installation folder of the game.

Also, I have added vibration to the controller: when you receive damage, vibration activates strong, but when it is an enemy who receives the damage you will notice, it in the form of smaller vibration. Perhaps this last one is not very realistic since it is well if we are what we are inflicting the damage short-distance, but long-distance not as much and that to say that the controler vibrates when is currando the tiny beasts among them. Nevertheless I have left, it in so that sometimes it serves to let you know that you have a few fierce ones around and so that it turns out useful to know that truly, your ammunition is doing damage. (everything is not pure and hard realism)

I have verified over HDMI which I test (that excludes 1080P) to deal with to look for the visible area of screen and use a routine that re scales a screen " virtual" to the final format. The problem is that the drawn area of the screen in PS3, is placed outside the visible area of your monitor/screen and that requires adjustments that I have done on the basis of my screen and not if in some other, can give problems or not, or if with some other resolution it requires new adjustments (a thing is that a slight edge is seen the right for example and another one is that directly, things are not seen that would have to appear). One distinguishes between 4:3 and 16:9

The install instructions translated from the included readme.txt


There are two ways for install:

1) By PKG. On this occasion, copy the folder content "pkg" on the root's directory of the USB device and "Install Package Files" on the PS3

2) By SELF. On this occasion, copy "homebrew" on the root's directory of the USB device and load the applications with the "Open Manager" or another homebrew loader.

Heretic requires the file HERETIC.WAD that can be copied to the same folder as the EBOOT.BIN (/dev_hdd0/game/HERETIC01/USRDIR or /dev_usbX/homebrew/Heretic) or on a USB device after making the folder called "heretic" and copying HERETIC.WAD (/dev_usb/heretic/HERETIC.WAD)

The filename MUST be ONLY uppercase letters.

For quick copying of the files, there is an utility when starting the game: on the license's screen you can press Circle button if you want to copy the content from dev_usb/heretic to the location of the game in the hard disk (/dev_hdd0/game/HERETIC01/USRDIR)

You can use a FTP program for copy HERETIC.WAD too.

For the HEXEN files its similar to the previous method, but this time, its required HEXEN.WAD that must be copied to /dev_usb/hexen (for all the installations) or /dev_usb/homebrew/Hexen (Open Manager) or to /dev_hdd0/game/HEXEN0001/USRDIR (HDD).

And you can copy on the license's screen the content of /dev_usb/hexen to /dev_hdd0/game/HEXEN0001/USRDIR pressing CIRCLE button


At any time you can press START button for open the help screen (the game is paused at this time). The help screen show the game controls and pause the game.

With SELECT button you can enter on the Main menu. The another buttons are these:


Left Stick: Moving back and forward on side-scrolling
Right Stick: Look up /down flip left/right
L2 button: Run
R2 button: Shoot
X button: Change weapon
CIRCLE button: Open/Close doors
SQUARE button: Use item selected
TRIANGLE button: ON / OFF map
L1/ R1 button: Choose Item
Left/Right (PAD) -> Decrease / Increase Map
Up / Down (PAD): Fly (it require an item)
Hold L2 and press CIRCLE: Stop flying
SELECT button: Game Main Menu
START button: Help Screen


Left Stick: Moving back and forward on side-scrolling
Right Stick: Look up /down flip left/right
L2 button: Run
R2 button: Shoot
X button: Jump
CIRCLE button: Open/Close doors
SQUARE button: Use item selected
TRIANGLE button: ON / OFF map
L1/ R1 button: Choose Item
Left/Up/Right/Down (PAD): Change between weapons (1, 2, 3, 4)
Hold L2 + Left/Right (PAD) -> Decrease / Increase Map
Hold L2 + Up/down (PAD): Fly (it require an item)
Hold L2 and press CIRCLE: Stop flying
SELECT button: Game Main Menu
START button: Help Screen


The two games allow you to also do the following cheats:

Press START button and on the help screen, press L1 five times until the screen changes color

Hold R1 and press Up (PAD): All Weapons
Hold R1 and press Right (PAD): God mode on/off
Hold R1 and press Down (PAD): Full Health
Hold R1 and press Left (PAD): All keys
Hold R1 and press Triangle: Brings you all items

PS3SX - PSX Emulator PCSX Port for PS3 is Now Available!

PS3SX - PSX Emulator PCSX Port for PS3 is Now Available!

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#82 - marc2590 - November 30, 2010 // 11:31 pm
marc2590's Avatar
well at least i can play some GT2 while i wait for GT5 to work

#81 - Psychosanity - November 30, 2010 // 9:32 pm
Psychosanity's Avatar
None of these tricks are working for me I've been at it for hours

I have a 80gb MGS4 Bundle ps3 (US) I only have a Dingoo to hack with, i've tried v1.4 and v1.5

I've tried every combination of

renaming the bios
Plugging Ext Harddrive to diffrent usb slots
Starting the hack in diffrent usb slots
Plugging in the Ext Harddrive as booting ps3 or as booting ps3sx

I have no luck, all i've noticed is v1.5 (PL3 I believe.. Waninkoko never specifies) will boot me back to the xmb and v1.4 (Hermes) will cause a freeze. I hope this problem is fixed in the later realeases.

#80 - FMAranda - November 30, 2010 // 9:13 pm
FMAranda's Avatar
Guys, i played CTR from the internal HDD. I used the multiMAN to create a folder inside my PS3 backups game folder (dev_hdd0/GAMES/PS1/Crash Team Racing.bin) and of course, i copied the game to this dir.

I ran the PS3SX and i went to the ../ and navigate to dev_hdd0/... The only problem was that the navigation itself was like out of control, i pressed X to open a folder but it pressed twice.

But the good part is that i was able to play from there. You guys should try too.

#79 - Frago - November 30, 2010 // 8:25 pm
Frago's Avatar
Guys thank you for ur comments about the guide, and i must tell you that with crash team racing and hermes psn spoof the game was had many glitches, then i tried with the pl3 psn spoof only to see if the software was work with this payload and it was work and when i lanch again the crash team racing the game wasnt have any glitches like the hermes payload.

i don't know why i have test this game only and i realize that with the pl3 payload the game was running better, if anyone other can test it with some other game will be very helpful to us to learn more about this and then when the final version comes out then we will be ready!!!

#78 - barrybarryk - November 30, 2010 // 8:02 pm
barrybarryk's Avatar
From what i've learned playing with it, it will only detect the bios if it is on a usb HDD or stick (no memory cards) also your HDD or stick needs to be the first or only usb device detected (on my 60GB it works if i unplug my jb after boot and plug my hdd in port 1 which is the left hand side/top port) also the bios files are region specific not for your system but for your roms ie if your using pal roms you need a pal bios.

I use multiMAN and make sure my USB HDD is listed as source #1 along the bottom, most games ive tried work but It seems to have an issue with bin files that use cue files to seperate the audio, I'll keep trying to see if I can get something solid worked out

Also FFVII freezes on the continue/new game selection screen for me

Im using a 60GB on firmware 3.41 with different payloads (doesn't seem to affect it)

Anyway still early days and could definitely do with some error detection, a gui and some support for ecm and cue files but still very very good playing. Resident evil 2 again

#77 - ness151 - November 30, 2010 // 7:06 pm
ness151's Avatar
Finally got it to work, after reinstalling the emulator and using my ipod 1g.

Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix works (not really), with some framerate slowdown in the menus, and no music plays after the very first song selection. And with what Karuto said, you can't save games no matter what you do, so you'll never unlock songs.

#76 - Karuto - November 30, 2010 // 6:48 pm
Karuto's Avatar
I found out another issue: saved games are erased after you quit the emulator completely (a soft reset using R1+L1+Start+Select works, but why bother?). Happened with Vagrant Story, anyway.

#75 - tableturner - November 30, 2010 // 6:29 pm
tableturner's Avatar
i think the biggest problem would be the payload. i think the one for that board should be:


#74 - Karuto - November 30, 2010 // 5:30 pm
Karuto's Avatar
This is exactly how I did it, using my Teensy 2.0:

1) Had the teensy in the first usb slot (far left) when I turned on my Ps3
2) Plugged in my usb drive into the 4th usb slot (far right) with the PS1 emulator after jailbreak was confirmed
3) Deleted and reinstalled the emulator to make sure it was fine
4) Started the emulator
5) Chose the ISO file of Vagrant Story

After a little bit, it turned on. I had the SCPH1001 in caps like someone mentioned. As I said before, I am using my 60GB PS3 with the Hermes 3.50 spoof. It took a few tries, but it started and it even had a trainer for me to modify the game a bit. Aside from some sound effect issues that I couldn't tell if they were part of the original game or not, and the aforementioned issue of just the opening cinematic going a little too fast but then going back to 60FPS at the main menu, it worked great.

I hope in the future, you will be able to access the emulator menu with a button press, and even be able to change the video settings of the emulator to output it to 1080P with higher-res textures. I am sure the PS3 can handle a lot more than what these games are chugging at right now.

#73 - Enigma Hall - November 30, 2010 // 5:20 pm
Enigma Hall's Avatar
Good discovery but i think it is a dangerous way. I have start the emulator only two times with sucess, and on the two this crask after intro at resident evil, (translated BR) and Castlevānia (translated BR).

At least i have see the quality and hope can play ps1 on my ps3 this cristmans, for now i think it is very unstable and will let the wish to play the emulador by side until someone find the solution for the aleatory black screen.

If you are curious and not could start it on your ps3, here comes some of my advices.

You dont need rename to upercase. The directories need to be on the root of usb, and you NEED be sure of conecting it on 000 door. To make it, you can start the multiman on file manager mode to see if the usb name have 000 at end and connect at right door if needed.

You dont need take out the dongle to emulator work, worked for me. And the last time it was worked when i reinstaled the emulator.

but Like i say, i dont belive that will be a fix. Many here will need cross the fingers to emulador work and i think danger forcing the console doors. Waiting for news..