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February 18, 2011 // 3:02 pm - I found this over on NextGen Update (linked above) and it seems promising regarding unbanning PS3 consoles and also anti-ban methods for the PlayStation 3 Console ID and PSN Sign-In.

Here are the details from their site: ANTI BAN+maybe unban: YOU CAN COMPLETELY REMOVE YOUR CONSOLE ID AND SIGN IN.

To do this simply leave second value blank not tested on a banned ps3 yet but it should work+you can hide your console id which can prevent you from getting banned.

First do the PSN Bypass Method: In charles there is a request for a file called auth what it contains is your username, password and console id.

This is what the request file looks like:

x's are just me protecting my info

consoleid=0000000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx00000000 000000000000000000000000

To get your console id have Charles running with the ssl and all that stuff

Sign in and on charles you will see two new files

Click on

Then /nav

And lastly auth

When you click auth, info should appear on the right click request and you should see your console id to copy it right click on auth and save request then open it and look for consoleid=0000000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx00000000 000000000000000000000000

That's your console id to change it go to tools, rewrite and if you have it set up you should already see the stuff to edit the header so click on PS3 3.55 then you should see 2 boxes.

On the bottom box, click add, then where it says type make it body. make sure only request is selected. make the first value is your console id, example the first value would be consoleid=0000000123456789012345678901234500000000 000000000000000000000000

And the second on is the one you want it changed to and where it says "where" make sure request is only selected.

Example of the second value is consoleid=0000000987654321098765432109876500000000 000000000000000000000000

You can only change it to a valid console id, cannot be random or just left blank.

Apparently Sony bans the console ID and if you use charles and send a black console ID you can still sign in and since the console ID doesn't go to sony because you send a blank value they can't ban your number, also some people tried this that were banned from black ops and they were able to play again because thats how black ops had banned was by the console ID but I don't know if this works.. maybe someone that is already banned should try this and post their results.

PS3 Unban and Anti-ban Methods for Console ID and Sign-In

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#87 - haze67 - June 18, 2013 // 8:01 am
haze67's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dyceast View Post
Save game file? Where did you learn this?

The only technique I've heard with an OFW ps3, is with wireshark etc if that still works since i have never needed to try it lol.

drop any savegame into: PS3 ID Tool.exe: or drop into hexeditor... and you'll get psid value

not the IDPS...

#86 - Rac3rX - June 18, 2013 // 7:14 am
Rac3rX's Avatar
See this:

#85 - oLeatherfacex - June 18, 2013 // 6:03 am
oLeatherfacex's Avatar
I need to unban my console soon lol

#84 - dyceast - June 18, 2013 // 5:15 am
dyceast's Avatar
Save game file? Where did you learn this?

The only technique I've heard with an OFW ps3, is with wireshark etc if that still works since i have never needed to try it lol.

#83 - kingsora831 - June 17, 2013 // 11:42 pm
kingsora831's Avatar
how did you find the console id in the save game file? i'm looking to get a used ps3 for the console id, but i know the sniffer method to get the console id doesn't work anymore on Ofw so i haven't yet.

Does this save game file method indeed work? If it does ill go ahead and get the used ps3.


#82 - pakolon - June 17, 2013 // 10:29 pm
pakolon's Avatar
if you have a valid ID you can create your own unban, but as valid if it is valid.

#81 - Rac3rX - June 17, 2013 // 10:17 pm
Rac3rX's Avatar
I got the console ID out of a save game file, opening it in HxD. I don't think I can get it any other way on OfW

Okay, I'm going to DL Ps3ita a check it out. Is there a current version in case I get many old releases?

okay, do i use just the PS3ita Manager? Or the CFW, looks like an Italian based CFW??

I Got PS3ita running and I'm on the option to change the console ID but it rejects the one I got from my new systems save game, so I got to go back on the tube to see if I did it wrong or something and hopefully figure it out. PS3ita messed up my AC3 save game turning it invalid, big time sucks but whatever, maybe I can save it after I figure this out.

Yeah I removed PS3ita, It just kept making my AC3 save game invalid, don't know why but its a conflict.

#80 - chemma - June 17, 2013 // 7:51 pm
chemma's Avatar
if you are banned in 4.40 Rogero this applies to online can not enter store? answer please!

#79 - StanSmith - June 17, 2013 // 7:51 am
StanSmith's Avatar
I've only gotten the console ID from a CFW not OFW. There are a few ways to change your console ID. The easiest now is with PS3ITA Manager as when you load it up to load your backup game it automatically changes your console ID to whatever you choose.

So somehow get the console ID from that broken console, input it into PS3ITA Manager and enjoy the games online.

There are tutorials here which tell you how to get the console ID, I'm just not sure where or how. When I need to do it I find a tutorial and get it that way.

#78 - Rac3rX - June 17, 2013 // 7:08 am
Rac3rX's Avatar
I get stuck on what will or will not work on the CFW Im running Rebug 4.41. I'm not sure what can and cant be done.

I bought a semi broken PS3 off a friend for 30$. Its optic Drive doesn't work & the hard drive is small its a 125g slim. Its on OFW and he has a few games from PSN on it. What I want to do is take the PS3 console ID off of the broken PS3 and put it on my CFW PS3 to "un-ban" my console.

Somehow at some point my console ID got changed to straight 00000000000 so I figure however that was done I should be able to add in my new busted PS3 console ID in. If I have to drop to 4.30 or 4.21 that I figure should just be a PUP update away, but am I left with no choice but to drop down to 3.55 with a downgraded? (I went from 3.55kmeu or something like that to 4.30 Rogero and then up to 4.41 Rebug, Ive not been on 4.21 ever.

If I do have to drop to 3.55 is there not a way to get a new console ID of its own through a 3.55 hack that would not require I use the console ID off my new used PS3?

Thanks for any help on this