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221w ago - I created a small program called PS3 Split File 2011 v1.0 in Delphi to help all users in PlayStation 3. With this program we can now split file a ps3 game larger than 4Gb so can only pass to the internal hard drive by a USB HDD.

Download: PS3 Split File 2011 v1.0 / PS3 Split File 2011 v1.0 (English)

PS3 Split File 2011 v1.0 by CgM2k11

To use this program you must copy it to the folder where the file being you want to split into several pieces memores or join in a single file.

DIVIDE / Click the Split button on the next window click Open and select the file you want to share, in type size the size of the pieces in Shape choice 'MB' or 'GB'to split click to share.

ADD / Click the button next window click on the junta to open the file and select Add you want to add click on Add.

All correct: First personal apology for my oversight in time is from -1 to +0, programming error. When the PS3 SplitFile-ends to split the file gets this meneira:


and so on, i did not join the mager open the file so it does not happen you must manually rename to:


and so on.

PS3 Split File 2011 v1.0 Arrives to Split 4GB+ PS3 Games

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#6 - dime - 221w ago
dime's Avatar
nice work men, thanks

#5 - DarkGhost - 221w ago
DarkGhost's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by MCPADDINGTON View Post
Will this allow these games to be played from external ?

No. It simply allows you to split files larger than fat32 limitation (4GB) just to make it possible to transfer these games to an external disk. In order to play them, you need to transfer the game once again from the external disk to the PS3's internal one using a backup manager of your choice. By doing this, it will merge all the splited files automatically. I rather use FTP through ethernet but sometimes this can be handy when you are away from your network devices and/or PC).

Here's the app translation (it is in portuguese):


#4 - Fishlips - 221w ago
Fishlips's Avatar
Doesn't this already exist in different programs?

#3 - Tepoo - 221w ago
Tepoo's Avatar
nice work, but please make an english interface. many people here don't speak your language.

english interfaces are always better for the community because of understanding.

#2 - MCPADDINGTON - 221w ago
Will this allow these games to be played from external ?

#1 - PS4 News - 221w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
I have moved this to the main page now and +Rep for sharing the app cgm2k7.