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February 21, 2011 // 1:00 pm - Over the weekend Graf Chokolo has continued on his project updating his PS3 Linux kernel with new drivers while Kmeaw has made available AsbestOS Linux Kernel Installer v2.0, although he states it is still a work-in-progress.

Download: PS3 Linux v2.6 (New Drivers) / AsbestOS Linux Kernel Installer v2.0 / AsbestOS v2.0 (Compiled) / GIT

PS3 Linux v2.6 Changelog:

  • Added ioctl PS3RAM_IOCTL_USER_TO_LPAR_ADDR cmd to ps3ram character device to convert user space addresses to lpar addresses
  • New PS3 VUART Dispatcher Manager (port 10) driver
  • New PS3 Dispatcher Manager Proxy character device driver for user space /dev/ps3dmproxy

AsbestOS Linux Kernel Installer v2.0 Changelog:

  • ICON0.PNG – Updated for v2.0
  • sfo.xml – Updated for v2.0
  • Makefile – Updated for v2.0
  • Progress bar and 128M bootmem fix.

To quote from Well folks, it's done! I've been working with kmeaw last couple of weeks in asbestOS v2.0. This release is easyer to use, and eases the installation of Debian GNU/Linux in your PS3. Right now, it's the best way to overcome the loss of OtherOS feature. Hope everyone enjoys it!

To quote from Graf_Chokolo: Just pushed my newest PS3 Linux drivers to remote GIT repository

You can access Dispatcher Manager from User Space through /dev/ps3dmproxy and in Kernel Space through ps3dm interface.

But take care, some HV services are dangerous and you should know what you are doing, you could e.g. overwrite your metldr or EID on FLASH So be careful.

I intend to write an updater for packages in the next days which will be able to update e.g. CORE OS package from Linux user space And then i will upload it.

For a long time i couldn’t decide where to implement the updater, in kernel space or in user space, kernel space makes e.g. easy converting memory addresses to LPAR addresses, but allocating large piece of memory in kernel is not simple, and implemnting HV services in kernel seems to me to be out of question, so i decied to do it from user space, more safe and easier

And we will need HUGEPAGE support for updater. I already tested it on my PS3 Linux and it works great One page is 16 MB large, more than enough for updating packages. The updater can allocate a huge page, store there the package, lock this page in memory so that swapper doesn’t move it to swap space, convert the address of the page to LPAR address and send it to Update Manager

I also added a new IOCTL to /dev/ps3ram character device – PS3RAM_IOCTL_USER_TO_LPAR_ADDR. It allows you to convert a user space memory address to LPAR address. We will need it for updater e.g., because updater has to send LPAR address of package to Update Manager. Here is an example how to use it:

[Register or Login to view code]

Have fun and report any bugs to me please. HV hacking is cool

Just enabled ENCDEC and ATA debug messages in HV from Linux and now i can see those messages HV rocks!!! Maybe i should enable RSX debug messages and see what they do.

Here is my new PS3 updater on Linux in action We don’t need PUP files or GameOS anymore to do updates It can be done now on Linux easily HV rocks It can inspect packages now Didn’t try updating yet, too dangerous, have to check everything 1000 times at least because i don’t have a NOR flasher

In case, you are wondering what those repo node value numbers mean, then read my HV page about UM inspect package service.

And here is an example if a package is damaged. I intentionally modified a package and let UM inspect it, It returns error

If SONY is reading it, they will know what those numbers mean

As i said previously, i allocated a huge page with mmap(MAP_HUGETLB) and stored there the package, then i converted the user space address of the buffer to LPAR address and sent a UM inspect package request to Update Manager through my /dev/ps3dmproxy.

To make Linux preallocate some huge pages during boot, i passed boot parameter “hugepages=1″, it means Linux kernel should preallocate 1 huge page of size 16 MB. And an application can grab this page with mmap syscall.

I will upload it soon Stay tuned. PS3+Linux+HV rock !!! And i know where to patch Update Manager in HV process 6 so it will allow us to do downgrades without Product Mode I also improved my DM drivers, will upload them soon too.

Extracting packages with Update Manager works now also

PS3 Linux Kernel and AsbestOS Installer v2.0 Updates Arrive

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#12 - sdlc - February 15, 2011 // 8:22 am
sdlc's Avatar
Custom Hypervisor (lv1.self, CHV) - nice idea! (I am think about it half year ago).

If we will have CHV with Virtual Machine (VM), we will have Separate boot (CHV-terminal(root)(LV1), Linux(LV2), XMB(LV2), custom XMB(LV2)).

If convert (or clone root LV2 fs directly) lv2.self to native VM format (XEN\Qemu\VBox), we got ability to start CHV and emulate 2 XMB (Offecial\Custom).

In Offecial - transparent eth0 interfaces walkthrough CHV to PSN servers. In Custom - block ports to PSN servers and open only for Homebrew apps (Like CustomPSNs and etc.)

Sorry for my pure English.

#11 - pjmiller435 - February 15, 2011 // 6:21 am
pjmiller435's Avatar
Thanks a lot for sharing this information with everybody. Mighty proper of you sir. I'm sure a lot of people will be looking into these.

#10 - daveshooter - February 15, 2011 // 2:14 am
daveshooter's Avatar
If anyone is new to the PS3 like myself, and looking for some information on PS3-Linux-kernels or are trying to develop Homebrew, or like myself interested in how it all works from a noobs point of view, then I hope some of these links may help some of you. some are old but still current with stable Linux PS3 Kernels, up to November last, if I remember, take a look here:

or if you wish ftp instead to Geoffrey levand cell

Here is Geoffrey Git's

More Ps3 stuff here:

Also another guy to follow for the PS3 is Dan Peori "ooPo"

#9 - barrybarryk - February 15, 2011 // 12:58 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
no, if you want to use the ps3vram as swap space you can, its quicker than a hdd but there's only 256MB of it, which isn't really enough for swap, better off making a 1GB loopback on the hdd and using that. I'll just be glad when I can install a decent bootloader again for ydl6.2 and zerogame

#8 - joffe - February 15, 2011 // 12:30 am
joffe's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by edwardecl View Post
Nice, but asbestos can already boot Linux from the internal HDD using the linux.img on the root of the filesystem...

Yes, but even asbestos V15 is a somewhat crappy solution and more the like a POC. The kernel is packed besides stage1/2 loaders to asbetos.bin in USRDIR - which seems to be copied to /dev_flash as lv2_kernel.self - so if you want to build your own kernel for your favorite distro (I use gentoo) you have to install all modules to linux.img but also need to build a new asbestos.pkg containing the new kernel, install that etc. Several linux.img's around suffer from the problem of incompatible kernel/module version. IMO graf_chokolo's way is the best to go, simply put improved petitboot to vflash that boots off your kernel that has to be in your linux.img, reading parameters from your kboot.conf

Quote Originally Posted by edwardecl View Post
I'd rather mount the ps3 filesystem in Linux and boot from that rather than partitioning, if only someone could make a way of decrypting the ps3 filesystem...

graf_chokolo stated already that he is able to mount the ps3 ufs so partitioning won't be necessary, an image file or bundle would work.

Quote Originally Posted by edwardecl View Post
as for the kernel , full access to the GFX ram? does that mean we can actually use the video ram as ram instead of swap space now? if so does someone have a compiled kernel?

can't imagine that gfx ram as additional memory is an option, read-speed is far too slow, even slower than reading data from harddisk.

#7 - Brenza - February 14, 2011 // 11:47 pm
Brenza's Avatar
Wow, i'm really happy, thanks! =D

#6 - edwardecl - February 14, 2011 // 11:21 pm
edwardecl's Avatar
Nice, but asbestos can already boot Linux from the internal HDD using the linux.img on the root of the filesystem...

Making a new firmware and booting it from vflash seems a bit OTT compared to that unless it has more features or is a bit quicker or something?

I'd rather mount the ps3 filesystem in Linux and boot from that rather than partitioning, if only someone could make a way of decrypting the ps3 filesystem...

as for the kernel , full access to the GFX ram? does that mean we can actually use the video ram as ram instead of swap space now? if so does someone have a compiled kernel?

#5 - condorstrike - February 14, 2011 // 10:40 pm
condorstrike's Avatar
now we're talking... and so close to launching from xmb, Graf Chokolo ftw.

#4 - Denida - February 14, 2011 // 10:15 pm
Denida's Avatar
The development of Linux' return on PS3 has been developing a good deal last two weeks from AsbestOS from 1.5 to 3.0 version and loading through USB media, to this very intering (and desired) development to give it full OtherOS back.

Very much anticipating this

#3 - daveribz - February 14, 2011 // 10:14 pm
daveribz's Avatar
Wow, this seems VERY promising. I like the idea of having petitboot, which will simplify the switch between GameOS and OtherOS. All the work graf_chokolo put on HV hacking is awesome! Finally an unrestricted system! Looking forward to this. We will probably be able to triple-boot soon; imagine GameOS fw.355 + GameOS fw.356 + Ubuntu = freaking sweet!