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January 17, 2011 // 4:28 pm - Yesterday we reported on flukes1 releasing his LV1 and LV2 Peek and Poke PS3 Tools, and today Wutangrza has released a LV1 / LV2 Peek and Poke CFW Patch for enabling it in PlayStation 3 version 3.55 Custom Firmware.

Download: Official PS3 3.55 Firmware / Wutangrza 3.55 / / PS3 LV1 Dumper PKG (will try to dump LV1, if blackscreens reboot and rerun) PS3 LV2 Protection Remove PKG (disables LV2 checking without dumping LV1) / BM Enabler LV2 PKG by kmeaw / PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 LV1/LV2 Peek/Poke Wutangrza (patched PUP) / PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 LV1/LV2 Peek/Poke Wutangrza (patched PUP - Mirror #1) / PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 LV1/LV2 Peek/Poke Wutangrza (patched PUP - Mirror #2) / PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 LV1/LV2 Peek/Poke Wutangrza (patched PUP - Mirror #3) / PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 LV1/LV2 Peek/Poke Wutangrza (patched PUP - Mirror #4) / PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 LV1/LV2 Peek/Poke Wutangrza (patched PUP - Mirror #5) / PS3 Firmware 3.55 Compatible Homebrew Apps & Games / FIX PERMISSIONS Wutangrza GeoHot CFW 3.55 and FIX PERMISSIONS Waninkoko Kmeaw CFW 3.55 by festizio

PUP MD5: 05933bb7a89bee87b0aa45c74f980e81
PUP SHA1: 3d51501014ab46131a539e1664476e10fa9b611e

For those who wish to do it yourself, from PSGroove: Wutangrza was successful in repeating flukes1's process and has released a very easy to use patch, for the official 3.55 firmware.

Steps for Patching 3.55 Official Firmware on Windows

Step 1

Download the above files and extract them all into the same folder

Step 2

Open a command prompt, navigate to the folder where you extracted the above files, then type:

[Register or Login to view code]

Step 3


Step 4

Rename PS3CFW.PUP to PS3UPDAT.PUP and thats it! You now have an official 3.55 with lv1/lv2 peek and poke enabled

You're now ready to install the PUP, make sure your console has 3.55 official firmware installed, prior to flashing the peek and poke enabled version. You will need to install it from the recovery menu.

Also, after flashing the 3.55 peek and poke enabled CFW, you can then install Geohot's CFW. You will still retain lv1/lv2 peek and poke.

From Flukes1 LV1/LV2 Peek and Poke CFW Analysis

  • lv1.elf
  • lv2_kernel.elf
  • change a few bytes in some useless strings because of the way zlib deflate works.

Finally, Quakes69 has released CFWPatcher v1.05 Installer for PS3 today followed by CFWPatcher v1.07 Installer (Skinned) and CFWPatcher v1.08 r3 Installer GUI for PS3, to quote:

  • Simply download to anywhere.
  • Extract it - Install it
  • Download 3.55ofw put it in where ever - That's if you don't already have this file.
  • Download Patched PS3UPDAT.PUP put it in where ever - That's if you don't already have this file.
  • Execute CFWPatcher.exe

1. Select bspatch Folder
2. Select 3.55 OFW Folder
3. Select Where to place the Modified 3.55 FW
4. Select The Patched 3.55 Folder - If not found Massege pops up
5. Select your Patch PUP File - CFW_v3.55.PUP / PS3UPDAT.PUP.bsdiff / Wutangrza-3.55.patch

Click Execute wait till it's done. Open the New Folder and Execute PS3UPDAT.md5 / CFW_v3.55.md5 To check file. MDS/SFV PS3UPDAT.PUP Checksum

V2 Flukes / netkas


That's it.

PS. Nothing special. Just makes things easier. Oh, And it comes with the bspatch.exe


SubZero DeZigns

PS3 Instructions:

  • Make sure you're on the OFFICIAL 3.55 FIRMWARE - If you're not. Read Here (below)
  • Place the Newly Modified 3.55 Firmware in PS3\UPDATE on a mem stick/psp/mass storage device
  • Follow this same procedure for the Modified Firmware Install. Read Here Other wise It'll not see the Update
  • Remove the mem stick/psp/mass storage device when finished. DONE!

If you're on geohot's CFW or Kak's CFW and need to remove Geohots CFW or Kak's CFW this is how it's done.

  • Grab yourself the 3.55ofw
  • Place the PS3UPDAT.PUP into mem stick PS3\UPDATE\ folder
  • Remove mem stick by USB's Sately Remove Hardware - Unplug
    Right Click Eject
  • Turn off PS3 - If it's not OFF
  • Press and hold the power button PS3 Will turn on, keep holding till you hear 2 more beeps and the PS3 will turn off.
  • Press and hold the power button AGAIN. PS3 Will turn on, keep holding till you hear another beep then you will hear a quick double beep.
  • Release the power button.
  • You should now be in (What Sony Calls it: Safe Mode) RePair Mode.
  • Place USB stick into the USB port
  • Select #6 on the menu screen and force an Update.

From festizio on FIX PERMISSIONS: It seems that a lot of folks are having issues installing and running backups on there Ps3′s due to the bug in PL3 that effects file permissions. Here is what I have been doing to get around the black screen hangs and disc read errors.

1. fire up multiman, blackb0x, whatever ftp & transfer your backup
2. run your lv2 pkg of choice
3. run the fix permissions app that is installed from running the package located above

The app will go through the HD and correct the file permission errors that come with using PL3. I have been using this method after each game backup I install, however if you install (ftp/copy) 5 at a time the app only needs to be run once and it will fix all 5 games as it does its magic to the entire drive.
Now as far as USB, hampster driven HD's etc I can not say as I do not have any of the above so I have not tested it myself.

PS3 Custom Firmware LV1 / LV2 Peek and Poke by Wutangrza

PS3 Custom Firmware LV1 / LV2 Peek and Poke by Wutangrza

PS3 Custom Firmware LV1 / LV2 Peek and Poke by Wutangrza

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#404 - moditall - January 24, 2011 // 3:19 am
moditall's Avatar
Has anyone had any luck running backups from an external HDD ? My 120GB Slim is basically full and I'm not even half way through my library.

Quote Originally Posted by Shakedbs View Post
has anyone confirmed this CFW works with "launch models" like my CECHE04 ?

Please respond.

I am running it on a CECHA01 Fat "Launch Model" 60GB with 4 USB so I would say yes this is confirmed.

#403 - modmate - January 23, 2011 // 9:06 pm
modmate's Avatar
PS3 CFW v1.0.8.r3 Patcher GUI is a simple software that runs on Windows, allowing you to patch the Official Playstation 3 Firmware (OFW) to create the custom firmware (CFW). The application IS simple, since you fill in the various fields (OFW, the link patch, output name CFW). The application is simple, since you fill in the various fields requested (OFW, link the patch, output name CFW). The patch will be PS3UPDAT.PUP.bsdiff named. The patch will be named PS3UPDAT.PUP.bsdiff.

1.0.8.r3 Change log:

  • Adding menus - Explore / Open menu
  • Added option in Settings: Automatically open a folder - Open the folder or file is located PUP changed once completed.
  • About: Information About
  • Correction: Tool tips
  • Fix: Error # 53 - Browse File / Folder
  • Correction: Error # 5 - I Think I'll Have to wait and see.


1 - Select the folder bspatch
2 - Select the folder content of 3.55 OFW
3 - Select the folder where you want to create the CFW
4 - Select the folder containing the patch to apply
5 - Click on "Execute", the CFW will be generated at the selected location

#402 - acelove - January 23, 2011 // 8:19 pm
acelove's Avatar
Niceone - cheers mate

#401 - modmate - January 23, 2011 // 7:44 pm
modmate's Avatar
Sure, use Cygwin and Geohot tool package_finalize on it. If that doesnt work you need to Unpack the package and unself , makeself the eboot.bin Then repack with psn_package... and use finalize at least on it.

For ALL others regarding problems using the package_finale from Geohot. For more look here:

Greets Modmate

#400 - acelove - January 23, 2011 // 5:59 pm
acelove's Avatar
anyway to sign the pkg myself?

#399 - wilpac05 - January 23, 2011 // 5:52 pm
wilpac05's Avatar
I'm pretty sure that error 80029519 means your eboot isn't signed for 3.55. The firmware allows signed/unsigned PACKAGES to install but the eboot for homebrew still needs to be signed for 3.55.

#398 - acelove - January 23, 2011 // 5:51 pm
acelove's Avatar
Tried it, still doesn't work - must be the signing..

It's just a game called Stardust HD from a site, not sure if it can be signed for 3.55

#397 - IHM - January 23, 2011 // 5:38 pm
IHM's Avatar
80029519 ERROR, i just sussed, i was still using the old versions, download the signed versions, im all up and running now, just happen to have 2 games that blackscreen, just incompatable ones at present.

Otherwise, all good!

#396 - acelove - January 23, 2011 // 5:35 pm
acelove's Avatar
hmmm, don't want it screw up what ive already got working lol.

It's just one pkg that installs but i get error 80029519 when i try to load it.

#395 - theone1982 - January 23, 2011 // 5:24 pm
theone1982's Avatar
yup... some reports..that this works and still keeps the peek and poke, but at the same time allows more apps.