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February 10, 2011 // 8:45 am - Today Spanish PlayStation 3 Developer XESC has released a homebrew application he calls PS3 Channels Creator v1.0.

Download: PS3 Channels Creator v1.0

To quote from Elotrolado, roughly translated: Hello! I present a program that I've developed to create channel lists PS3 to our liking.

The program already has a list of channels to add, but otherwise there is an option to put our channels or web pages you want!

The only creates our file xil.xml to put directly into our PS3 (/dev_hdd0/tmp/explore/xil/tv/c/63431223453538546/xil.xml). Suitable for all the CFW or dongles as you only need an FTP or file manager.

The icons and the backgrounds are the same as the pack of colchonerox! I hope you find it useful!

PS: If you have any problems or want to add channels to the next version reply in the thread, thanks!

PS3 Channels Creator v1.0 Homebrew Application is Released

PS3 Channels Creator v1.0 Homebrew Application is Released

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#65 - nickxab - February 11, 2011 // 11:22 am
nickxab's Avatar
I can't bring this damn category on I saw the bbciplayer file and it's supported by my country (greece) But i still don't have the TV icon on XMB. Have i download anything from PSN let's say to bring it on XMB ?

I found a xil.xml in the location /dev_hdd0/tmp/explore/xil/tv/c/

[Register or Login to view code]

So i decide to copy it into the 63431223453538546 folder but still i can't see the TV icon.

#64 - 01010247 - February 11, 2011 // 11:00 am
01010247's Avatar
If you cannot see any icon under your TV category, then the problem is likely to be (as 1nevermind said): 1) broken tags, or 2) your country is different from what is supported in XML - check 1nevermind post about the country tags.

It worked for me, most country tags were "ES", so in Korea I couldn't watch those TVs. After changing the tags to KR, it worked fine. However, I broke few times the tags, so I had to try because it didn't show up.

You can actualy mix XML from chanel creator with the default one, that gives you all available TVs. Unfortunately some of them are really checking your IP, so for example National Geographic will show up in Spanish, but will never play with error that it's supported only in Spain.

#63 - DeViL303 - February 11, 2011 // 2:28 am
DeViL303's Avatar
Not sure what you mean as the english.xml is only for the text labels, it doesn't have any code so deleting that will just make the title dissapear, also deleting the icon wil just make an empty space appear in xmb . when you say sysconfig.rco which rco do you mean?

Tv text label only has to be changed in one rco, we did same for network category to change it to Haxxx

Haven't had a chance to look at proDG, Ive been busy with trying to compile a 3.56 spoofing payload for ACID so it can get on sp-int network,and also been trying to make a pkg payload that works on vsh.self from debug I have all the offsets and the souce modded not easy getting hermes code to compile. Wrecking my head.

Anyone any good at compiling pkgs ? Here is the modded source that I think will work as a pkg payload on a retail/debug 3.41 hybrid ive been working on.

This hybrid has some nice features, its seperate to acid CFW and doesnt have the haxxx category, it just has debug settings , 20 pkg files built into dev_flash and the install path added so all latest payload pkgs/emulators/BM/utilities are ready for install after installing pup, its also got 100 custom user avatars built into dev_flash. plus its using nasplugin from hermes 3.41 CFW, and lv1 2 patches from same.

#62 - mjgdroid - February 11, 2011 // 1:33 am
mjgdroid's Avatar
I'm pretty sure that you can remove catergoreys when I was editing my cfw and was changing tv to apps, I didnt have tv in all of the explorer .rco files so if you remove the lines in the sysconfig.rco and edit the english.xml there is lines that show all the xmb catergoreys, take out the catergorey you dont want, probably have to edit all english.xml in all the .rco from the dev_flash/vsh/explorer/

there are a few once you take out the catergory in english.xml with rco mage editor you should be able to put those edited rco files back on ps3 to remove a catergory.

#61 - daveshooter - February 11, 2011 // 12:27 am
daveshooter's Avatar
wow I have so many things going on with my PS3's, I'm still trying to find time to play with ProDG for PlayStation, have you had chance yourself Devil to try it out, with another angle to otheros?

#60 - DeViL303 - February 11, 2011 // 12:04 am
DeViL303's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by severusx View Post
Gotcha, I don't use PSN so I was gonna get rid of it. However, now I think I may re-purpose it into a PS3 Media Server/Center channel. Do you know how to change the icons themselves, similar to the ICON0 you would see for a game/homebrew app?

Yes all the icons are in the rco files, see the other thread I started about it, be best to talk there about this. the tool rcomage is attached there , it extracts the rco to images (if any), sounds(if any), main xml, and lang files (if any) , check the corresponding rco for your category, ie explore_category_psn.rco.

BTW: the main category icons cant be changed so easily, problem is that they are not taken from the xmb_normal.rco as you would expect, they are built into an sprx as far as i know. i suspect that the rco is just left over from old code.. from what i've seen sony were in the process of moving more and more resource files into the sprx files for extra security. Also the system category icons etc are not read from the sysconf rco like the other categories, probably to secure the otherOS block and things like that as the system settings category is so important.

#59 - daveshooter - February 11, 2011 // 12:03 am
daveshooter's Avatar
I have not got to changing icons yet, but all i was going to do was save the icon I don't want to the PC, edit it, then save it back out again, knowing its kept its sizes, and attribs, but I bet theres an easer way.

#58 - DeViL303 - February 10, 2011 // 11:53 pm
DeViL303's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by thecockdock1234 View Post
can you put like real tv channels like comedy central espn, tru tv, the weather channel, fox tv, discovery and so on and yeah thats all i was wondering.

With my PS3 anyway i can just use the webbrowser to go to the RTEplayer page and it works fine, im not sure if all TV streaming sites works the same on PS3 but with RTEplayer it is like icon on XMB is just a shortcut to the web page. Try out your prefered TV streaming site through web browser and save it as a bookmark if it works, almost as easy but not quite

#57 - severusx - February 10, 2011 // 11:51 pm
severusx's Avatar
Gotcha, I don't use PSN so I was gonna get rid of it. However, now I think I may re-purpose it into a PS3 Media Server/Center channel. Do you know how to change the icons themselves, similar to the ICON0 you would see for a game/homebrew app?

#56 - DeViL303 - February 10, 2011 // 11:46 pm
DeViL303's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by severusx View Post
If I remove a category file altogether, say PSN, will it remove it from the XMB or just error?

Any files missing will freeze/rsod, you could delete all the icon entries from it if you wanted but it will still show main category icon. Kakarato was asking me about same thing (removing categories) for the ps3mfw project, I couldn't help him unfortunatly.