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December 7, 2010 // 11:46 pm - Here is a guide I wrote on how to convert your Demo / Kiosk PS3 into a fully functional Retail PlayStation 3 console via JailBreak using PSGrade (or similar) so that so you no longer need to enter PS3 Demo Unlock Codes in.

Also, those interested may wish to read this guide on How to Turn a Kiosk into Retail PS3 Without Downgrade via Acid CFW or Convert PS3 Demo / Kiosk to Retail - No Downgrades or Reinstalls.

How to Turn PS3 Demo / Kiosk Consoles Into Retail with JailBreak

Requirements: You will need the typical DGF (downgrade files) and a USB board with PSGrade loaded, as well as a standard USB stick.

First, we need to be able to use the jig and to do so, we need the kiosk to not auto start when switch is flipped. You can use the public PSGrade (the only version out there, there is no special kiosk version)

First do the following:

  • Have a disc in the drive
  • Turn off the power switch
  • Turn it back on until you see the Blu-Ray light flash one or two times
  • Turn it off at the power switch (in the back)
  • Turn it on again at the power switch (in the back)

Now, when you turn the power switch on, the PS3 will still be in standby mode, so we can act as if we are going to jailbreak the unit. Instead of a PSGroove hex, we're going to use our dongle with the PSGrade hex. Go about the normal procedure for jailbreaking, by pressing eject and power. The console will panic and shut down the first time. When you turn it back on your controller should desync and the resolution will be super low.

The vsh (XMB) for kiosk does not have the red box. However, if you see the console is in low res and controller is not syncing until plugged in, then the unit is in factory mode. Now unplug the JIG and power down the console normally.

Format a thumb drive to fat32 and make sure only lv2diag.self from the lv2diag 1 folder and ps3updat.pup are in the root of the thumb drive. Plug thumb drive into the usb port that is all the way to the right (if the console was laying down horizontally). Now, just push the power button to turn on your PS3.

You are going to see a black screen and your memory card light is gonna flicker for roughly 10 minutes until the process is done. The console will shut down on its own when it finishes, so don't mess with it until it's done.

When the console finishes doing its thing, turn it back on and it will be in red box (service) mode. Now, unplug the thumb drive and delete the 2 files you put in there. Then, put the lv2diag.self from lv2diag 2 folder and then plug it back into the same USB port, that it was in before. Once its plugged in, reboot the console. It will now finalize the install and turn it into a full blown retail. enjoy

How to Turn PS3 Demo / Kiosk Consoles Into Retail with JailBreak

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#68 - ajsd34 - December 17, 2010 // 12:34 am
ajsd34's Avatar
I did review the log from it and was getting the following mesasge

manufacturing updating start
PackageName = /dev_usb000/PS3UPDAT.PUP
settle polling interval success
vflash is disabled...
boot from nand flash...
creating flash regions...
create storage region: (region id = 2)
format partition: (region_id = 2, CELL_FS_IOS:BUILTIN_FLSH1, CELL_FS_FAT)
create storage region: (region id = 3)
format partition: (region_id = 3, CELL_FS_IOS:BUILTIN_FLSH2, CELL_FS_FAT)
create storage region: (region id = 4)
format partition: (region_id = 4, CELL_FS_IOS:BUILTIN_FLSH3, CELL_FS_FAT)
create storage region: (region id = 5)
create storage region: (region id = 6)
taking a while...
start Updating Proccess
UpMng.UpdatePackage() failure
manufacturing updating FAILURE(0x8002f048)
Total Elapsed time = 1617 msec

#67 - xplatboy - December 17, 2010 // 12:26 am
xplatboy's Avatar
Fingers crossed!! With a bit of luck it will take a while and sort the problem for you...

#66 - ajsd34 - December 17, 2010 // 12:14 am
ajsd34's Avatar
Ok Thanks. I am doing that now. Will let it stay that way until something happens.

#65 - xplatboy - December 16, 2010 // 11:48 pm
xplatboy's Avatar
Then I would try putting the 1st self file along whichever pup you wanted to downgrade to onto a usb flash drive, plug that into your ps3 and turn it on.
The ps3 shows those symptoms when it has no core o/s or damged o/s from what someone posted last night.

During the process there may be little or no sign of activity from the ps3 apart maybe a light flashing on the usb drive if it has one, leave it run its full course until it shuts itself off again. That should take a while, if it shuts off again straight away then it must be some other problem. If all goes well then dlete pup and self from flash drive and copy self file 2 onto it and turn ps3 on with it connected, it should then once again shut itself off fairly quickly.

Good luck.

#64 - ajsd34 - December 16, 2010 // 11:00 pm
ajsd34's Avatar
Yes, that is correct...

#63 - xplatboy - December 16, 2010 // 10:06 pm
xplatboy's Avatar
Hi ajsd, so if you power on the ps3 with no dongle connected at all it just powers itself down pretty much instantly? Is this correct?

#62 - ajsd34 - December 16, 2010 // 8:30 pm
ajsd34's Avatar
Ok all I have a problem. I followed the steps of turning the PS3 off and then back on then turn it off again after the 1-2 blu-ray lights.

I then turn it back on and the light is red. I plug in my Teensy ++2 usb board and turn it back on and hit the eject buttom and the disk ejects.

Here is the problem the unit just turns off what seems to be stand-bye mode. Because I can power it on from the front power button but it then shuts down.

Help Please

#61 - ajsd34 - December 15, 2010 // 1:37 pm
ajsd34's Avatar
Thanks everyone for all the info. I am going to work on this over the weekend and will post my results.

#60 - xplatboy - December 15, 2010 // 1:13 pm
xplatboy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by TargTrainer View Post
So what does this mean for the prospects of running full-on debug firmware on a retail unit? Is there more to it than just bypassing the normal updater, or is this (in theory at least) going to give us that option?

As someone who's looking at the PS3 as a development target, being able to install debug firmware would be pretty excellent.

Not at the moment no, not all options function when installed on a retail PS3, from what I have read it seems there are a number of theories on why but most likely there are some hardware differences somewhere.

Thats a bit gutting Gumbie, think it was just pure luck for me that it worked with that file, not that NTSC BD playback is a huge issue for me being in UK though.

As for the theory about the modded PUP, not so sure. I have followed the mega thread about the issue since start . It is currently 285 pages long. There have been a number of people posting that they have gone straight from 3.50 to 3.15 never using modified PUP and still having a problem.

It certainly does seem to be a problem with the BD protection. as in if a BD movie is ripped and stripped of protection it plays no problem.

#59 - gumbie - December 15, 2010 // 12:07 pm
gumbie's Avatar
Thanks X, No joy though. I am now more then ever convinced it is a firmware inside the modified updat.pup that is for certain drive models and flashes them accordingly. It would also expain the hit/miss with some having issues, others nothing. Some may have just had corrupt files after the downgrade and replacing those fixes it.

Logic: I have used the cfw installer to replace ALL of the files inside dev_flash (not just vsh) and have the same issue regardless of the methods used. The HDD has been wiped, dev_flash2/3 deleted, any amount of older firmwares, dev_flash files etc etc.

Maybe it's time to try and disable the checks