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January 13, 2011 // 12:40 am - There have been quite a few articles about possible things that Sony could end up doing to try and stop PS3 homebrew, and here are all the potential solutions I have noticed thus far.

PS3's will start sending a recently played list to check for homebrew titles / flagged names:

Pretty obvious solution here. Just start naming the homebrews after currently existing titles, Or titles of bad games. Such as we can take the game name / BLUS for the game FLOCK (worst game ever that nobody will play) and install a master manager under that name.

So while it looks like everyone is playing FLOCK, We will actually be using a multimanager for FTP's, Backups, and Emulators.

Sony disabling update by USB in the next patch:

There are a few options we can take if we end up accidentally getting hit with this.

For people who update and can no longer install from usb:

Either the firmware will need a pre-installed pkg manager with firmware update options, Or they will have to do a dnas redirect to their computer to check for an update.

For people who have not updated to the new firmware that disables it:

Download the firmware and simply patch the firmware to alter the USB access as well so it does not get disabled to begin with!

Sub-level secondary key-signing program:

Well. in this sense, We would be absolutely screwed. If we were to install the firmware, Even with a pkg signer, We wouldn't be able to do a thing.

We would simply have to hope that someone would notice it uses a secondary keysign, find it in the firmware, and remove it before it becomes a problem.

How to truly help everyone there is for future firmwares:

We need a program with a GUI for firmware patching, Yeah I know one is out already, But it needs more OPTIONS! Options people!!!

We need a windows / linux firmware patcher with a GUI featuring the following options in the form of checkboxes.

  • Level 1 patching
  • Level 2 patching
  • Level 3 patching
  • Install PKG File option
  • Update from USB option
  • Playstation store links in VIDEO tab
  • Playstation store links in GAME tab
  • Check for firmware update on network connection establish

I am certain a gui windows / linux auto-patcher for all current firmwares would be WONDERFUL and would probably make the world a happier place.

Hell, I don't know of a single person who wouldn't want these options for an autopatcher.

Oh, And someone hurry up and figure out the npdrm so we can get an autopatcher for EBOOT's that works.

How to Prevent Your PS3 from Being Banned for Homebrew

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#47 - nickxab - January 13, 2011 // 9:45 pm
nickxab's Avatar
Lol guys just don't give them ideas

#46 - PSPSwampy - January 13, 2011 // 8:44 pm
PSPSwampy's Avatar
I vote for all DEVs to work together - implement a standard exit to all applications in the Open SDK which clears down the various log files.

Preferably this should be in the open SDK in a location which is always called when application exits (I'm assuming there is some class inheritance here, but haven't looked into it much). Otherwise a standard function should be added that can be called anytime by devs.

I'd recommend a clear down on START of application as well as application EXIT. It still isn't goign to be 100% - since the "report back to us" might be triggered during runtime.

The best solution would be a custom firmware that has been modified to remove all of this shite - but don't know how likely that will be!

If i had more C/C++ & PS3 internals/SDK knowledge i'd put something together, but i don't so i'll just leave this post for the real PS3 devs to look into.



#45 - crazydude - January 13, 2011 // 8:26 pm
crazydude's Avatar
Would Sony really ban PS3's just for running homebrew? I can maybe understand if people are running ISO loaders specifically, but generically all homebrew?

That seems like they are crossing a woefully dangerous line, because then they really are saying that you're not allowed to run any uncertified code on your device.

At least with Android, you can run your own apps yourself, and with Apple, you can get a developer key for $100 or something.

#44 - DanDPS3Man - January 13, 2011 // 7:35 pm
DanDPS3Man's Avatar
well i don't know about banning consoles but was banned for 24hrs on my main account for glitching in resistance fall of man a couple years ago so who know what they could do.

#43 - Neo Cyrus - January 13, 2011 // 7:07 pm
Neo Cyrus's Avatar
Any controller can work on a PC. MotionInJoy is the driver for PS3 controllers, it used to be a pain but now it's easy to install, just disable driver signature enforcement.

#42 - URETROID - January 13, 2011 // 7:06 pm
Hey everyone, maybe stupid question but when they ban your ps3, those it means all your account are banned or just the jb account ?

#41 - d3adliner - January 13, 2011 // 6:33 pm
d3adliner's Avatar
Why risk a ban JUST for emulators? It's not like the PS3 is the only thing that can run them. In fact... it runs them more poorly than other means.

#40 - IHM - January 13, 2011 // 5:52 pm
IHM's Avatar
Hold on, don't managers like Multiman delete the upload lists on boot and shutdown already?

#39 - iloveyou - January 13, 2011 // 5:50 pm
iloveyou's Avatar
How about killing the sending log file functions ?! I thought console is open... lets do it.

#38 - Hunterdog - January 13, 2011 // 5:32 pm
Hunterdog's Avatar
How does the banning process work? Is it like the 360? Do they flag you then release the banned hammer? if you plug it in you are at risk.