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215w ago - Following up on his previous work, today Spanish PS3 developer Hermes hasreleased HManager v1.5 and bids the PS3 scene farewell.

Download: HManager v1.5 for PS3

To quote, roughly translated: Well everybody, the day has come and this is my message: I’m not just leaving the scene, but as a user altogether (along with EOL).

As a final gesture, he published the source code needed to compile my latest project (HManager + PSL1GHT + + Tiny3D ps3soundlib updated) should anyone want to continue the work in my place (of which I have already done enough)

Why I’m going? Well, because I’m tired; the pitcher plant filled and the trap snapped shut.

So, good bye, I wish you all well, a big hug to those who really deserve it as well (as those who don’t deserve it), keep it all up because maybe one day life will throw you a bone, but then maybe it’ll give you a kick in the teeth, because that’s the price we pay. In any case, perhaps I’ll read your posts once in a while, but my participation is over. Hermes has written her last post here.


Hermes Releases HManager v1.5, Bids the PS3 Scene Farewell

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#13 - oVERSoLDiER - 217w ago
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
No it's really time for the last persons to get an 3.55 CFW. No searching/compiling for modified 3.41 EBOOT.BIN's. We have very stable Backup Manager in 3.55 now, also the other popular homebrew applications are working on 3.55, so there is no reason to stay on 3.41. About this Manager, why this and not multiMAN ? That's the big question I think about.

#12 - banjaxt - 217w ago
banjaxt's Avatar
correct, but surely they should be focusing on 3.56 cfw?

#11 - bitsbubba - 217w ago
bitsbubba's Avatar
not quite sure as I'm on 3.55 Kmeaw and quite happy with multiMAN (CFW 3.41 would be his FW though)

#10 - iWolf - 217w ago
iWolf's Avatar
is it working on waninkoko ?

#9 - bitsbubba - 217w ago
bitsbubba's Avatar
As I recall he was never with PSGroove (I could be wrong), I know his payload include implementation of PSGroove. I just don't understand why he hasn't made the jump to a 3.55 CFW.

#8 - whompus60 - 217w ago
whompus60's Avatar
Isn't debug only at 3.41. Also if he is from psgroove wouldn't it make sense he try to make best he can make for their dongle.

#7 - bitsbubba - 217w ago
bitsbubba's Avatar
why in the H E double hockey sticks does Hermes keep releasing everything for 3.41, I'm thinking he's the only one still living in the past

#6 - detectionrange - 217w ago
detectionrange's Avatar
Any reason to stay on CFW 3.41 was eradicated when Waninkoko's 3.55 v2 was created. Improvements to CFW should be the focus of DEVS.

#5 - PS4 News - 217w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
I think he means the same as you just worded differently, basically saying 3.55 CFW is superior to 3.41, unless I too am confused.

#4 - FMAranda - 217w ago
FMAranda's Avatar

I didn't get you. We can run backups in 3.55 (with even greater compatibility), no need to keep changing EBOOTs and is very stable. multiMAN does everything for you.

I don't see a reason to you still stay on 3.41 (for a long time).