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March 14, 2011 // 3:43 pm - Following up on his previous work, today Spanish PS3 developer Hermes hasreleased HManager v1.5 and bids the PS3 scene farewell.

Download: HManager v1.5 for PS3

To quote, roughly translated: Well everybody, the day has come and this is my message: I’m not just leaving the scene, but as a user altogether (along with EOL).

As a final gesture, he published the source code needed to compile my latest project (HManager + PSL1GHT + + Tiny3D ps3soundlib updated) should anyone want to continue the work in my place (of which I have already done enough)

Why I’m going? Well, because I’m tired; the pitcher plant filled and the trap snapped shut.

So, good bye, I wish you all well, a big hug to those who really deserve it as well (as those who don’t deserve it), keep it all up because maybe one day life will throw you a bone, but then maybe it’ll give you a kick in the teeth, because that’s the price we pay. In any case, perhaps I’ll read your posts once in a while, but my participation is over. Hermes has written her last post here.


Hermes Releases HManager v1.5, Bids the PS3 Scene Farewell

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#23 - PS4 News - March 1, 2011 // 4:49 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Here is a Hermes HManager v1.0 CFW 3.55 Port by D_Skywalk via Elotrolado:

Rough translation:
Hi, this has been a useful bridge and after spending the weekend trying manager Hermes 3.55 share it with the scene: Hermes Download Manager 1.0 (3.55) beta 1 [pkg includes stealth]

Need to use LV2 Patcher to load the Syscall36 (v8 or greater) before manager.
For now the patcher is not integrated, although the detection, alerting you if you have the active syscalls.

The ZIP includes the manager compiled and packaged, but if hermes distributed the source (and I my little diff) is for you so you can compile yourself, be careful with the managers or compilations sceners appeared out of nowhere, enter the shipping IDs would not be very complicated. We must not panic, there seems to have been the case but use only trusted software. In fact you should not trust or my smoking.

+ It includes the full diff, so what if hermes compiles and can take something, which I doubt
+ Version 3.55 uses stealth ID Lemmings (NPUA80034). The standard version uses the official ID hermes (HMANAGER4)

#22 - guitarplayerone - February 27, 2011 // 4:07 am
guitarplayerone's Avatar
Maybe hermes, a dev, knows much more about the PS3. Furthermore, there is no third-party controller disabled issues, and there are still problems with the way 3.55 is hacked. I for one, will be staying on 3.41 until there is a good reason for me to upgrade.

#21 - bitsbubba - February 26, 2011 // 6:55 am
bitsbubba's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by richdotward View Post
What other backup manager is being made by the same person who makes the payload? Understand the payload / make changes to it can only be a good thing to get more games working.

Think I'm sticking to multimanager though for the time being.

you ask a question then answer it, as if you weren't talking about Hermes, I would swear you were talking about Dean!

#20 - WheedWhack3R - February 26, 2011 // 12:43 am
WheedWhack3R's Avatar
Awesome work from Hermes as usual I won't update past 3.41 and in fact prefer 2.60's GUI to the new crappy 3.XX version. I still use all the features that were cut out from 3.55 so until I can mod it myself with the custom firmware project, I just won't see a need to update as I do not intend to play hardly any new games on it.

That's why I have a PC. If there is a really good, and I mean really good game I will buy it and wait to patch it so I can play. I have patience and don't want to compromise existing features for a few crap games. Besides all good things come in time.was it Mei Ling quoting Ni-chi? who said "he who has enough will always have enough" ~ MGS1 greatest ps1 game. Just cause you see an item doesn't mean you have to stick your neck out to get it.

Remember the first downgrades that messed up Phat Bluray playback. I'll wait till those features are restored or fixed. By all means though upgrade if you like it. You only live once and your time is now.

OK i know I misquoted earlier, but you get the gist of it. "he who knows enough is enough, will always have enough". Think i got it that time

#19 - alienJIZ1990 - February 25, 2011 // 10:51 pm
alienJIZ1990's Avatar
all you people saying to eliminate 3.41 support need to take your heads out of your butts.

i'm gonna laugh when the N64 emulator gets released and the only people who can use an N64 controller to USB adapter are the people on 3.41

#18 - richdotward - February 25, 2011 // 7:48 pm
richdotward's Avatar
Thanks but the first game I tried uncharted 2 failed. On startup the turning spear was corrupted and then turned off the PS3.

I think in a couple of releases this really could be very good. What other backup manager is being made by the same person who makes the payload? Understand the payload / make changes to it can only be a good thing to get more games working. Plus not many people know PS3 modding like Hermes.

Think I'm sticking to multimanager though for the time being. Nice to see CFW 3.41 still going strong.


#17 - tonybologna - February 25, 2011 // 7:30 pm
tonybologna's Avatar
Yep! I'm still on 3.41 myself (Hermes CFW). I don't have that many games anyhow. I can just use the EBOOT pkg fixes for newer games and run from XMB instead of a backup manager. I don't mind!

#16 - NCSUfan - February 25, 2011 // 5:07 pm
NCSUfan's Avatar
I thought I was really clear that no one should still be on 3.41 and people staying on the old FW, as well releasing stuff solely made for 3.41... is nothing but a huge waste of time.

You've stated some examples like modded eboot, but we are saying the same exact thing. It's not worded wrong either I think you just misread it somehow.

no worries we are sayin the same thing though... 3.41 FW and apps solely made for it = dated and waste of time... CFW 3.55 is the standard everyone needs to get aboard that already and stop dragging the scene down.

This looks to be a port of hermes uloader app for playing wii backup games. It is the same blue background, menu options and image layout.

hermes is really talented but would be better served to work with the other devs instead of insisting on using his own (sometime flawed) work. Same stuff with the wii a few years ago he had to write his on IOSs to run his own backup loader he couldnt use the waninkoko ones that were available alraedy and better than his. people who came here from the wii modding scene know waninkoko > hermes.

I can appreciate what he does for the community and i can understand that he may just get joy out of building something from the bottom to the top that is uniquely his, but as far as the community is served itd be better having one of the more talented guys working with others instead of always blazing his own path.

Kinda why his loaders aren't used any for wii the 2 standards are wiiflow and config usb, uloader only redeeming quality was it played wiiware titles... now that other loaders do that theres no reason for uloader at all really, it does what others do, but others do it better and don't look like their GUI was designed for a 6 year old kid.

#15 - maxdb1984 - February 25, 2011 // 2:32 pm
maxdb1984's Avatar
The reason why I'm staying on 3.41 is because of my knackard Blu Ray drive.

#14 - Bishoff - February 25, 2011 // 12:33 pm
Bishoff's Avatar
Some people like 3.41 since $ony disabled 3rd party controllers, etc after that. There's no reason to go past 3.41 at this point really.