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January 12, 2011 // 6:59 pm - Today Hermes from EOL and fail0verflow have made available all of their GIT PS3 tools to developers following the recent legal action from Sony.

Download: PS3 Tools / PS3 Tools (GIT Dump) / GIT

To quote: "LEGAL TOOLS that do not contain any keys or any SONY software created by the team fail0verflow (please clone this respositoy and avoid to the big fish eats the small fish using the money and the recurses of one Multinational against talented people that seeking new hombrew uses in the PS3 console and the return of Linux)

Added the last fail0verflow tools downloaded before SONY act against the Homebrew and Linux and the free use of OUR console relying on commercial pretexts that should not apply to persons who do these things without profit purpose."

In related PS3 homebrew news today, Hexodin has released PUPPy, a PlayStation Update Package (PUP) packer/unpacker completely written in Python with a Windows 32 binary excutable of puppy-shell included followed by a PUPPy PlayStation Update Package (PUP) Packer / Unpacker GUI for PS3.

How To Use (Windows 32 bit version):

1. The Windows 32 bit version does not require the Python interpreter or the PyQt dependency.
2. Download the program
3. Run puppy.exe. Select the action, the PUP path and the directory and make shure the pup-hmac key file is on src directory. The unpack action will put all the files packed on PUP in the directory. The pack action will pack the files in the directory into a new PUP. You can write a new name to the PUP file or create a new file to pack.
4. Click Run!

Next up, $n!pR has made available a PKG Toolkit GUI for PS3 followed by PKG Toolkit GUI v1.03 (which adds the following changes), PKG Toolkit GUI v1.03a (with changes HERE) and PKG Toolkit GUI v1.10 with changed detailed HERE, and to quote from the ReadMe file on usage:

How to use:

Step 1
Signing Elf:
1. Select elf to sign.
2. Select output self (EBOOT.BIN).
3. Enter Content ID (see example).
4. Click Build.

Content ID - UP0001-XXXXYYYYY_00-0000111122223333
Change XXXX and YYYYY to Title ID of homebrew (Game ID's look like this - BLUS 12345).

If you get an error make sure selected elf is in the right format!
- That is, it is actually an elf and not a self.
- Content ID should be the same as the one used when creating the elf.
- Make sure the file isn't corrupted.

Step 2
Creating PKG:
1. Use the sample folder as a reference (ABCD12345).
- Rename folder using the same Title ID of homebrew, follow guide above (XXXXYYYYY).
2. Place the EBOOT.BIN created in step 1 into USRDIR.
3. Place all other files into the main PKG directory (should be the folder created in step 2.1).
- Files can include ICON0.PNG, ICON1.PAM, PIC1.PNG, SND0.AT3 etc.
4. Edit PARAM.SFO in same directory with Title ID, Title, App Version, Data Type etc. of homebrew.
5. Edit or create a new package.conf following the sample file provided.
- You can rename it the same as the Title ID of homebrew.
6. Select input folder created in previous steps (ie.ABCD12345/XXXXYYYYY).
7. Select the config file created in step 5.
8. Make sure the Content ID under Build PKG matches the one set in your package.conf file.
- The Content ID should also match that of the one entered in Step 1.
9. Click Build.

In other PS3 homebrew news today, Ymgve has posted on IRC source code for a very basic RAF File Format Extractor and BrownMuffin has released PKG Builder followed by PKG Builder v1.02.

To quote: I made you all an(other) PKG Builder, this one does almost everything. I will warn you many games don't work with the PKG trick! Please leave some comments about how to make this program even better!


  • Version 1.02
  • Any EBOOT.BIN folder
  • Read game ID
  • Read / change game version
  • Change game path
  • Log screen for more detailed information


1) Choose the directory where your EBOOT.BIN is located. All the files located one path above the usrdir will be packed into the PKG. Most likely the whole game.

2) The version and game path can be edited. the game path can be shorted then the 8 characters, at the end it will fill up with nulls.

3) Manual is for manual editting the EBOOT.ELF and PARAM.SFO.

4) Choose between 3.41JB and 3.55CFW for package finalizing.


1) make the file structure like:


2) Then you need to know the GAME ID and the game version, this can be aquired from the PARAM.SFO (open it with notepad and look at the end)

3) Manual is for manual editting the EBOOT.ELF (located in the USRDIR folder) and PARAM.SFO (located in the GAMe folder)

4) 3.55 CFW is for finalizing the package to make it work with geohot's firmware


Failed to backup EBOOT.BIN/PARAM.SFO - The program will not override the backups made in the BACKUP folder, move the old files first.

Unable to modify EBOOT.ELF - Possible that you are using the ELF file or the EBOOT.BIN was not an original one but an already build one.

Unable to build pkg file - The PARAM.SFO is from another game.


  • Read game ID
  • Read game version

Dobosz has released Raw Games Installer v1.0.1.2, followed by Raw Games Installer v1.1.0.0 and Raw Games Installer v1.1.0.1 which is another PS3 Game PKG maker.

To quote: I've been working on GUI for PKG making software. It seems that some people did it quicker then me. Any way i want you see if it will be any use to you. Please let me know about any bugs or futures you want me to add in future release. Thanks.

To Do:

  • Limit the logs
  • Improved external HDD support (FAT32 only). Tested on InFamous.
  • FTP Client


Raw Games Installer is a simple application which was made to help you with patching and building PS3 backup packages.
I don't claim metods or keys usesed in this application. This is a simple wrapper between you and hackers software. Application use code developed by GeoHot, Team Fail0verFlow, and DeLiGhT. Orginal programs can be found in "dependence" folder.

Change Log:

  • Improved dev_usb patching.
  • Some minor adds.
  • Code cleaning.

  • Fix cygwin (unself) wrong folder crash. Should do the trick for most unself bugs.
  • Add check if Game Folder contains space, which can't be handle by make_self_npdrm.

  • added delete temp_dir folder
  • minor bug fixed
  • added dev_usb patch. Some games won't work with it. Still need improvment, if path reference conteins NULL it wont work. Tested on Infamous.

  • GUI improved.
  • Some error handeling.

D0zs has made available D0zspatcher for PS3 to Auto-decrypt, Modify, and PKG files. To quote: Simple tool to decrypt, patch and package your game EBOOT.BIN's and includes feature as a firmware spoofer (changes both eboot and param), dev_hdd0/dev_usb001 and directory changer.

Version 1.0

i tried making this as simple as possible, here's how it works:

1) Install cygwin w/ default options (if you already have it, skip this step)
2) Copy the game’s files and create a folder structure like this (Don’t copy USRDIR’s contents except EBOOT.BIN):

-ICON0.PNG & any other files residing in this folder

that's just the bare minimum, include any other files you want in the pkg

3) Drag the game folder icon (BLES01031 in the example above) to d0zspatcher.exe's icon

that's it. change any settings you want in the GUI and press start.

Finally, WeedsmokerLOL shared Gen PKG4CFW v2 Final which is a compiled application suite with the PS3 keys included.

Hermes EOL and fail0verflow GIT PS3 Tools Released and More!

Hermes EOL and fail0verflow GIT PS3 Tools Released and More!

Hermes EOL and fail0verflow GIT PS3 Tools Released and More!

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#17 - AlfabeticsXx - January 15, 2011 // 8:18 pm
AlfabeticsXx's Avatar
i get this when trying to sign the mw2 pkg all i did was replace the patch_mp.ff with a modded one but it wont let me sign it and compress it and i didnt touch the param.sfo at all... ''/

[PARAM.SFO Check]: APP_VER entry cannot be included for GameData.
Illegal Package: PARAM.SFO check fail.

#16 - PSGamer24 - January 15, 2011 // 3:45 am
PSGamer24's Avatar
The first public release had a bug, the newest version is much better.

#15 - ModderFokker - January 15, 2011 // 3:35 am
ModderFokker's Avatar
New version $n!pR PKG Toolkit GUI 1.03


1. Fixed a bug that prevented EBOOT from being signed properly.
- EBOOT.BIN is case sensitive!
2. Added option for creating 3.41 or 3.55 package files.
3. Added UnSELF tool.

#14 - FMAranda - January 14, 2011 // 11:58 pm
FMAranda's Avatar
Did you take a look on the name, the game ID?

#13 - NameUs3r - January 14, 2011 // 9:49 pm
NameUs3r's Avatar
I keep getting this error "Unable to build pkg file - The PARAM.SFO is from another game."

no matter what I do! The .sfo is from the move edition of resident evil. I lets me use the eboot from the move update an all the other files but it refuses to build the package because of the sfo? Come to think of it is there a pkg for resident evil 5 move edition for 3.55?

#12 - sika - January 13, 2011 // 11:10 am
sika's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by harveychan View Post
I'm getting this at the end. Notice: raw data is NOT protected by DRM. please use NPDRM EDATA if you need to protect. it pkgs just fine but when i go install it, it errors.

If your using 3.55 then you need to package_finalize the pkg.

#11 - harveychan - January 13, 2011 // 10:41 am
harveychan's Avatar
I'm getting this at the end. Notice: raw data is NOT protected by DRM. please use NPDRM EDATA if you need to protect. it pkgs just fine but when i go install it, it errors.

#10 - sika - January 13, 2011 // 10:12 am
sika's Avatar
I'm having a go at using Toolkit GUI by $n!pR but for some reason i'm getting two eboot files built into my pkg

Entry list: [11 entries]
raw data: PARAM.SFO
raw data: ICON0.PNG
raw data: ICON1.PAM
raw data: PIC1.PNG
raw data: SND0.AT3
directory: USRDIR
raw data: USRDIR/eboot.bin
directory: TROPDIR
directory: TROPDIR/NPWR00772_00
raw data: TROPDIR/NPWR00772_00/TROPHY.TRP

also at the top of the info window i'm seeing PARAM.SFO: overwrite VERSION to 01.00. (from 01.01) but the sfo & config file read 01.00

Any ideas?

#9 - young blade - January 13, 2011 // 10:08 am
young blade's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by chomps268 View Post
Great news! Geohot needs to follow in their footsteps now

Yes you are right but as you know.. he's very stuborn.. He won't release anything unless he feels like it..

#8 - harveychan - January 13, 2011 // 10:05 am
harveychan's Avatar
I found this guide right after i posted this. Well i get the eboot .elf with this. how do i edit the path of the eboot with the hex .to change it from dvd to hddo?