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December 30, 2010 // 9:36 pm - I just figured out how to create a custom PS3 boot logo for those interested by simply modifying a PlayStation 3 RAF file. Here is a sample. Replace coldboot.raf in flash with this one (or use the CFW Loader or whatever) and reboot PS3 and see your new Bootlogo!

Download: Coldboot.raf PS3 File (Sample)

Apparently this DOESN'T work for HD people yet. I don't know what happens on an HD screen, I replaced the HD file with LOL but I don't know if it will work. I'm writing a full tutorial on this, so expect it soon.

Edit: My guide is now posted below! Here's basically how I did it:

Used SimplyZip ( to decompress the RAF starting at the Zlib header (78DA) to the end of the file.

Now that you have the RAF file decompressed, it's basically a P3T (yes, Sony are that lazy) After this, you just need to run it through P3T Decompiler or whatever because you can't actually get the source files for the logo (no converter will convert them properly and I can't manually get them to show) you need to create a DDS File with these sizes:

  • Any gtf with _sd in the name - Standard Definition - 240 x 120
  • Any gtf without _sd in the name - High Definition - 700 x 350

The file sizes:

  • HD Files - 486,656 Bytes
  • SD Files - 57,088 Bytes

After making a DDS you feel is appropriate, you need to get it into the GTF format. There is a gtf/dds tool in the PS3 SDK that does this but I am not allowed to share it because I believe it is illegal. If this gets popular, a tool will almost certainly be written which will not be illegal.

After having your gtf, you'll need to create a file with the appropriate size as shown above. Go into the gtf in a hex editor and copy it. Go into the file with the size you just made and paste-write it into the file (some hex editors dont support this, its basically pasting but overwriting)

Save it. Most of your work is done. Now you must take the original gtf, copy it all in hex, then search for it in the raf. When it finds the match, just go to the beginning of the match, and paste-write. It should completely overwrite the gtf and the thing you should then see is the beginning of the next gtf. You've now written a new file into the raf.

From here, you just compress the raf with SimplyZip, then take the compressed file simplyzip gives you and insert it into the original raf. Most likely, the raf will have gained in size. This is 100% normal, as the original Sony files didn't have much in them due to the fact that is mostly empty files with a PS logo in one solid color.

Sorry if no one understood this tutorial, I wrote it in a hurry lol.

Guide: PS3 RAF File Mods - Bring on the Custom PS3 Boot Logos!

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#30 - sharp30 - December 31, 2010 // 3:02 pm
sharp30's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by jamso24 View Post
Managed to get it to work with HD.


any chance of posting your results?

#29 - IndyColtsFan84 - December 31, 2010 // 9:44 am
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
well, one could view the files extracted with p3textractor as "sample data" for creating a dynamic theme.

edit: remember SKFU's PS3 Exploit Loader? that was a basic dynamic theme, it can be done, but it won't be easy.

edit2: believe it or not you can rename coldboot.raf to loadme.fu then apply theme, it will load the coldboot just fine.

edit3: the above method can be used to test your coldboot before flashing to avoid a brick.

#28 - barrybarryk - December 31, 2010 // 9:34 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
yeah true not with this method but it is possible but it would be a lot more work to make a custom dynamic theme to replace the original without crashing the system. since you'd have to start from scratch and the ps3 dynamic theme 3d scene specs arent exactly well documented it was easier just to say no lol.

#27 - Ihatecompvir - December 31, 2010 // 9:28 am
Ihatecompvir's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
no, it's just substituting one image for another.

It is possible though. Remember, this file is basically a dynamic theme, just set as a boot logo.

#26 - iloveyou - December 31, 2010 // 8:19 am
iloveyou's Avatar
maybe we could bring back the old "Playstation" boot logo

#25 - barrybarryk - December 31, 2010 // 8:07 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by etnies93 View Post
Can you make Xbox 360 logo for ps3? like xbox 360 bootup with that animated style. I would love it

no, it's just substituting one image for another.

#24 - etnies93 - December 31, 2010 // 8:04 am
etnies93's Avatar
Can you make Xbox 360 logo for ps3? like xbox 360 bootup with that animated style. I would love it

#23 - IndyColtsFan84 - December 31, 2010 // 6:53 am
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
Lots of information about .DDS compression (See Link). Includes tools to convert any image to .DDS

#22 - PS4 News - December 31, 2010 // 4:38 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Ihatecompvir View Post
Here's basically how I did it...

I added your guide to the first post and promoted it to the main page now. Thanks for sharing and +Rep Ihatecompvir!

#21 - IndyColtsFan84 - December 30, 2010 // 9:38 pm
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
Please post your resulting .raf if you don't mind.