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February 5, 2011 // 6:56 pm - Today an Amiga Emulator Port by Ole for PS3 dubbed E-UAE v0.8.25 R3 has arrived, which is compiled by the PSL1GHT SDK and libraries and includes source code and followed by some revisions below courtesy of MickJT.

Download: E-UAE v0.8.25 R3 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 / E-UAE v0.8.25 R3 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 (Source Code) / E-UAE v0.8.29 R1 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 / E-UAE v0.8.29 R3 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 / E-UAE v0.8.29 R3 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 (Source Code) / E-UAE v0.8.29 WIP4 R6 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 / E-UAE v0.8.29 WIP4 R6 Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 (Source Code)

From the included ReadMe file:

E-UAE 0.8.25 for PS3 release 3

- compiled by using psl1ght sdk
- The full uae documentation is stored in the 'docs' subdirectory, here
you are reading the ps3 port info.


- 68000, 68010, 68020 processor cores
- OCS, ECS and AGA chipset
- amiga hi-res (720x576) graphics resolution in 32bit depth
- joystick1, joystick2 (2nd joypad required) and mouse emulation
- simple options dialog (supports switching of the disk files and more)
- sound in 48000 kHz
- keyboard emulation
- support for loading zip and dms floppy images
- reads either /dev_usb000/uae/uae.cfg or /dev_hdd0/game/EUAE00825/USRDIR/UAE.CFG configuration during startup!


- ps3 ready to boot homebrew programs
- uae.cfg either in /dev_usb000/uae/ or /dev_hdd0/game/EUAE00825/USRDIR/ directory (sample UAE.CFG included)
- kickstart rom - see docs/readme


- press R2 to activate virtual keyboard (vkb), release R2 to hide it. If vkb is shown press left/right digital pad to select the current key. Press the 'up' digital pad button to actually simualte key press of the current key. L1, L2, R1 ann CIRCLE buttons are user defined keys. If vkb is shown press L1 to define L1 button, press L2 to define L2 button and press R1 to define R1 button.
- joypad 1 (emulates joystick 1 and mouse 1)
- joypad 2 (emulates joystick 2) - if you want to enable 2-joystick mode, plug-in the second joy pad, restart uae and switch the port mode to "joy-1 & joy-2" in the options dialog.
- left analog pad emulates the mouse movement. You can speed-up the mouse movement in the options dialog.
- CROSS - joystick button 1
- SQUARE - mouse button 1
- TRIANGLE - mouse button 2
- press Start to enter application menu, here you can load ADF files.
- press CIRCLE to exit the application menu

Additional info:

- The program reads uae.cfg during startup. In this configuration file
you should specify all required parameters (memory size, kick rom, initial
floppy disk files, cpu core, chipset etc.).
- Files (kickrom, adf files) are accesible from either usb disk or internal disk.

Credits and thanks:

- UAE team and porters.
- psl1ght sdk team
- PS3 homebrew scene

Release log:


- options dialog has more space for filenames


- added support for uae.cfg stored on hdd


- initial release


E-UAE v0.8.25 R3 - Amiga Emulator Port for PS3 Arrives

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#13 - PSPSwampy - February 6, 2011 // 10:57 pm
PSPSwampy's Avatar
This is pretty cool - will have to give this a try, i've got an A1200 gathering dust in my attic waiting for it's true value to be realised once it becomes a fully fledged antique!

I've even got an old PC setup with A&B floppy drives to convert my 2000+ strong collection of 3.5inch disks!

Ahh the good ol' days - when games looked like *^% but played so well - I remember the days spend getting that damn snake to eat without crashing into its own tail!

Can't wait for the Spectrum ZX81 emulator (don't remember seeing one being released yet)


#12 - Ni72ous - February 6, 2011 // 10:20 pm
Ni72ous's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by SilvaVirus View Post
By the way is the uae compatible with the kickstarter roms from the Amiga Forever DVD??

I don't think they will work as they are encrypted, maybe if you decrypt them.

#11 - SilvaVirus - February 6, 2011 // 8:06 pm
SilvaVirus's Avatar
i hope that we will get 060 support. Many of the cool demos only works smooth with 060 cpu.

Although i dont think that we will get PPC support, that would be awesome. Can't wait to play with this, though i dont think that it will replace my A1200 060 on my desk. But then again, my PS3 is hooked up to a 42" LED screen, my A1200 is not

BUT NOTHING BEATS A REAL AMIGA!!!! but will give the uae a go and hope for the best.

By the way is the uae compatible with the kickstarter roms from the Amiga Forever DVD??

#10 - Boo1974 - February 6, 2011 // 4:11 pm
Boo1974's Avatar
I had a similar problem with UAE dunping me back to to the xmb. My problem was a duplicate of the cfg file in the UAE folder that the pkg created on the ps3 file system. Once I edited that version, and deleted the usb equivelent, UAE worked well. I've tried both 1.3 and 3.1 kickstart rom on my fat jap 500gb without a hitch.

Its a great project, even Octamed was usable. Hopefully hd support and maybe an increase in resoloution will be supported later. Workbench could be a nice easy alternative until linux is back.

#9 - Jes03 - February 6, 2011 // 1:41 pm
Jes03's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by adgloride View Post
Have you got the kickstart rom?

I've already said I got the rom so yes.

It's also a PAL console.

#8 - adgloride - February 6, 2011 // 1:06 pm
adgloride's Avatar
Have you got the kickstart rom?

#7 - subcon959 - February 6, 2011 // 1:04 pm
subcon959's Avatar
A lot of reports that this doesn't work on NTSC consoles.

#6 - denazgull - February 6, 2011 // 12:00 pm
denazgull's Avatar
Oh man, good memories when all my school mates wanted to study Sensible Soccer at my house, i had two arcade joysticks books for them to hold, it was hours of hard studies at my Amiga 600...

#5 - Jes03 - February 6, 2011 // 10:09 am
Jes03's Avatar
I couldnt get it working. It installs but when I run it, it does nothing, just jumps straight back to XMB.

I edited the CFG file to point to the ADF and the ROM so not sure whats wrong?

#4 - condorstrike - February 6, 2011 // 2:48 am
condorstrike's Avatar
yeah, some of us old-timers find this one of the greatest things on the PS3, really cool; now to play some Shadow of the Beast and Out of this World...