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December 2, 2010 // 8:03 pm - Today Jack Chen aka anita999 has shared a PlayStation 3 IDA IDC hypervisor dump script on xorloser's blog (linked above) alongside a PS3 Debug / Test Firmware version 3.41 leak from Blackpen0 there as well!

For those curious, the IDA script is used to extract the protection page list of process obj in PS3 Hypervisor dumps.

Downloads: PS3 IDA IDC Hypervisor Dump Script / PS3 Debug Firmware v3.41 / PS3 Debug Firmware v3.41 (Mirror - Required UnRAR Password Below)

To quote: For those who are new to HV reversing like I am. Here I made a quick IDC script for those interested in tracing the process protection pages to realize the VA and RA address mapping being used by the process.

You must execute the HV_DUMP.IDC from xorloser first, then apply this IDC later because it requires a opd_table to be defined first. and it’s for 3.15 HV only because that’s the only HV dump I have. process 0 is not extractable. There seems some data missing in the process object of process 0.

I am working on a different IDC script to extract the pages to a new file in order to get a file which RA=VA so I can analyze the code more easily. Here is the output for process 6 extraction from the dump I have.

[Register or Login to view code]

Here is the UnRAR Password for the PS3 Debug Firmware 3.41 leak:

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Dolphin-PS3 (GameCube / Wii) WIP Emulator Coming to PS3

Dolphin-PS3 (GameCube / Wii) WIP Emulator Coming to PS3

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#28 - Armen1er - December 3, 2010 // 10:46 pm
Armen1er's Avatar
There actually is a psx emulator and so far my crash banidcoot games need a frame limiter there too fast. GC/Wii/64 can be emulated at full speed and besides the scene is so young developers still don't know everything about the system their still researching it and making more improvements give it a few months youll see how different the scene will be.

#27 - gizmol - December 3, 2010 // 9:44 pm
gizmol's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by g0nned View Post
Something i would REALLY LIKE its one MKV player with subtitles support. It will be the best.

MKV + NTFS support and I will laugh in sony's face when somebody manages to accomplish that...

#26 - Romualdpsp - December 3, 2010 // 7:54 pm
Romualdpsp's Avatar
FMAranda THANKS good ps3 news!

#25 - marc2590 - December 3, 2010 // 7:43 pm
marc2590's Avatar
i cant wait to play some Smash Bros. on my PS3. i wonder if later on we'll have an emulator for the original xbox.

#24 - Sostanco - December 3, 2010 // 7:24 pm
Sostanco's Avatar
eheh, 1 console (ps3) for all console! Good work!

#23 - maxdb1984 - December 3, 2010 // 7:04 pm
maxdb1984's Avatar
Wow it seems like a big and interesting project to follow, but I very much doubt this would run at full speed tho if it gets all up and running - maybe 10fps at a guess but i'm no coder.. Coders can only just about manage to get the GBA emulators at 60fps so it's going to take alot of work to get any emulator like GC/Wii/N64/PSX to run at a decent speed.

#22 - kmjansen83 - December 3, 2010 // 5:59 pm
kmjansen83's Avatar
That would be cool if we can play resident evil remakes on gamecube on ps3.

#21 - B4rtj4h - December 3, 2010 // 5:43 pm
B4rtj4h's Avatar
omg we love homebrew!!!

#20 - cfwprophet - December 3, 2010 // 2:36 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
Thaa... that would be the ultimate face punch for nintendo

I'm really think that it should be possible to port this emu.The wii is just a modded GC nothin more.

#19 - FMAranda - December 3, 2010 // 2:00 pm
FMAranda's Avatar
I hope that he can port this emulator, i want to play Mario Kart Double Dash.