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January 23, 2011 // 12:00 am - As a follow-up to his previous work, this weekend zouzzz has made available Custom Firmware Maker v1.1b for PS3 followed by v1.2b and 1.3 which allow users to create their own CFW for the PlayStation 3.

Download: Custom Firmware Maker v1.1b for PS3 / Custom Firmware Maker v1.2b for PS3 / Custom Firmware Maker v1.3 for PS3

Version 1.3 includes the following updates:

New / fixed:

  • Fixed problem creating the Wutangrza LV1/LV2 Peek And Poke Fw.
  • .NET Framework Version 4 is required.

As this is an update of the executable, if you do not have all the files from previous versions, you must download the archive of 1.2b and simply replace the executable with that from the archive 1.3.

To quote, roughly translated from French: Zouzzz proposes a new version of its utility that lets you create a firmware based on 3.55 official with either changes in CFW Wutangrza, Kmeaw, Waninkoko peek and poke.


  • Download the official 3.55 fw
  • Creating different custom firmwares
  • Verification (after downloading and creation) of the MD5sum

New / fixed:

Custom Firmware Maker v1.1b for PS3 is Now Available

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#34 - toughguy - January 24, 2011 // 4:12 am
toughguy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by malmeida View Post
I installed the Kmeaw CFW following this steps:

1 - Updated from 3.41 to Oficial 3.55 via USB in normal mode (not jailbreaking it);
2 - After updating, went into Recovery Mode (search ps3news too, easy to find how to do it) and updated with the Kmeaw FW 3.55 via USB;
3 - Installed Multiman 1.13.01 and installed multman 1.13.02 update via USB.
4 - Done!!!

That's it!! Simple and it's working fine for me!!!

But remember: Check the model of your PS3, and when updating to Kmeaw FW do it in Recovery Mode!!! This is a must, ok??

Thanks a lot. I'll give it a shot.

#33 - barrybarryk - January 24, 2011 // 2:18 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Briqhtfame View Post
Wrong . I have a 1.0 TB Internal Drive for my PS3 n& it works fine.

What make and model is the drive?

#32 - Briqhtfame - January 24, 2011 // 2:08 am
Briqhtfame's Avatar
Wrong. I have a 1.0 TB Internal Drive for my PS3 n& it works fine.

#31 - NCSUfan - January 23, 2011 // 10:54 pm
NCSUfan's Avatar
Biggest internal drive for ps3 is only 750gb... so the 'biggest' drive available is not close to enough for most of us. I've got 500gb INT buffered with a 2.5tb EXT and it still isn't enough. I dunno if your comment is to sway people from ntfs support but its lacks reasoning.

We want ntfs support to get away from the small INT drives and play ALL games on EXT but to do that they must be on ntfs as to avioid the files bigger than 4gb error.

FTPing a 40gb game sucks balls, and the split software doesn't work for all games so we hope a better solution comes around.

Not to complain I and others appreciate what weve got now (thanks devs) but there are plenty of valid reasons for wanting ntfs support, do some more research as you come off a bit new but after a few weeks the desire to get off fat32 for blueray rips should be clear as day even to you.

#30 - PSPSwampy - January 23, 2011 // 10:35 pm
PSPSwampy's Avatar
Totally off topic, and i'm sorry for doing this - but i thought those who are discussing PS3 Media Server could continue their conversation on the latest thread about it:

p.s. don't see any point in bashing this excellent util - download the latest version and try it before you whinge!

#29 - tonybologna - January 23, 2011 // 9:45 pm
tonybologna's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Bishoff View Post
I get 5.1 surround with my mkv's streamed there mate.

Me too! No problems with playing my HD media files by streaming.

#28 - jesreb - January 23, 2011 // 8:44 pm
jesreb's Avatar
Thanks very much for your reply my fat is a CECHP03 160gb PAL (UK) version but I have upgraded it to a 640gb after googling could not find any info on it.

As pay day is the end of the month I was thinking of getting a dongle then but as the cfw scene is flying I may be changing sooner than the end of the month.

Thanks again Malmeida & also Thanks Itwalksamongus I was thinking the same thoughts as you, My Dad used to say only fools rush in and by the sounds of some unlucky people that seems to be the case.

#27 - dollydimple - January 23, 2011 // 8:16 pm
dollydimple's Avatar
nice little proggy for patching the 3.55 firmware.. this is for people who don't know how to use dos prompt...

#26 - whitesilence - January 23, 2011 // 7:44 pm
whitesilence's Avatar
Kmeaw will not brick your console, get your facts straight please.

Waninkoko's CFW has bricked a ton of consoles, so do not ever use his CFW.

#25 - flashpc - January 23, 2011 // 7:41 pm
flashpc's Avatar
Is there anyway to integrate hermes v4 with kmeaw firmware with this app?