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January 9, 2011 // 8:55 pm - Today riku.kh3 has shared the first Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (BLES01047) signed and packed EBOOT that works with the recently released GeoHot 3.55 PS3 Custom Firmware followed by 3D Dot Game Heroes.

Download: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (BLES01047) Signed & Packed EBOOT / 3D Dot Game Heroes (BLES00875) Installable Package with Decrypted EBOOT

To quote from PSGroove: He has managed to run Castlevania: Lords of Shadow from his internal hard drive, while on Geohot's 3.55 Custom Firmware. He achieved this by patching the game's main executable file (EBOOT.BIN) and making the PS3 think it's a PSN game.

Originally Posted by riku.kh3
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (BLES01047) signed & packed EBOOT (33.5MB)

1) Install PKG file.
2) Transfer contents of USRDIR folder, EXCEPT EBOOT.BIN, to /devhdd0/game/BLES01047/USRDIR/

Thats all! Tested! The game will work from XMB on retail nonJB 3.41, 3.55 and future versions.

OK, here's the guide to patch your own games:

1) Download and compile latest tools from Git (old versions of unself produce incorrect ELF)
2) Extract ELF from SELF
3) Hexedit ELF, find and replace dev_bdvd to correct path on dev_hdd0 (not all, but most games require this step)
4) Build NPDRM SELF using Geohot's tools
5) Build package using psn_package_npdrm
6) Patch your builded package using Geohot's tool (only for 3.55 firmware)

That's it. If you can't follow this guide, a more detailed guide won't help you.

This also works from 3.41, with no jailbreak dongle, video below (courtesy of TheRuler):

Next up, Wizdaz has made available PS3 BDVD EBOOT to HDD/USB BackUp EBOOT Converter v1.0 (MAC) followed by PS3 BDVD EBOOT to HDD/USB BackUp EBOOT Converter v1.1 (MAC) and PS3 BDVD EBOOT to HDD/USB BackUp EBOOT Converter v1.2 (MAC), to quote: "Just want to contribute a bit of software. Here is a Mac tool to automate EBOOT.BIN patching and making NDPRM package files with config.

You will still need to use "psn_package_npdrm" and "package_finalize" (for 3.55) to make a package file, because I can't find sources for "psn_package_npdrm"."


1.2 - 12/01/2011

  • Improved pattern search for "/dev_bdvd" -> "/dev_hdd0" patch
  • Patched bytes are displayed in text view

1.1 - 12/01/2011

  • Added PARAM.SFO/PS3_SYSTEM_VER display label
  • Added patch option to change PARAM.SFO/PS3_SYSTEM_VER to 3.41 version
  • Copy LICDIR along with TROPDIR to NPDRM package files
  • Fixed issues with saving more than one game backup packages from one application instance
  • Static libraries linking replaced with dynamic linking. GMP library doesn't work properly when linked as static.
    GMP dynamic library is included, so you don't need to install it to run application. If you want to build project from sources install GMP library headers to /opt/local/include.

Finally, a more detailed guide is below from Hazado as follows:

More Friendly Guide for Making PS3 BDVD EBOOTs into HDD/USB EBOOTs

Note: 80010007 error - You changed the path file to longer than it was originally changing the structure of the eboot.

Tools you need

Also need an FTP client or a way of moving the eboots and game files you have around on your PS3.

I've got windows so im writing this for windows. Linux people you should be savvy enough to figure out what you need from this.

1. Download and do a default install of cygwin.
2. Start cygwin up once, then close it. (Creates the file structure you need for the next part)
3. Download and extract Go to the folder you extracted and take every file except the folder .ps3 and put it in you c:/cygwin/bin/ folder (Assuming you did a default install, this is where the cygwin folder should be). Take the folder .ps3 and put it inside c:/cygwin/home/(Your Username Here)/
4. Download and extract the psn_package_npdrm.exe file to the same place.
5. Okay open up cygwin again.

6. Take an eboot.bin file you want to modify and put it inside the folder c:/cygwin/home/(Your Username Here)/.
7. Type unself eboot.bin eboot_modified.elf (You can call the .elf file whatever you want)
8. Open up your eboot_modified.elf inside a hex editor (I used HxD)
9. **Important** Any modifications you do cant change the file size of the elf. Okay go into your elf and change the dev_bdvd to dev_hdd0. This is where it takes some imagination. By changing the dev_bdvd to dev_hdd0, its going to look at the dev_hdd0 path (Your Ps3 Hard-drive) for the files. That means if it says /dev_bdvd/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/ when you change it to /dev_hdd0/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/ it will look at that place for the files it needs. So if they arnt there it wont work. Also if you add/subtract to the elf here, you will get the error 80010007 when you start up your game. Your just looking to do an exact replacement.

Example time - I just got FF13 to work for me, i changed the path from /dev_bdvd/PS3_GAME/ to /dev_hdd0/FF13GAME/. I then went and created the folder FF13GAME inside my dev_hdd0 on my PS3 and put all the appropriate files in there (For FF13 you just need the /USRDIR/white_data/ Folder.) Here is the FF13 file i made.

MRTC00003 - Final Fantasy XIII
For 3.41JB and down, If you are on 3.55 use geohots package_finalize.exe on it first.

Create the file structure below inside your PS3 and put "white_data" folder inside it.


10. Okay save your elf file with the modifications you made.
11. Type "make_self_npdrm.exe eboot.elf EBOOT.BIN UP0001-xxxxyyyyy_00-0000111122223333" (Without the quotes and the xxxxyyyyy being the game ID for your backup)
12. You now have your eboot.bin file you need.
13. Now you need to make your pkg file folder structure and associated files. First create a file called xxxxyyyyy.conf and place this inside it. (Where xxxxyyyyy is put your game id)

[Register or Login to view code]

14. Next create a folder called xxxxyyyyy and copy these files and folders into it.

[Register or Login to view code]

15. Open your param.sfo file inside your hex editor or sfo editor and change DG to HG. (DG = Disc Game, HG = Hard Drive Game)
16. Back to cygwin and type psn_package_npdrm xxxxyyyyy.conf xxxxyyyyy
17. You should now have a package file if you did everything correctly.
18. (3.55 Only) now type package_finalize.exe UP0001-xxxxyyyyy_00-0000111122223333.pkg
19. Copy the package file to a USB drive and go install it on your PS3.
20. Start up your ftp program and create or move the USRDIR files (Minus the eboot) to the directory you pointed at inside your modified eboot.

Castlevania PS3 Backup Works on 3.55 GeoHot Custom Firmware!

Castlevania PS3 Backup Works on 3.55 GeoHot Custom Firmware!

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#333 - creatorzhou - November 27, 2014 // 9:32 am
creatorzhou's Avatar
thinks, this is what I needed

#332 - mleonard166 - January 25, 2011 // 11:58 am
mleonard166's Avatar
i need help with the installing castlevania. when i download castlevania it comes as a package file so what do i do it the package file?

hey man how do i play the castlevania game pkg with a backup manager

#331 - modmate - January 23, 2011 // 7:44 pm
modmate's Avatar
Regarding Geohot tools issues:

For ALL members regarding problems using the package_finalize and other tools from from Geohot.
Example package_finalize:

Even if there is NO error message it seems to sign fine but in some cases it does not. You need to install OpenSSL x32 and the Visual C++ 2008 Redis.
These both are needed to pack, sign... anything. The package_finalize calls for a dll file come with OpenSSL. This seems to be a magor issue for the most cannot get the geohot tools to work. This should be added to the first side Tutorial for sure.

To be sure finalize worked look at the Date of the pkg after signing. Changed ? Signed !

Greets Modmate

#330 - WeedsmokerLOL - January 22, 2011 // 9:49 pm
WeedsmokerLOL's Avatar
There's no point in doing this, update to Kmeaw CFW 3.55. It works with backup managers so you don't need to edit anything and bother with Cygwin. Gay-o-Hot is egoist arse that wants attention.

#329 - despair24 - January 22, 2011 // 8:35 pm
despair24's Avatar
hi i have done all the steps for windows cygwin and is all ok but maybe is noob qustion but what files and where i put in my ps3 hdd i have xternal so my root is ps3 games_gamez_bles00919

#328 - ynoz - January 17, 2011 // 11:22 am
ynoz's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by cloud41269 View Post
gta4 has been working for a while now on 3.55 and just needs to install the pkg once and will work fully.

yeah but this way you can update your game online anytime you want and it will keep working.
Quote Originally Posted by xander150 View Post
I did Assassins Creed Brotherhood and it sees my savegame. Are we able to patch the Updates, too?

as for now the only way of updating a back up installed game is by installing it from the game disk and then renaming its installation file, back up the BD, then install your pkg and merge it's installation file with the one from the disk (all but the SFO), delete the pkg installation file and rename the game installation file to its original name, then the PS3 would threat the back up as an installed game and you will see the game icon on the game data utility tab, i posted a guide with GTA a few posts from here.

#327 - PS4 News - January 17, 2011 // 5:33 am
PS4 News's Avatar
I gave ya +Rep for the video and guide ynoz, but merged the thread here as this is our ongoing "PS3 Backups Running on 3.55" thread basically.

#326 - cloud41269 - January 17, 2011 // 4:09 am
cloud41269's Avatar
gta4 has been working for a while now on 3.55 and just needs to install the pkg once and will work fully.

#325 - ynoz - January 17, 2011 // 3:40 am
ynoz's Avatar
Translated from:

GTA IV running in 3.55 cfw PS3 HDD, to do it you have to:

1. install in the PS3 from your game disk (you gotta have the BD, there is no other way)
2. Change the installation file name from /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30127 to /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30127d
3. Make your own PKG for launching from the XMB (use any tools you can find)
4. Install your custom PKG (now you should see GTA in your XMB) and copy the BD in your HDD (use the file name you use to build the PKG)
5. Change the PKG installation file name from /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30127 to /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30127p
6. Copy all files in /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30127p to /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30127d (DO NOT COPY THE PARAM.SFO)
7. Copy all files in /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30127p/USRDIR to /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30127d/USRDIR
8. Delete /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30127p
9. rename /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30127d to /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30127
10. Launch from XMB (it will always prompt a corrupted data error, ignore it) it will work now. it will reinstall the game.

when you exit the game you'll notice that the launching icon from the XMB is gone, don't worry, every time you wanna play GTA you'll have to to repeat steps 2, 4, 5, 8, 9 & 10.

#324 - spinzz - January 14, 2011 // 8:39 pm
spinzz's Avatar
How do some people edit the eboot.elf and change it to dev_hdd0/game/BLES00909/USRDIR ??

I always do dev_hdd0/INFAMOUS/USRDIR.... so the file size doesn't change.

How can you do the dev_hdd0/game/BLES00909/USRDIR without changing the file size in hex?