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October 13, 2012 // 4:08 am - Recently yayes of PS3ISO (linked above) shared a PS3 CEX to DEX to CEX tutorial and file pack for those interested in converting their PlayStation 3 CEX (Retail) console into a Debug / Test (DEX) unit and then being able to revert it back.

Below are the details from the file pack for those interested, as follows:

WARNING!! Backup your CEX Flash Dump!! Don't Deleted it or You in DEX Forever. (Update: A Solution is now posted by haze67).

I'm not responsible for any problems/bricks the members suffer and that they'll do it on their own risk. Make Sure You don't Have Spoofer Installed.


MultiMAN 04.06.02CEX / MultiMAN 04.06.02DEX

The Rest Of Tools Here

CEX to DEX to CEX and backup tools.rar (925.09 MB)

Archive Content

Backup tools

1. genGP3_v2.2
2. Open BDEMU HDD Manager
3. PkgView_1.3
4. ProDGForPlayStation3v420.1.0
5. PS3 Game Updater 1.41
6. PS3_Generator_Tools-330
7. PSN_Package_NPDRM

Convert tools

1. cex2dex
2. dtbImage.ps3
3. eEID_RKDumper
4. NAND-dtbImage.ps3

QA Flagging Tools

2. qa_flag_extra.pkg


1. 4.21DEX.PUP
4. 3.55DEX_MFW_Created_By_Yayes.PUP


  • All CEX Homebrew Fully Running On This MFW
  • Allow BDMIRROR From Internal PS3HDD (you must Use mmCM Cex Version) Tested Call Of Duty MW3
  • Patch self to Enable FSM PS2 Compatibility
  • Patch self To Allow Activation of PSN Content Offline (Tested ReactPSN 2.0)


  • No Need To Format your HDD
  • No Need To Installing LINUX As Well
  • If You Have Trophy Error After Convert To DEX Just Launch Rebuild Database From Recovery Mode

Before convert To DEX Copy updater folder to dev_hdd0

Part 1.1: Preparing The Flash Dump For DEX Firmware Installation

  • QA-Flag the system (instructions its in folder qa Flag or below)

QA Flagging - Write By yayes

  • Install This Firmware CFW355-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL.PUP then install qa_flag_extra.pkg then run this app
  • If you want to check whether your firmware qa flagged go to system setting scroll down to network setting (don't enter network setting) then pres L2 + L1 + R1 + R2 + L3 + D-pad Down
  • Thats it, the “Edy Viewer”, “Debug Settings”, “Install Package” Menu will now appear.
  • After You enable qa_flag On your console install 3.55kmeaw (i'm not including this firmware)

Translated from Indonesian:

  • Once installed Firmware CFW355-OtherOS + +-SPECIAL.PUP (use USB)
  • Then install qa_flag_extra.pkg Run
  • Check Your System Is Already Successful qa_flagging
  • Go to system settings> to network settings (Do not Go to the Network Settings) then press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + L3 + Down Arrow Direction
  • Will Appear Menu "Edy Viewer", "Debug Settings", "Install Package"
  • After that Install Kmeaw 3:55

Continued from Part 1.1 (Above)

  • Use multiMAN (referred to mM hereafter) 04.04.04 or later/MemDump to dump the FLASH (I used the mM-dumped one instead, even though the MemDump/mM dumps are the same as each other, hash-wise) make sure you have dtbImage.ps3.bin in your usb for nor console (for Nand Console rename NAND-dtbImage.ps3.bin to dtbImage.ps3.bin)
  • Use flatz's EID root key application on the PS3 once installed by executing it without having any USB dongles plugged in and the key should be dumped in the "/dev_hdd0/tmp/" path
  • Use Gunner54's CEX-to-DEX application to patch the flash dump
  • Double-Click (tap) on the DEX TargetID-modified dump renamed to have ".EID0.NORBIN" or ".EID0.NANDBIN" extension in mM 04.04.04 or later in order to change the TargetID from there

Restart the system by:

  • Exiting mM and returning to the XMB by pressing the PS button, and selecting "Quit Game"
  • Selecting the "Users" menu in XMB, selecting "Turn Off System", then selecting "Yes" after you have selected "Turn Off System".
  • Pressing the button on the PS3 after it has been shut down.

Part 1.2: Installing DEX Firmware

  • Having an official 3.55 DEX firmware PUP on a USB memory dongle in the "USB:\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP" (must be named as such) directory:
  • Install it in XMB via the "Settings" XMB menu, and then select the "System Update" option, and then;
  • Select the "Update from storage media" option whilst having the "Turn system off automatically after update" option unchecked, providing that the option is there, then follow the instructions from there.

Part 2.1: Rolling Back to CEX

  • Having installed the official DEX 3.55 firmware now, Use mM again, but this time, use the original CEX flash dump, and select it in order to change the TargetID back to the original TargetID (mine was 87 = CEX-UK)
  • Exit mM and returning to the XMB by pressing the PS button, and select "Quit Game", and then from there, restart the system by:
  • Selecting the "Users" menu in XMB, selecting "Turn Off System", then selecting "Yes" after you have selected "Turn Off System".
  • Pressing the button on the PS3 after it has been shut down.

Part 2.2: Installing CEX Firmware

  • Having the KMEAW 3.55 (CEX) firmware PUP on a USB memory dongle in the "USB:\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP" (must be named as such) directory:
  • Install it in XMB via the "Settings" XMB menu, then select the "System Update" option, and then;
  • Select the "Update from storage media" whilst having the "Turn system off automatically after update" option unchecked, providing that the option is there, and then follow the instructions from there.

To summarize, I had to restart my PS3 every time I had to install the firmware after the TargetID changeover and I had to install it via XMB, as it was safe enough for me to do so.

Also, to successfully revert back to CEX, make sure your console is QA-flagged, you're using the newer mM versions (CEX VERSIONS ONLY, otherwise you'll get an error) as the flash-writing capabilities are improved, AND as a safety precaution (nobody says this in their tutorials, but I do it anyway as a safety precaution), make sure you install/have already installed the official DEX 3.55 firmware WITHOUT the Downgrade Support before going back to CEX.

Part 1: QA Flagging Your Console

2. Install qa_flag_extra.pkg and run it. To Make Sure You Have Succesfully Integrated qa_flag in your console go to network setting (don't enter network setting) and press L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+Directional button Down and you can see edyviewer, debug setting, install packages menus
3. Turn on system Update DEBUG in debug setting

Q: Why I Must qa_Flag My Console ?
A: This Need When revert Back to Cex So We Can AVoid Brick

Part 2: Dump Your Flash And Root Key

1. Check whether your console nand or nor with MinVerChk
2. Install Latest multiMAN (CEX Version)
3. Plug your usb to your PS3 and Open multiman and Open Filemanager (select+start) Select any file > press O > open in hex viewer > press Select+start > choose yes on option dump your flash storage (Otherwise Choose NO) file will copied to USB extension .norbin (nor console) Or .nandbin (nand console)
4. Install eEID_RKDumper.pkg then remove your USB then run eEID_RKDumper
5. Open multiman go to file manager
6. Open folder dev_hdd0/temp then copy eid_root_key to usb (48bytes)

Part 3: Convert Your CEX Flash To DEX Flash

1. Extract cex2dex.rar
2. Load your Dump Flash in tab Nor/Nand Flash Dump
3. Load your Root key in Metldr Dump TAB

Click CEX > DEX and save file with name 355DEX.EID0.NORBIN (for nor console)

355DEX.EID0.NANDBIN (for NAND console)

Part 4: B Convert Your Console To DEX Machine

1. Copy 355DEX.EID0.NORBIN (nor Console) to USB and plug it to your PS3
2. Open multiman > filemanager then double click 355DEX.EID0.NORBIN in USB and Choose yes>yes>yes
3. Quit multiman
4. Turn off your PS3 Using Controller PS3 (Don't Turn OFF Using Power Button)
5. Then Power on Your Console Using power button
6. Install 3.55DEX.PUP from XMB

Revert Back To CEX

1. Install 3.55DEXOFW (not downgrade one) then install multiman CEX (Latest)
2. Then Flash You Console Using Flash Cex You are previously dump
3. Turn off your PS3 Using Controller PS3 (Don't Turn OFF Using Power Button)
4. Then Power on Your Console Using power button
5. Install 3.55kmeaw.PUP from XMB

Note: You must on 4.21 DEX firmware to be able to launch PS3 3.6+ games.

Run 3.6+ Games on DEX

Preparing the PS Update

1. First use PS3 Game Updater (or the Manual Method) to get the newest Update pkg for the game
2. Then fire up Pkg View and extract the BCUS98295 dir into any dir -lets just call it targetdir.
3. Extract psn_package_npdrm.exe into this dir
4. Create a .txt into this dir and fill it with:

[Register or Login to view code]

Rename the .txt file "package.conf". Where BCUS98295 is the Title ID of your game and Packageversion has to be the Number of the Patch you downloaded.

5. Create A .txt into this dir and fill it with

[Register or Login to view code]

  • Then rename .txt file to repack.bat
  • Then run it (new PKG has just been created)
  • Install it to your PS3
  • On debug setting (on your console)
  • Navigate to "Boot Mode" and select "Release Mode".
  • Below, in "Blu-ray Disc Access" select "BD Emulator (USB)".
  • And below, to use the maximum speed of your HDD, select "HDD Native".
  • Drag your ps3_game folder to genGP3.exe
  • And it will create .GP3 file located in same dir your PS3_GAME

Warning!!!!! This Step will format your USB Hardrive

  • Connect the USB hard drive to your pc and open ps3gen.exe
  • On the command tab choose BD emulator hdd utility
  • Choose your USB Drive Then choose Format HDD for BD Emulator
  • In file tab choose open project then locate your .GP3 file
  • Click on "Build".
  • On the new window choose second tab (For BD Emulator (*.emu)) then create your image files (*.emu)
  • Open bdemu hdd manager.exe
  • Load your drive then write image file choose your *.emu files that you just created
  • Plug your bd emulator (USB Harddrive) to right usb slot then restart your console
  • Start game from BD icon

Additional Resources

PS3 CEX to DEX to CEX Tutorial by Yayes is Now Available

PlayStation Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and join us at our new site WWW.PSXHAX.COM!

#94 - yayes - July 21, 2013 // 3:56 pm
yayes's Avatar
All you need is eid_root_key to go back to CEX.

You can obtain them at 3.55 CEX or semi cex.

Use FSM (any method) to install 3.55 rogero CFW (latest is better) from 3.55 DEX if your on DEX and lost ur eid root key.

Then run eEID_RKDumper.pkg (Mirror:[/url] (don't attach any storage media at USB)

Then grab ur eid_root_key at hdd0/tmp

Install rebug 4.31 D-REX

Dump your nor/nand flash via rebug toolbox

Convert ur DEX flash to cex

Then convert to cex using rebug toolbox, make sure qa_flag enabled.

#93 - Snoopy484 - July 20, 2013 // 2:40 pm
Snoopy484's Avatar
Thanks for this post. It's been very helpful. I tried searching and was unable to find an answer so I wanted to ask here:

In the reverting steps, you mentioned you need to be on 3.55 OFW, not 3.55 downgrade. I've used 3.55 downgrade to downgrade from 4.21 DEX, but am unable to get the 3.55 OFW to install after that? Am I doing something wrong or is 3.55 downgrade ok for installing the CEX flash back.

Thanks in advance,

#92 - windrider42 - May 6, 2013 // 6:03 am
windrider42's Avatar
Use c2d_V2 to convert DEX Flash to CEX flash -

#91 - kronikings - May 5, 2013 // 10:31 pm
kronikings's Avatar
I converted my NAND ps3 to DEX a long time ago. Now I am trying to convert back to CEX. I don't have original flash but I think I was able to dump my eid root key and my nand flash after downgrading to 3.41 DEX. Now when i use PS3Tools 4.0 Cex >> Dex it says: Wrong format of EID key file: 16777216 byes (16MB) expected, but 251396096 found!

I don't know how to get around this. I've searched and searched and I see other people have the same problem but I don't see a solution. I don't know what to do. I'm totally lost.

I just want to be able to save my backups and play them internally. I've been out of the scene a long time and I don't know what I should do anymore thats why I'm trying to go back to CEX because it seems like that's the best setup.

Please let me know what I should do...



#90 - gsr325 - March 7, 2013 // 11:14 pm
gsr325's Avatar
Thanks, sorry for the long time for a reply, but I believe that the problem is the esata station, because now that I put my games onto the external hd, when I play them sometimes they freeze during gameplay, but when I unplug the power from the esata station & plug it back in, the game resumes as if nothing happened.

#89 - windrider42 - February 12, 2013 // 5:41 am
windrider42's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by gsr325 View Post
It's a USB external drive with a plug in power adapter (Seagate 1TB Expansion External Drive). Don't know if it's USB 3 or not.

I just realized that there are a lot of new drives with advanced AAM/APM settings that cannot be altered on drives that are sold as external by some manufacturers.

These drives will go into sleep mode and there is nothing one can do. Sometimes is better to use an external hdd case and a OEM harddrive in it to use it as a properly keep-awake external harddrive.

This could be your issue.

#88 - bbgun - February 11, 2013 // 11:09 pm
bbgun's Avatar
Thanked and will try!

#87 - gsr325 - February 11, 2013 // 10:52 pm
gsr325's Avatar
I think I figured it out, I had to rename it, but so far Rogero 4.30 2.05 seems to be working. My USB external HD is bad, so I copy the games to my esata HD (internal) and they play ok so far.Thanks for your help.

#86 - PS4 News - February 11, 2013 // 5:40 am
PS4 News's Avatar
See here:

#85 - Rockstarkaran - February 11, 2013 // 4:09 am
Rockstarkaran's Avatar
Can anybody plz tell me what is cex and dex?? What is the difference between them ?