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205w ago - Recently SouthSickness has made available a guide on how to use the iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad as a PS3 Remote Control.

Below are the details, to quote:

Things You Will Need:

1. iPod Touch/iPhone that has been jailbroken.
2. Cydia
3. Bluetooth on the iPod and PS3
4. PS3


1. Go to iPod/iPhone and click on Cydia.
2. Click on Manage in Cydia's options.
3. Click on sources.
4. Then click on edit and add the following source. ADD REPO ON CYDIA
5. After you are done adding go to search and type in WeBe.Theres gonna be two one you pay for and a free cracked one.
6. Click on the cracked one download and install it.
7. Start of WeBe++ and wait for it to load.
8. Go to PS3 and click register a new device you should see your iPod/iPhone.
9. Add it and enter the pin code it gives you on your iPod/iPhone.
10. Your PS3 should appear as "Paired and available devices."
11. Click on it and then click where it says PS3 under or shows the keyboard symbol.

Confirmed Working On:

  • iPhone 4G
  • iPod Touch 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 2G
  • iPod Touch 2G
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • iPad

Guide: How to Use iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad as a PS3 Remote

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#21 - Dethgod - 29w ago
Dethgod's Avatar
Nice guide, can't wait to get home and try it ^^

#20 - Mart1 - 31w ago
Mart1's Avatar

#19 - TheSavior - 32w ago
TheSavior's Avatar
Is there anything similar for Android? Could it be used as a keyboard? Like, instead of a bluetooth keyboard. Thanks!

#18 - mrchan213 - 32w ago
mrchan213's Avatar
Thanks for this.

#17 - cadaveros - 32w ago
cadaveros's Avatar

#16 - hitman11 - 39w ago
hitman11's Avatar
This is gr8, works on my old 3GS !!

#15 - ondrong - 39w ago
ondrong's Avatar
installing on my 4S let me try first..

Not support for IOS 7.1.2

#14 - madnessugur - 40w ago
madnessugur's Avatar
Great! Works on my Ipad!

#13 - Midnytemyst40 - 51w ago
Midnytemyst40's Avatar
Tried the cracked version, did not work, license could not be validated, please help.

#12 - NNYScouter - 202w ago
NNYScouter's Avatar
This is going to be cool to do once I get my iPhone.