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ZER0 DB OFW 4.55 for PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) By Team ZER0 Out

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59w ago - Following up on their previous release and RetroA 4.55 DB OFW, today PlayStation 3 developer Habib (aka smhabib) with the assistance of Team ZER0 have released ZER0 DB (Dual-Boot) OFW 4.55 for PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) with details below.

Download: ZER0 4.55 DB OFW.PUP (194.91 MB) / ZER0 4.55 DB OFW.PUP (Mirror) / ZER0 4.55 DB OFW.PUP (Mirror #2) / ZER0 4.55 DB OFW.PUP (Mirror #3)

MD5 Hash: 39573CD7854F4BFF73CB9D8C78596DDD

HEY GUYS! As promised, here it is.


1. Matches ofw structure
2. Same size as ofw
3. Same metadata used for encrypting modules from which ecdsa checks removed (lv0's isoldr and spu_pkg_rvk_verifier)
4. Disabled 2 ecdsa checks to allow installation of cfw over (tested with my 4.55 but any should work if syscon set to 4.55)

This db ofw is EVEN MORE STEALTHED!!! So its probably the highest approach what people can get!

Finally, from igor242 (via pastie.org/pastes/8725257/text?key=acdq2ikbfxojycv2rje8a): The syscall hash check is only 1 of many sony is capable of doing. I have decided to preemptivly post just a part of relevent logs:

[Register or Login to view code]

And a little bit more:

[Register or Login to view code]

As for respect and love from you, I don't need either of that from you, I need you to follow our requirements in order to post your stuff here. One of those requirements being you not make unfounded claims of stealth. No such thing exists and it never did. It's that simple.

ZER0 DB OFW 4.55 for PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) By Team ZER0 Out

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

Comments 28

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#28 - AmrGad - 12w ago
AmrGad's Avatar
Thank You

#27 - PS4 News - 12w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Some of the mirrors are still working here: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-cfw-mfw/zer0-db-ofw-4-55-for-ps3-custom-firmware-cfw-by-team-zer0-out/

If the error is from our site, it is likely due to too many users online at a particular time though.

#26 - quintin - 12w ago
quintin's Avatar
I'm getting db error from the website why?

#25 - guitarpunkmasta - 14w ago
guitarpunkmasta's Avatar
awesome thx

#24 - PHILTHEE - 22w ago
sick cfw

#23 - Valaris - 22w ago
Valaris's Avatar
How to install?

Its possible with 4.55 demostration mode?

#22 - windrider42 - 41w ago
windrider42's Avatar
Yes just 4.55, if you want different CFW, then use the rebug 999 downgrader first.

#21 - ThaLegitCutta - 41w ago
ThaLegitCutta's Avatar
any cfw can be installed over this, or just 4.55 cfw?

#20 - PS4 News - 42w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Check the first page of this thread: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cfw-mfw/zer0-4-55-ps3-cfw-v1-00-cex-habib-team-zer0-arrives-129144.html

#19 - 354pown - 42w ago
354pown's Avatar
wheres the DL??


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