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199w ago - Following shortly behind the Ape Escape PS3 CFW Patch Fix comes another patch update from S4W today for Williams Pinball Classics (BLES01051) which fixes the title for both 3.55 and 3.41 PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware users.

Download: Williams Pinball Classics PS3 CFW 3.55 and 3.41 Fixes

To quote: For: Williams_Pinball_Classics_EUR_PS3-ABSTRAKT
File: WPC341EU355FiX.rar (2.03 MB)
GameID: BLES01051
EXT: Yes (Run with SELECT+X in multiMAN)
Discless: Yes (from app_home on the XMB)


Drop and drag/copy the PS3_GAME folder to /dev_usb000/GAMES/BLES01051 if external or what num your dev_usb num is

Tested and working 100% enjoy

Williams Pinball Classics PS3 Custom Firmware Patch Fix is Out

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#6 - PS4 News - 198w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
I have updated the first post now and +Rep uksmokey.

#5 - uksmokey - 198w ago
uksmokey's Avatar
hi, the read me is wrong

Notes: Drop and drag/copy the PS3_GAME folder to /dev_hdd0/GAMES/BLES01051 if internal


Notes: Drop and drag/copy the PS3_GAME folder to /dev_usb000/GAMES/BLES01051 if external or what num your dev_usb num is

hope this helps

#4 - simon1234 - 198w ago
simon1234's Avatar
it's working for me.

#3 - elser1 - 199w ago
elser1's Avatar
i've had this game for 6 months (if its the same one) and i could never get it to work so thanks big time for this.. i even asked about it in the help section here months ago.. this is kool.

#2 - PS4 News - 199w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
I don't use any of these myself (no time to play video games) but perhaps yours was already updated?

If that isn't the case, not sure why a patch fix was released... if anyone knows feel free to reply

#1 - billyreneoberra - 199w ago
billyreneoberra's Avatar
we need a patch for this one? i've had it for a couple of days now and it works on kmeaw 3.55 without any patch through multiman with select+x


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