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June 8, 2011 // 11:38 am - Here is a brief update from PS3 hacker Waninkoko, sharing his thoughts on how to develop a full-fledged PS3 CFW 3.60 / 3.61 followed by some details from groveritos below.

This news comes following a PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware hybrid update to PS3 CFW VENIX S-PLUS Spoofing 3.65. To quote, roughly translated:

1. Private keys can not be calculated for any firmware> = 3.56, and are NOT in any site, which for some are private (only the Sony has, and if we make a mistake it was thanks to them which they applied the algorithm So encryption of data and a few mathematical operations could calculate the private keys).

2. IF you can create a CFW 3.61, the only obstacle is to get the public keys, which can be drawn SI, with varying degrees of difficulty but you can. Each loader is encrypted with a private key and decrypted with the corresponding public key. But the lowest level loader in a FW is encrypted and decrypted with the root key, which is invariably because the root public key used to decrypt the loader is located in the metldr (obviously, the metldr will have to have the public key to decrypt the loader) and metldr NOT be updated in any way, so that the root key can not be changed from one version to another firmware because it is sad if any.

So if you want to create a CFW of 3.61, changing the LV2 to add new features, we have to go hacking the chain of loaders to get on. Example:

METLDR -> LV0LDR -> LV0 -> LV1LDR -> LV1 -> LV2LDR -> LV2

More or less this is the chain of loaders (do not know if there is some small variation in FW 3.61).

METLDR, as I said, NO you can update.

METLDR LV0LDR decode the root key (LV0LDR loader is the lowest level, if we do not have to METLDR) and executes it.

LV0LDR LV0 decode the LV0-key (this key if you can change between versions of firmware as LV0LDR SI is upgradeable and can therefore LV0 encrypt a private key and update LV0LDR to decode it with the new corresponding public key) and runs.

Decrypts LV0 LV1LDR ....

LV2 LV2LDR decrypts the lv2-key and executes it.

Therefore, if you want a CFW, we need to decipher LV0LDR (with the root key, which geohot public and will never change), change LV0LDR change LV0 decryption key (the change of a key that is capable of decoding a LV0 encrypted with a private key that we DO know ... that private key? anyone, as if we generate a key), encrypt LV0LDR with the root key, and we can modify LV0 to our liking and is now LV0 deciphered with a different public key, which we know the private key. And so we change the whole chain to LV2, modify and recifrarlo with the new key we've chosen.

Well, that's the way broadly told (when I say encrypt / decrypt, I do not mean the contents of the loaders, because it works with AES encryption and symmetric and there is no question of public / private key, but I mean really at the head of such loaders, for signature, which uses RSA keys is where public / private partnerships, with the sole purpose of checking that these loaders have NOT been changed).

In the case of FW 3.61 the track is a bit more complex as there are RSA public key and AES keys that are easy to obtain, but hey, there are methods to obtain, there are people who have them, and therefore it is not impossible .

Now, we must take into account that a CFW can be installed only if the console is in a FW 3.55 or lower, because higher versions will make use of a new updater, which verifies the upgrade package (internal data the PUP, so I understand) by checking with new firms (which had not previously existed and are now mandatory) which we have neither the public nor the private key (the public can take, but privately we can forget and here no no chain so we can prevent this ... the updater is a separate application of FW and no longer has to do with the above explained).

Said this last, some will think that if the upgrade to a CFW 3.56/3.60/3.61 and thou mayest not reinstall any other CFW (that is, you stay forever in that CFW or FW actualizais an official). The answer is yes, but hey, is not inevitable and that, in creating this CFW, we can modify the VSH (or one) to use the old updater (which does not check new firms and therefore we have no obstacle to install new CFW), or modify the APPLDR to allow us to load the new updater but modified to not check signatures (the new updater can be changed, of course, but also need to modify our FW APPLDR currently installed to the recifrar updater with a private key known and APPLDR then be able to decrypt and run).

And that's all.

From groveritos:

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Waninkoko Explains How to Develop a PS3 CFW 3.60 / 3.61

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#170 - elser1 - July 2, 2012 // 2:35 am
elser1's Avatar
i agree it if real is not much use until you can sign mm and other homebrew.

would be good if someone from ps3 with more credibility (no offense kloops) with e3 flasher can try this. i wouldn't do it though even if i had a flasher. LOL

#169 - PS4 News - July 2, 2012 // 2:25 am
PS4 News's Avatar
I moved it to our ongoing "BS" thread here for the moment, but if some others confirm it's indeed legit just minus leaked keys then perhaps we can promote it to the main page as a video is included and a non-survey download etc.

#168 - oVERSoLDiER - July 2, 2012 // 2:21 am
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
Well it may be not a fake, but it's useless unless the 4.20 Keys are leaked to sign homebrew.

#167 - kloops - July 2, 2012 // 2:07 am
kloops's Avatar
I have downloaded and installed this on my ps3 and its works! Now you cant install pkg's because you will need the get it signed like 3.55 pkg's. Warning there might be a possible risk of a ban so don't try this if you are concerned about being ban!



#166 - technodon - April 6, 2012 // 12:38 pm
technodon's Avatar
so what, we can install packages on 3.55 then update to 4.11 and with a hardware flasher we can downgrade again. installing packages on 4.11 is not really a problem, getting homebrew to run is a different story also the nodex firmware is a fake, if you install try to install it on 4.11 it says corrupt firmware, it installs fine on 3.55 but the xmb is jumpy and there is a blank space where install package files should be..

#165 - Blade86 - April 4, 2012 // 12:51 pm
Blade86's Avatar
i'm a bit confused. What would be if we make a full-game-pkg from a backup, fake-download it and install it?

Since its based on FW 4.11 it should run all newer files.

And secondly, how can it be installed over OFW4.11 without new encryption? If someone could plz enlighten me, that would be awesome.


#164 - PS4 News - March 30, 2012 // 7:12 am
PS4 News's Avatar
As this is our ongoing thread for miscellaneous PS3 CFW / MFW hype, BS, videos, etc below is another for those keeping track

Nodex PS3 CFW / MFW Custom Firmware 4.11

To quote from Nodex: I do not recommended to install it without E3 Flasher (During the flash may have problems). But in my phat operation was a success.

Completed things:

  • Can be install from OFW 4.11!
  • Added install package files/app_home categories
  • lv2 kernel patched sucessfully

Not fixed/patched:

  • no homebrew yet
  • lv1 hypervisor is not patched

It's not for Debug Consoles only for Retail.

To install:

1. Rename nodex.PUP to PS3UPDAT.PUP
2. Put the update file in PS3/UPDATE/ on pendrive
3. You are ready to update!

Download: Nodex PS3 CFW / MFW Custom Firmware 4.11

Evidence it can be installed:

However, compare these: with

Download: Rogero PS3 CFW v3.1 for 3.55 with 4.11 Spoof

Below is another update from Nodex ( for those following:

Signed a Fake Package 4.11

I signed a fake, blank 4.11 package it can be download through PSStore via change a Map to your harddisk.

Fake signed package:

How to download a fake package to your PS3 4.11.

You must know:

Start Charles proxy, from menu Proxy - Proxy Seetings, and use the HTTP settings into your PS3.

You done? ok go to PSS

1. Go to search

2. Type LIMBO

3. Choose a Limbo (TRIAL)

4. Start download Limbo

5. Stop it, and go change a map local in Charles to fake package.

6. Start download the "LIMBO" u will a download a fake package from your HDD.

So it's just a signed 4.11 package this do nothing, but it's a good proof

From Twitter (!/NodexNL/status/187990648891248640): Got access to some 4.11/lv2, lv2iv & lv2key revealed download:

Finally, from hamtah comes Me2 Firmware 4.11 with details below, as follows:


I am a person. A person which is releasing a firmware. A person which thinks that this firmware will help all those poor people in need of two icons (Install Package Files/apphome categories).

So I wanted to make firmware with MFW builder which adds two NEW ICONS TO 4.11 like NODEX had done! And so I made this I do not recommended to install it without E3 Flasher (During the flash may have problems). I also want to say, I did not test this, because I didn't feel like it. But if anyone has a PS3 lying around as a doorstep, go right ahead and try this out.

Completed things:

  • can be install from OFW 4.11!
  • added install package files/app_home categories
  • lv2 kernel patched successfully

Not fixed/patched:

  • no homebrew yet
  • lv1 hypervisor is not patched
  • no piracy
  • no hombrew
  • no way to do stuff 3.55 CFW can do
  • no way to do anything

It's no for Debug Consoles only for Retail (Boo hoo)

To install

1. Rename myuselessfirmware.PUP to PS3UPDAT.PUP
2. Put the update file in PS3/UPDATE/ on pendrive
3. You are ready to update!

WARNING: This firmware is mainly intended for those who want to stare at two icons all day and dream about how it would feel if the icons did something. I take no responsibility in any damage this does to your PS3, your house, or your family. By installing this, you are agreeing to major legal terms blah blah blah nodex blah blah blah

From Twitter (!/NodexNL/status/189042607471607809): lv2 4.11 bare keys revealed - ctype, iv, key, priv, pub.


Another BS PS3 Jailbreak 4.11 (2012) CFW by qwertyu21ify:

How to jailbreak PS3 4.11

1. Download the jailbreak:
2. Download Awesome File Manager.pkg it's for managing files on your PS3 you can get it from here:
3. Download ftpserver_12.pkg it for getting PSN on PS3 when it's jailbrocken and you cant host lobbies in MW2 and MW3 you can get it from here:
4. Download multiMAN 04.02.00 this is the best of all the reason most people jailbreak on this you can download games, music, and movies online free and it compresses the game so you will have a lot of memory and it can play emulators from all old game all the way up to N64 and PS1and it looks awsome you can get it from here:
5. Unzip the rar/zip file you downloaded
6. Obtain your USB drive, plug it into your computer
7. Navigate on your computer Start/My Computer/USB DRIVE
8. Put Awesome File Manager, ftpserver_12.pkg, and multiMAN 04.02.00 in the root of USB
9. right click create a folder called PS3.
10. Inside PS3, right click, create a new folder called, UPDATE.
11. Transfer the PS3UPDAT.PUP inside PS3/UPDATE
12. Safely eject your USB drive, head over to your PS3, plug your USB into your PS3.
13. Turn on your PS3
14. Navigate to Settings/Update System
15. Press Update via Storage Device
16. Agree To the Terms of Use
17. Let the PS3 Install the CFW (Custom Firmware)
18. Your PS3 will turn off, beep 9 times, then turn on.

Congratulations Your Now Jailbroken on Firmware 4.11

Hope you all enjoy
Hope you truly enjoy your jailbreak on 4.11 Firmware! Brought to you by qwertyu21ify.

One last BS video from MrJailbreak619 via YouTube:

Here is my 4.11 Jailbreak in action.

As you can see and as i have said in the video, my next video will include me showing everyone how to install the Jailbreak on your PS3.

Some things you would like to know about the Jailbreak

What can you do with the Jailbreak?
1) Install Package Files,
2) Play Online
3) Play Backup Games Via MultiMan & Gaia (I do not condone piracy so please only play games you have already bought)
4) I have added a few extra things to the Music & Video functions but with the video functions you need to be online to do it as the added features i have made only allows them to work if your online

1) You can be on OFW 4.11 to install the Jailbreak, So everyone whos worrying that they accidently updated to 4.11 there's no need to worry okay guys.

2) My Jailbreak will be completely 100% FREE!!!, There are some sites out there advertising my Jailbreak and trying to get people to subscribe or "Donate" and with the "Donation" you will get my Jailbreak, Well if you do see that and you will from at least 1 site i can guarantee (You can most probably guess who) then DO NOT pay for it, Do not subscribe for the Jailbreak or anything which means you have to hand over your hard earned money for the Jailbreak, Im doing this so every single one of you have the RIGHT & FREEDOM to do what the hell you want to do with your Playstation 3 consoles because after all you paid YOUR hard earned money for your Playstation 3 consoles so you should have the right to do what the hell you want to do with them!!
In saying that please be aware that i DO NOT condone piracy.

3) You can follow me on twitter @MrJailbreak619 (!/MrJailbreak619) also come visit us at my site and have a chat, we'll be glad to see you

4) Where will i be releasing the Jailbreak?? Only 1 place i will be releasing the Jailbreak and i have already said where i will release it on my Twitter account.

Now i know i have a few haters and that's fine but please do not throw abuse at me guys there's no need for it okay i have literally done nothing to you, I've worked my ass off to bring you guys a Jailbreak completely FREE when most sites are charging for one, I'm not earning anything out of this, Everything i do is completely FREE for you guys, so please keep that in mind before considering to type abusive messages at me ok.

So enjoy the video guys.

#163 - ps3hen - January 20, 2012 // 11:43 am
ps3hen's Avatar
Just some info I've gathered on v2 of Mooses CFW:

1/ Uses original 4.00 CEX vsh.self

2/ The fact that Install package files never loads on the XMB shows that it is using CEX .sprx xmb plugins

3/ The reversed order of "Install Package Files" and "/app_home/PS3_GAME/" suggests that the category_game.xml has been altered to show these manually.

#162 - ChaoticTissue - December 25, 2011 // 1:12 am
ChaoticTissue's Avatar
Brave soul... Thanks for the confirmation. I wasn't willing to risk my 3.55, and don't have a hardware flasher.

I hope you do, though...

#161 - technodon - December 24, 2011 // 8:34 pm
technodon's Avatar
i'm installing the v2 version, i'll let you know.

great work from mooses. it installed fine from 3.55 there is the xmb /app_home/PS3_GAME and a blank space where install package files should be. the XMB is really jumpy. homebrew does not work. so.. completely useless!