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August 20, 2011 // 9:16 am - This weekend French PlayStation 3 developer dudu.clx has shared a PS3A Linux Box v1 PS3 Install Script for OtherOS++ CFW users and some videos documenting the process below.

To quote, roughly translated: To make installing Linux on PS3 simpler and faster, I decided to create the PS3A linux-box . Run the script, and off you go!

The linux installer for PS3 OtherOS++ consists of a series of scripts that will run from petitboot once otheros + + partitions created correctly (success It will be regularly updated to correct, improve some support and offer still more versions of Linux.

Requirements for PS3a Linux-box (roughly translated):

  • Have a PS3 with a CFW OtherOS++
  • Having set the hard disk
  • Restart the PS3 petitboot.



  • Boot into PS3′s Petitboot
  • Go to the shell and type:

[Register or Login to view code]

Changelog for v1:

  • Installer available in three languages, English, French, Spanish.
  • Basic Installation debian and ubuntu.
  • Install the choice of pre-compiled kernel or compile it yourself.
  • Choice of 4 modes of starts for Debian and Ubuntu (normal, full_HD, normal + wifi + wifi full_HD).
  • Choice of light configuration, or custom for Debian and Ubuntu (and many office applications).
  • Choice of evolution of Debian MintPPC.
  • Choice between versions for ubuntu jaunty, maverick, maverick, maverick and maverick.
  • Choosing to migrate to Ubuntu or Kubuntu Xubuntu (when choosing his office).
  • Configuring the wifi for FAT (ubuntu and debian).
  • Installing Fedora Core 12 with Cell SDK pre -install (text mode only).

Coming soon:

  • Fixed script and successful installation of Gentoo.
  • Added post-install Debian for Red Ribbon.
  • Added installation of Mandriva, Arch Linux, OpenSUSE, OSX Leopard.
  • Added a script configuration of Fedora Core 12.
  • Choice of installing the IBM Cell SDK for debian and ubuntu.
  • Added support available from the script.
  • Design and Theme PS3A Adding a Linux Box for Debian / Ubuntu.
  • Integration into petitboot.

And instructions! Just enter a choice from a list, the rest just happens! To illustrate how it works, I’ve made ​​two videos: Installing ubuntu hardy in 13 minutes, via telnet:

Video: PS3A Linux Box v1 PS3 Install Script for OtherOS++ CFW

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#5 - Pcsx2006 - August 21, 2011 // 1:52 am
Pcsx2006's Avatar
Nice work, I must say this a nice option for linux techies.

#4 - Natepig - August 20, 2011 // 4:45 pm
Natepig's Avatar
I totally understand the desire to do it for the sake of it, but it really looks as though a full linux install with decent performance is simply not possible on the ps3's ever aging hardware.

#3 - PS4 News - August 20, 2011 // 4:20 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
I guess some people just want to be able to say they did it... but indeed, most who use Linux will do it on a PC not from a PS3.

#2 - anon777 - August 20, 2011 // 4:20 pm
anon777's Avatar
very nice work

#1 - Natepig - August 20, 2011 // 4:14 pm
Natepig's Avatar
I applaud the effort that goes into something like this, but I think linux on the ps3 sucked from sony and still sucks, just not as much.