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July 12, 2011 // 6:16 pm - As a follow-up to the previous JaicraB JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware videos came a video (below) by pdnked of a PS3 Slim Retail console running Rebug 3.66 Custom Firmware (which is actually PS3 OFW 3.66 with a few Debug files added) from Dospiedras1973 via Spanish site Elotrolado.

A rough translation from Teknoconsolas states the following:

Dospiedras1973, EOL and user who has already managed to do the downgrade recently consoles INFECTUS using FAT for that necessary, has released a firmware that allows PS3 to version 3.66 with options debug a machine operative. Some clarifications are annotated by the developer:

Download: Rebug 3.66 CFW (Spanish) PUP / Rebug 3.66 CFW (Spanish) PUP (Mirror) / Rebug 3.66 CFW (Spanish) PUP (Mirror #2)

Dospiedra Modified Firmware details to note:

  • Only user-3.55 (no matter if CFW or OFW)
  • No turning back, pass over to 3.66 with all that that entails. Only you can downgrade to INFECTUS (dospiedras method).
  • No syscalls / payloads ... so that the burden of copies is disabled. For what is agreed is a firmware guy ... GeoHot.
  • The 3.55 homebrew installed no longer work.
  • There is no package installer (for now).
  • Full access to PSN.
  • Works on both Fat and Slim (as shown in the video), no tricks hardware and could suggest a user in the comments.

Of course, install under your own responsibility, nor do I Dospiedras not responsible for any errors or omissions performed by the user.

Shortly following, Rebug developer Cyberskunk stated via the following warning: "DO NOT INSTALL THIS. After ripping this PUP apart it appears the rundown will be VERY VERY SHORT.

This is RETAIL OFW 3.66 with just a 'few' of the files from DEBUG firmware.

  • vsh.self
  • index.dat
  • version.txt


In conclusion, those without an Infectus Mod who do not wish to risk their JailBroken PS3 console and lose the ability to run PlayStation 3 back-ups and homebrew should avoid this PS3 CFW at the present time... whether further progress will change this or not only time will tell.

Video: PS3 Slim Retail Console Running 3.66 Custom Firmware

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#16 - PiLLeMaNN - July 13, 2011 // 8:11 am
PiLLeMaNN's Avatar
I really do hope something good comes out of this.

#15 - Windstyle - July 13, 2011 // 8:07 am
Windstyle's Avatar
I really doubt they will detect a modified ps3 if they make a homebrew that hides your ip or your mac adress of your console or even changing it will work i think.

#14 - young blade - July 13, 2011 // 7:54 am
young blade's Avatar
I don't reallly see the bennefit.. its more of a loss to me.. I'm on CFW 3.55 got all my backups on my 1TB drive.. There is no win in it for me..

#13 - oVERSoLDiER - July 13, 2011 // 7:42 am
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
I would know if the same error appears, if he updated his Dead Nation, or something changed.

#12 - barrybarryk - July 13, 2011 // 7:04 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
It doesn't enable cheaters, that's nothing to do with homebrew or CFW on the PS3. Hence why there are still cheaters on PSN and they have been on there from long before the jailbreak.

If a CFW that allows retail PSN access was released Sony would be very quick to patch it, since there is absolutely no way a modified PS3 can get on PSN and be undetectable. All the security is server side and can be updated independent of firmware updates.

#11 - Windstyle - July 13, 2011 // 7:03 am
Windstyle's Avatar
ohh now i get it thx for the explain.

#10 - elser1 - July 13, 2011 // 6:42 am
elser1's Avatar
well a lot of people don't want cfw on psn as its piracy and enables cheating losers on there.. pay your way or it will be like xbox.. there's always a few idiots who ruin a good thing!!

#9 - Windstyle - July 13, 2011 // 6:29 am
Windstyle's Avatar
Hmm like everything is ready i don't think that it will take more than a month ofc (crossed fingers) Great Job !!!

Quote Originally Posted by heartagram62 View Post
Full PSN access? Just what we didn't want. Keep your back up games and homebrew but keep off of the PSN and leave it for those who pay their way!

And who told you that we didn't want full Psn access and why

#8 - heartagram62 - July 13, 2011 // 6:00 am
heartagram62's Avatar
Full PSN access? Just what we didn't want. Keep your back up games and homebrew but keep off of the PSN and leave it for those who pay their way!

#7 - HACKDEPS3 - July 13, 2011 // 5:56 am
HACKDEPS3's Avatar
guys this is great i had to trade my ps3 to game stop and got a ps3 with 3.66 on it and could not do anything that i miss well i got some ideas about this cfw 3.66 i'm about to try it. thank you so much man just in time with me lol

you think it might be a idea to stay on sp-int network instead of np ? less security on sp-int right? or what anyone know anything about this?

I can't get 2nd link to install on 3.66 owf it says the update is corrupt.