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July 12, 2011 // 6:16 pm - As a follow-up to the previous JaicraB JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware videos came a video (below) by pdnked of a PS3 Slim Retail console running Rebug 3.66 Custom Firmware (which is actually PS3 OFW 3.66 with a few Debug files added) from Dospiedras1973 via Spanish site Elotrolado.

A rough translation from Teknoconsolas states the following:

Dospiedras1973, EOL and user who has already managed to do the downgrade recently consoles INFECTUS using FAT for that necessary, has released a firmware that allows PS3 to version 3.66 with options debug a machine operative. Some clarifications are annotated by the developer:

Download: Rebug 3.66 CFW (Spanish) PUP / Rebug 3.66 CFW (Spanish) PUP (Mirror) / Rebug 3.66 CFW (Spanish) PUP (Mirror #2)

Dospiedra Modified Firmware details to note:

  • Only user-3.55 (no matter if CFW or OFW)
  • No turning back, pass over to 3.66 with all that that entails. Only you can downgrade to INFECTUS (dospiedras method).
  • No syscalls / payloads ... so that the burden of copies is disabled. For what is agreed is a firmware guy ... GeoHot.
  • The 3.55 homebrew installed no longer work.
  • There is no package installer (for now).
  • Full access to PSN.
  • Works on both Fat and Slim (as shown in the video), no tricks hardware and could suggest a user in the comments.

Of course, install under your own responsibility, nor do I Dospiedras not responsible for any errors or omissions performed by the user.

Shortly following, Rebug developer Cyberskunk stated via the following warning: "DO NOT INSTALL THIS. After ripping this PUP apart it appears the rundown will be VERY VERY SHORT.

This is RETAIL OFW 3.66 with just a 'few' of the files from DEBUG firmware.

  • vsh.self
  • index.dat
  • version.txt


In conclusion, those without an Infectus Mod who do not wish to risk their JailBroken PS3 console and lose the ability to run PlayStation 3 back-ups and homebrew should avoid this PS3 CFW at the present time... whether further progress will change this or not only time will tell.

Video: PS3 Slim Retail Console Running 3.66 Custom Firmware

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#36 - miniclip22 - July 15, 2011 // 5:51 pm
miniclip22's Avatar
Hey! I have recently updated from CFW 3.55 to 3.66 OFW, but since I saw this, I have tried to update to this firmware... The only problem is when I put this firmware, CFW 3.66, I get the error: "Data is corrupted". Have tried thousands of times, any ideas why this is occurring? Thanks in advance!

#35 - HeyManHRU - July 15, 2011 // 2:38 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Maybe to you it's worthless. But to many people having debug options on 3.66 FW is pretty impressive.

P.S. No one cares if you're on jb 3.55.

#34 - tysinb - July 15, 2011 // 2:22 am
tysinb's Avatar
Worthless, plus i already have the jb 3.55

#33 - FernanditoJr - July 14, 2011 // 1:48 pm
FernanditoJr's Avatar
The ROUGH TRANSLATION was irking me so if you want to use a better one here it is:

Dospiedras1973, EOL user who just recently downgraded a FAT model using INFECTUS, has published a firmware that allows the PS3 to upgrade to the version 3.66 with debug options.

Some main points by the developer:

Only 3.55 users (either CFW or OFW)
There's no turning back. You'll be going to 3.66 and all that it entails. You may only downgrade with INFECTUS (dospiedras method).
No syscalls/payloads... so no backups, it's a firmware GEOHOT style.
3.55 Homebrew will cease to work.
There is no package installer (for now).
Full PSN access.
Works both on Fat and Slim (as shown on the video), no hardware tricks as some users have suggested in the comments.

#32 - Ni72ous - July 14, 2011 // 1:37 am
Ni72ous's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ph4rcyd3 View Post
My slim is still at 3.61. Since I don't have anything to lose, I'll update with this cfw just to take a look at it. Downloading right now and I'll update as soon as it completes. I'll report back once the process is all done.

You can't use it, It's for 3.55 as stated in the first post.

Sent from my HTC HD2 using Tapatalk.

#31 - ph4rcyd3 - July 14, 2011 // 1:16 am
ph4rcyd3's Avatar
My slim is still at 3.61. Since I don't have anything to lose, I'll update with this cfw just to take a look at it. Downloading right now and I'll update as soon as it completes. I'll report back once the process is all done.

#30 - xpa12 - July 13, 2011 // 8:46 pm
xpa12's Avatar
daveshooter you are correct in thinking that Multiman does not run on debug 3.66, you can install it fine it just comes up with an error message on startup and goes back to XMB.

The original BUM that was patched for debug units still works fine in terms of actually backing up a game, however does not run the game and in my experience the Debug version of Back up manager was not able to run backups from the start. Really wish there was a Master Disc patch application for ps3 games like there was for PS1/2 games Oh well at least i've still got a retail to play with too!

#29 - rikukh3 - July 13, 2011 // 8:10 pm
rikukh3's Avatar
Correctly signed NPDRM homebrews will work just fine on 3.66 OFW, just like unsigned on debug. Geohot's signing tool use one STATIC npdrm key for all programs, and sony blacklisted that specific key in 3.56+ firmwares.

We need normal npdrm signing tool. And if you can launch your own apps in 3.66 OFW, I'm pretty sure you can write homebrew for installing PKG's or homebrew for decrypting 3.60+ non-npdrm SELFs (hello, psp prxdecrypter!), both doesn't requare low level access or custom syscalls.

#28 - daveshooter - July 13, 2011 // 7:29 pm
daveshooter's Avatar
As it stands at the moment then, the only chance of playing backups on a stock ps3 3.66 is to find a way of turning your backups into DLC pkg's and then some how creating your own spoofed dlc server, and we know thats not really that hard.

Sign the home made pkg's with 3.55 keys, we already know, if you have a dlc game on from 3.55 or below it will run on a stock ps3 on 3.66 after upgrading the pkg that is.

If you had a true debug/test unit then you would be able to run an unsigned ftp server making backing up no problem, but I was on the understanding the new 3.66 debug units can not play backups that are dumped on the drive, only unsigned pkgs from the PSN or unsigned pkg's you create yourself ?

I also don't think dean's mm will run on a 3.66 debug unit as it will not have the access to the system like it dose on 3.55 and below, but I hope I'm wrong on that one.

#27 - rikukh3 - July 13, 2011 // 6:52 pm
rikukh3's Avatar
No, multiman and other backup managers requires custom syscalls. But it's possible to launch backups on debug by editing decrypted eboot's.