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July 19, 2011 // 10:00 am - Following up on the previous release, Victor (The Specialist) from Brazilian Team VeniX has announced news today of another PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware update to PS3 CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4 with changes detailed below alongside a demo video of it in action.

Download: PS3 CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4

Below is a rough translation: New CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4

Today I bring you the CFW (Custom Firmware) more complete now, for the most complete? we have implemented a system & Poke peek at lv1 and lv2 your files to increase compatibility with homebrew and games.

Interactive menu entirely in Portuguese. and also bring you a category of "TV" and Media Center-compatible movies in all formats up to 1080p mkv, also supports subtitles in .srt.

Features of CFW Venix Plus:

  • Added Peek & Poke at lv1 and lv2.
  • New profile icon.
  • New option quick registration.
  • Options QA in Portuguese.
  • Application Manager (where you install your applications and delete).
  • Added Multimedia Center.
  • Nice theme with new icons
  • You can lock and unlock trophies.
  • Option to clone your hard drive.
  • Category "TV" system with Showtime.

Video: PS3 CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4 Update Arrives with Demo

Video: PS3 CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4 Update Arrives with Demo

Video: PS3 CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4 Update Arrives with Demo

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#45 - nikolass - April 13, 2012 // 12:47 pm
nikolass's Avatar
please can someone answer? is it possible to downgrade ps3, only with a teensy?

is there a guide on how to do it? and if you can, with this program you get the venix CFW? can you go and install kmeaw 3.55 then?

please answer, thanks a lot!

#44 - PLAYER 1 - April 11, 2012 // 10:30 am
PLAYER 1's Avatar
So, is this patcher ok ??

#43 - djluiluv - April 8, 2012 // 9:29 pm
djluiluv's Avatar
TY CFWPROPHET!!! as always.. you da hombre!

#42 - cfwprophet - April 8, 2012 // 8:05 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
Thx now it is correct

#41 - OverX - April 8, 2012 // 7:38 pm
OverX's Avatar
I thought the problem was an error translation English, I'm uploading the solution.

New version v1.0.0.1

Fixed translation error:

#40 - OverX - April 8, 2012 // 7:25 pm
OverX's Avatar
Give me your Nor to check, thank you

#39 - cfwprophet - April 8, 2012 // 6:12 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
Found something. The app tells me that the header is invalid but thats not true. Header of my NOR dump is OK. Pics are attached.


1. Start app and click on "search"
2. Select your NAND/NOR Dump
3. Click on "Apply"
4. Choose where to save the output and give it a name like "My_2004B_downgrade.bin"

Thats it.

#38 - funfink - April 8, 2012 // 6:06 pm
funfink's Avatar
any one got a link for how to set up a teensy2.0++ to the ps3 and instructions to flash?

#37 - djluiluv - April 8, 2012 // 6:03 pm
djluiluv's Avatar
Can someone please be so kind enough to up a step-by-step tut for this using E3, Progskeet, Teensy2.0++,etc please?

Not eveyone "just gets it" like most you...

#36 - OverX - April 8, 2012 // 2:56 pm
OverX's Avatar
Simple friend, you only need to patch in your backup and write