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August 15, 2012 // 7:51 am - After over 60 pages of forum discussion, today I present a Tales of Graces F guide and repack tools for those interested in getting it running fully translated on PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) 3.55, as follows:

What you will need:

  • JP release of the game (BLJS10093)
  • US release of the game (BLUS30903)
  • 15GB of free space recommended

  • quickbms (, first link at the top)
  • unpack script (attached)
  • repack tools & fixed files - (~127MB)


  • Make a new empty folder somewhere, for example C:/talesfix
  • Extract the contents of to here.
  • You can place quickbms and the script anywhere, they don't have to be in this folder. Extract the zip that contains the bms file too.

  • Copy rootR.cpk from the japanese game (BLJS10093/PS3_GAME/USDIR) to here and rename it to rootR_JP.cpk
  • Copy map0R.cpk from the american release (BLUS30903/PS3_GAME/USDIR) to here and rename it to map0R_US.cpk
  • Copy map1R.cpk from the american release (BLUS30903/PS3_GAME/USDIR) to here and rename it to map1R_US.cpk

  • Make these new folders in your talesfix folder : jp_files, us_files, map0r_files, map1r_files
  • Your talesfix folder should now look like as on the attached picture


  • open quickbms
  • select the script file (
  • select the japanese rootR.cpk
  • select the jp_files folder

  • open quickbms
  • select the script file (
  • select the american rootR.cpk
  • select the us_files folder

  • open quickbms
  • select the script file (
  • select the american map0R.cpk
  • select the map0r_files folder

  • open quickbms
  • select the script file (
  • select the american map1R.cpk
  • select the map1r_files folder


  • It will ask you for your preferred voices (jap/eng)
  • It will make a new file called rootR_fixed.cpk

  • Start FIX_MAP0R.BAT
  • It will make a new file called map0R_fixed.cpk

  • Start FIX_MAP1R.BAT
  • It will make a new file called map1R_fixed.cpk


  • Copy the japanese game to your PS3
  • Rename rootR_fixed.cpk to rootR.cpk and copy over the original
  • Rename map0R_fixed.cpk to map0R.cpk and copy over the original
  • Rename map1R_fixed.cpk to map1R.cpk and copy over the original
  • If you don't want japanese movies copy the american movie files (bink folder)
  • Copy the latest translated EBOOT over the original
  • Enjoy

Latest translated EBOOT:

  • English chest passwords*
  • Story Battles
  • How-to Battles
  • Title Abilities & Effects
  • Food Effects
  • Discoveries
  • Typo fixes ("cloak fix")
  • An important translation change of Bench EXP/SP/HP titles

*for English chest passwords be sure to use the latest chest fixed files (Aug.15)

Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55 Guide and Repack Tools Out

Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55 Guide and Repack Tools Out

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#926 - predprey - August 12, 2013 // 7:32 pm
predprey's Avatar
when the *B.edats are decrypted, they are FPS4 packed, though albeit different from the game files as they cannot repack properly with mamu's fps4pack. reason for costume jp dlcs not working on us version is because of the spacer size being different in the files with header .4Vx in the *B.edats. items dlcs work fine as they do not depend on *D.edats and there is no spacer required, though they can still be translated.

#925 - klopik - August 11, 2013 // 7:29 am
klopik's Avatar
Trying to make a undub version using the BLJS version of ToGf but quickbms gives me this error. What should I do? Any help is appreciated.

Edit: Nevermind, I already did it.

#924 - marcisie - August 9, 2013 // 6:37 am
marcisie's Avatar
Can someone please re-release Tales of Graces F UNDUB Project - FINAL VERSION. I want to be able to play with all the Japanese DLC All the links are dead. Thank You

#923 - Sakuryu - August 2, 2013 // 4:36 am
Sakuryu's Avatar
Um hi, I just made a Japanese Undub to english so I could use all the it weird that some messages, all the carte and the titles are in full Japanese? Can I make these english?

Ok, this is kinda weird but, When i start a new game thing seem to be more english than when I load my imported US save.... Like the battle messages and etc are in english in the new game.

#922 - predprey - July 27, 2013 // 2:43 am
predprey's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mamu View Post
I couldn't decrypt the DLCs, but if someone manages to do it, we can fix the crashing.

i can help with that.

decrypting the dlcs is not a problem but what i fear is the cause of the crashing is not due to the JIS characters being incompatible with the US game. there are ports of dlcs for other game where foreign characters are just displayed as mojibake so technically it's possible for the dlcs to work even if the characters are foreign.

i do not know much about how the dlcs are processed so it's just a postulation. if help is needed in decrypting i can render my assistance.

#921 - reds - July 20, 2013 // 9:15 am
reds's Avatar
Here you must found the game in Vostfr:

#920 - Lusanagi - July 19, 2013 // 6:03 pm
Lusanagi's Avatar
I have a question regarding the JP based undub:

Is there no way to use the BLUS eboot to have he whole translation? If I remember correctly the japanese eboot's translation wasn't completed

#919 - Kenshindono - July 7, 2013 // 5:51 pm
Kenshindono's Avatar
Did the job but not for the Euro version (I don't post Euro content on public forum) You can get the TOGf JPN version DLC on Tales of Xillia Thread

Stompe the difference between Tales of Grace F and Tales of Xilia would be the story, for sure The graphic, obviously! The gameplay, probably, Even the System but we need to play it all to be able to check all those difference, isn't it ?

#918 - stompe - July 7, 2013 // 12:46 pm
stompe's Avatar
What's the difference between Tales of Grace F and Tales of Xilia? Only the story? or the entire gameplay mechanics?

#917 - hydro51 - July 7, 2013 // 11:02 am
hydro51's Avatar
DLC not appear in the game

I think, the problem comes from my BLES01617 file that does not exist, it says - INSTALL after I don't understand, I need to connect on PSN for download a DLC and create a good BLES folder ?