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141w ago - After over 60 pages of forum discussion, today I present a Tales of Graces F guide and repack tools for those interested in getting it running fully translated on PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) 3.55, as follows:

What you will need:

  • JP release of the game (BLJS10093)
  • US release of the game (BLUS30903)
  • 15GB of free space recommended

  • quickbms (, first link at the top)
  • unpack script (attached)
  • repack tools & fixed files - (~127MB)


  • Make a new empty folder somewhere, for example C:/talesfix
  • Extract the contents of to here.
  • You can place quickbms and the script anywhere, they don't have to be in this folder. Extract the zip that contains the bms file too.

  • Copy rootR.cpk from the japanese game (BLJS10093/PS3_GAME/USDIR) to here and rename it to rootR_JP.cpk
  • Copy map0R.cpk from the american release (BLUS30903/PS3_GAME/USDIR) to here and rename it to map0R_US.cpk
  • Copy map1R.cpk from the american release (BLUS30903/PS3_GAME/USDIR) to here and rename it to map1R_US.cpk

  • Make these new folders in your talesfix folder : jp_files, us_files, map0r_files, map1r_files
  • Your talesfix folder should now look like as on the attached picture


  • open quickbms
  • select the script file (
  • select the japanese rootR.cpk
  • select the jp_files folder

  • open quickbms
  • select the script file (
  • select the american rootR.cpk
  • select the us_files folder

  • open quickbms
  • select the script file (
  • select the american map0R.cpk
  • select the map0r_files folder

  • open quickbms
  • select the script file (
  • select the american map1R.cpk
  • select the map1r_files folder


  • It will ask you for your preferred voices (jap/eng)
  • It will make a new file called rootR_fixed.cpk

  • Start FIX_MAP0R.BAT
  • It will make a new file called map0R_fixed.cpk

  • Start FIX_MAP1R.BAT
  • It will make a new file called map1R_fixed.cpk


  • Copy the japanese game to your PS3
  • Rename rootR_fixed.cpk to rootR.cpk and copy over the original
  • Rename map0R_fixed.cpk to map0R.cpk and copy over the original
  • Rename map1R_fixed.cpk to map1R.cpk and copy over the original
  • If you don't want japanese movies copy the american movie files (bink folder)
  • Copy the latest translated EBOOT over the original
  • Enjoy

Latest translated EBOOT:

  • English chest passwords*
  • Story Battles
  • How-to Battles
  • Title Abilities & Effects
  • Food Effects
  • Discoveries
  • Typo fixes ("cloak fix")
  • An important translation change of Bench EXP/SP/HP titles

*for English chest passwords be sure to use the latest chest fixed files (Aug.15)

Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55 Guide and Repack Tools Out

Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55 Guide and Repack Tools Out

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

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#915 - hydro51 - 94w ago
hydro51's Avatar
Hello, I'm looking for DLC of Tales of Graces for EUR version (BLES01617).

My firmware is Rogero 4.40 v 1.03, I tried this tutorial:

1. Install pkg
2. install rap files with reactpsn (put exdata folder on the root of your external device and put rap files into this, make an aa account and start up reactpsn after you made/renamed this account)
3. Go into multiman or any other app you may have to FTP with and connect your PC to your PS3.
4. Go to your GAME folder on your PS3 and transfer the content from the BLJS10093 folder to your desktop.
5. Go to the BLUS30903 folder (if you have the US version) with your FTP client and go into this folder. Continue going in until you are inside the DLC folder.
6. Go into the DLC folder that is inside the BLJS10093 which is located on your desktop and move all of the content that is in this DLC folder into the 30903 DLC folder. (or whatever region your Tales of Graces F is)

Start the game up and it should check the DLC, if all goes well you have successfully installed the DLC.

NOTE: To use DLC in game, go to the items tab and scroll to the far right symbol. The little wifi signal symbol. (or click L1 once) You can activate your DLC from there.

NOTE 2: Some of this DLC may cause the game to freeze, make sure you save before using any of it. Some of the titles/costumes are not in the english version of the game that is in the Japanese version of the game and these I think are what causes the issues.

Happy gaming!

But that don't work Help pls

#914 - Neo Cyrus - 96w ago
Neo Cyrus's Avatar
So just to clarify, the DLC is being worked on as well and once this project is done all the DLC will work on the US version? Last I checked the game would crash if the Jap DLC is used on the US version.

#913 - Lusanagi - 96w ago
Lusanagi's Avatar
yes, but you have to make an undub using the JP version as a base

#912 - arcbishop77 - 97w ago
arcbishop77's Avatar
Oh yeah this have been bugging me, if I want the costumes from DLC like school costume and hatsune miku (for Sophie) to work in my ToGF game , do I must use the undub version? like in page 90 Stated by mamu? (post #896) Thanks.

#911 - Lurker - 97w ago
Lurker's Avatar
This post has everything you'd need to know:

Played a bit with this and the Code Geass costumes are something else. Platinum'd this game's US release a while ago and decided to get CFW in part to play with these costumes. Well I must say mamu, you revitalized my love for this game again.

#910 - niwakun - 97w ago
niwakun's Avatar
with the xillia release is coming near, I hope mamu is still there to help us with undub job

#909 - Mahadewa - 97w ago
Mahadewa's Avatar
could you give me the tools you used to repack the files so i could try too?

#908 - Lusanagi - 97w ago
Lusanagi's Avatar
yup, they are the same files. thank you so much for the files

#907 - kokotas - 98w ago
kokotas's Avatar
Should be. My upload is based on mamu's tutorial (post #724)

But you can always compare the scripts I used (those which are on my solidfiles folder) with the ones that mamu posted here recently, to be sure.

#906 - Lusanagi - 98w ago
Lusanagi's Avatar
Hey Kokotas, the files uploaded right now are made with the latest script, skit fix, etc?