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June 25, 2011 // 12:36 am - Following the recent Transformers Dark of the Moon Update Patch for PS3 CFW comes another update patch from Sony this weekend for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on PlayStation 3 v3.55 Custom Firmware.

Download: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PS3 Update Patch / Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PS3 Update Patch (Mirror) / Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PS3 Update Patch (Mirror #2)

Below are the details from S4W, as follows:

For: Super.Street.Fighter.IV.Arcade.Edition.PS3-DUPLEX
File: SFIVAEU355FiX.rar (20.57 MB)
GameID: BLES00770
EXT: Yes (Run with SELECT+X in multiMAN)
Discless: Yes (from app_home on the XMB)

Notes: All I did was install the game update (which is only for FW 2.80) and edited the sfo.I'v packed the update and pre-edited sfo together.

Tested and working with FW 3.55 but with it only requiring FW 2.80 it should work on 3.41 also (may have to re edit the sfo for 3.41)

Install Notes:

1. Install the EP0102-BLES00770_00-SSF4PAT04ARCADEE-A0105-V0100-PE.pkg from the root of a USB stick/drive
2. Copy the .sfo to /BLES00770/PS3_GAME folder
3. Load the game from EXT from app_Home (SELEXT+X disc-less).


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PS3 CFW Update Patch Out

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#6 - Neo Cyrus - June 26, 2011 // 2:57 pm
Neo Cyrus's Avatar
For anyone who doesn't know there will be a PC release of SSF4AE on July 5th (Capcom would have to be crazy to not release the final version for PC). What I don't like about these patches for 3.55 is that a lot of them are either for the Euro version or change things so the game is recognized as the Euro version.

#5 - lordfenixnc - June 26, 2011 // 8:32 am
lordfenixnc's Avatar
all of the DL sites i get my stuff from only list how to run it external. so i'm assuiming for now we need either a 20gb flash drive or use a External hard drive to run the game. I just hope maybe a multiman update or something else could fix the internal issue... unless its more or less the Firmware and not the software.

#4 - H4rdWear - June 26, 2011 // 7:56 am
H4rdWear's Avatar
Ya i'd like to know if this will run internal i have been stuck on a black screen...

#3 - lordfenixnc - June 26, 2011 // 7:38 am
lordfenixnc's Avatar
Anyone know if there will be a Fix for Internal Booting... or will it always just be External... (question is less for me... and more towards a game summit i help run... cant have 6 PS3 with External hard drives... don't want stuff to walk out)


#2 - corsasri - June 25, 2011 // 3:01 pm
corsasri's Avatar
the game is a whopping 15.35 gb

#1 - saaqi - June 25, 2011 // 7:45 am
saaqi's Avatar