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200w ago - Following the recent Transformers Dark of the Moon Update Patch for PS3 CFW comes another update patch from Sony this weekend for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on PlayStation 3 v3.55 Custom Firmware.

Download: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PS3 Update Patch / Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PS3 Update Patch (Mirror) / Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PS3 Update Patch (Mirror #2)

Below are the details from S4W, as follows:

For: Super.Street.Fighter.IV.Arcade.Edition.PS3-DUPLEX
File: SFIVAEU355FiX.rar (20.57 MB)
GameID: BLES00770
EXT: Yes (Run with SELECT+X in multiMAN)
Discless: Yes (from app_home on the XMB)

Notes: All I did was install the game update (which is only for FW 2.80) and edited the sfo.I'v packed the update and pre-edited sfo together.

Tested and working with FW 3.55 but with it only requiring FW 2.80 it should work on 3.41 also (may have to re edit the sfo for 3.41)

Install Notes:

1. Install the EP0102-BLES00770_00-SSF4PAT04ARCADEE-A0105-V0100-PE.pkg from the root of a USB stick/drive
2. Copy the .sfo to /BLES00770/PS3_GAME folder
3. Load the game from EXT from app_Home (SELEXT+X disc-less).


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PS3 CFW Update Patch Out

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#26 - devbabdev - 27w ago
devbabdev's Avatar
Full game works

#25 - tertius51 - 27w ago
tertius51's Avatar
Works well on multiman

#24 - lng - 27w ago
lng's Avatar
Downloading THANKS

#23 - Zer0z - 118w ago
Zer0z's Avatar
Sorry for being noob but the zip file you supplied only has the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Install.pkg file. Does this create the .sfo file and then move it to the folder?

#22 - PS4 News - 120w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
I added a few mirrors to the main article now for it.

#21 - sowdah - 120w ago
sowdah's Avatar
Hi there, any chance to get this file reuploaded?

Thanks a lot

#20 - ironspider3 - 194w ago
ironspider3's Avatar
awesome news

#19 - Abystar - 195w ago
Abystar's Avatar
Thanks, i finally can play from internal.

If install the game into internal, don't forget to fix permission

#18 - PS4 News - 196w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
My guess is it means save money from paying for the game..

#17 - Abystar - 196w ago
Abystar's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dekachin View Post
Steps that seemed to work for me:

1. FTP over
2. Copy SFO
3. Apply patch
4. Repair permissions
5. Profit++

Load off internal, woot.

what does "5. Profit++" mean