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72w ago - Following up on my previous update, today I have released Steven 4.53 Cobra v1.00 PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) for those interested with details below.

Download: STEVEN_4.53_COBRA_V1.00-PS3UPDAT.PUP (199 MB - 208,790,639 bytes) / STEVEN_4.53_COBRA_V1.00-PS3UPDAT.PUP (Mirror) / SRC.rar

MD5: F17076DD5EC214DAA3BA6DD7FAD38300

Steven 4.53 Cobra v1.00 Features:

1. Built from 4.53 OFW
2. Patched All Core OS ECDSA Check
3. Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Protection
4. Patched LV1 to add peek/poke support
5. Patched LV2 to add peek/poke support
6. It can run Games Signed with Keys up to 4.53
7. No BT/BD Patches to allow installation on consoles with broken BluRay Drive or Bluetooth board.
8. App_Home/IPF
9. ReActPSN patch
10. RSOD Screen Bypasses
11. QA Flag enabled by default
12. This CFW can be installed on console with 3.55 OFW version or lower and Any CFW Version
13. Better System Stability and Speed
14. PSN/SEN access without spoof needed
15. Original Coldboot and Sound
16. Add In Game ScreenShot Feature
17. Cobra 7.00 Ported

  • added category_xml (webMAN's) as default


  • use ps2 classic for ps2iso game
  • psp not working

Thanks Habib for his work porting Cobra to 4.53

Steven 4.53 Cobra v1.00 PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) is Released

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#29 - syborftw - 71w ago
syborftw's Avatar
i will test in my console

#28 - StevenTj - 72w ago
StevenTj's Avatar
Dehash your console first. Then just update it like usual.

No Dongle needed.

#27 - Daveyshamble501 - 72w ago
Daveyshamble501's Avatar
Do you have to have the dongle to make this work ? or does it work regardless ?

Say if I wanna update from 3.55 rebug can I install over that or does it have to be from OFW 3.55 ?

#26 - StevenTj - 72w ago
StevenTj's Avatar
Mirror Steven 4.53 v1.00:

MD5: 8CAF2B19896D971847D70DD84079DB79

For better download speed

Thanks Hippotamamus for the mirror.

#25 - asusplayer - 73w ago
asusplayer's Avatar
hello the version I had was 4.50 ofw but unable to install this jailbreak normally but then upgraded to 4.53 but without the jailbeak is that I can install and run the jailbreak or downgrade to 3.55

#24 - StevenTj - 74w ago
StevenTj's Avatar
1. Yes. If you want to use OFW again. Just install OFW over CFW.
2. Only use tested CFW. And follow proper instructions
3. Many~

#23 - ProxJamie - 75w ago
ProxJamie's Avatar
Hey, I'm new to the entire modding thing for ps3 and I need some tips

1. Is there anyway to go back from CFW, What I mean is once you have installed CFW can it be uninstalled and put back onto regular OS
2. Give me any tips to stopped my console being bricked
3. What sort of things can you do with CFW?

Thanks in advance

Oh and by the way its corrupted.

#22 - youssoupha - 75w ago
youssoupha's Avatar
Hi, can you help me about ps3 jailbreak its about games, coming soon i will jailbreak my ps3 and im asking if do i download Bles and Blus or i just download pkg games only?

#21 - StevenTj - 75w ago
StevenTj's Avatar
Sounds ? color change on led button ? you are using CFU ?

Your controller driven crazy ?

more likely it's your hardware issue. my CFW sync controller very well.

hishamage, pls do not hijack my thread. thanks

#20 - hishamage - 75w ago
hishamage's Avatar
Re install this cfw or use another cfw