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October 2, 2013 // 3:32 pm - Following up on their previous revision and the release of PS3 Firmware 4.50, today Sgk84 of Team SGK has released Enable / Disable Spoof for PS3 System Software 4.50 on PSN with CFW.

Download: Enabler_Disabler__SPOOF_4.50_BY_TEAMSGK_.rar / spoof-4-50-sgk.rar (Mirror) / Enabler_Disabler__SPOOF_4.50_BY_TEAMSGK_.pkg (Mirror #2) / rebug_updater__SPOOF_4.50_BY_TEAMSGK_.rar / rogero_updater__SPOOF_4.50_BY_TEAMSGK_.rar / rogero_updater_SPOOF_4.50_BY_TEAMSGK_(2).pkg (Mirror) / rogero_cfw_updater_4.30_4.40_4.41_SPOOF_4.50_BY_TEAMSGK_.rar (RAR Password: TeamSGK) / Team SGK 4.50 Spoofer' (Bundle Pack - Password Removed)

To quote, roughly translated: Spoof for CFW 4.50, 4.46, 4.41, 4.40, and 4.30 by TeamSGK

Hi, to all voilla for you bitten the line, a 4.50 spoof all costs for CFW 4.46, 4.41, 4.40, 4.30.. good game at all.

Team SGK Spoofer Notes:

  • SPOOF 4.50 for cfw (4.46v5SGK) BY TeamSGK - careful not installed CEDEX fashion.. check well with toolbox you been in normal mode and installed the spoof and after you ironed CEDEX way you seem so good
  • SPOOF 4.50 for cfw (4.46 Rebug) BY TeamSGK - careful not installed Rebug Mode, check well with toolbox you been in normal mode and installed the spoof and then you could Rebug ironed fashion so good you think
  • SPOOF 4.50 for cfw (4.46 rogero) BY TeamSGK
  • SPOOF for cfw 4.50 (4.41 4.40 4.30 rogero) BY TeamSGK

SGK Enable / Disable Spoof for PS3 Firmware 4.50 on PSN with CFW

SGK Enable / Disable Spoof for PS3 Firmware 4.50 on PSN with CFW

SGK Enable / Disable Spoof for PS3 Firmware 4.50 on PSN with CFW

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#14 - Neo2003 - October 3, 2013 // 12:42 pm
Neo2003's Avatar
Did anyone test the rogero_cfw_updater_4.30_4.40_4.41_SPOOF_4.50_BY_TEAMSGK_.rar file on cfw Rogero 4.40 1.03 ? Is it safe?

Update: I tested it on my Rogero 4.40 v1.03. The enabler works but it CANNOT allow you to go on PSN.

On system information is written 4.50 firmware and this is fine, but when you try to log in into psn an error occurs: error 80710007

#13 - pauliux963 - October 3, 2013 // 11:42 am
pauliux963's Avatar
Soo ok after installing the 4.50 spoof I get this screen. And I connect a controller and press the PS button and nothing happens. What the hell. Bricked or something?

EDIT: Ok I reseted the controller and everything seems fine now. Just got that strange ass error at the end that It cannot install the systep update. Tho I didn't installed any. So yeah...

EDIT2: sigh cant run games through MM.... Gets back to the Connect the Controller crap....

#12 - LKJHGFDSA - October 3, 2013 // 10:02 am
last resort, use an old rebug spoofer. the uninstall function is the same for all versions.

I downloaded the first link and it doesn't work and letibit won't let me download a second file.

Got a proxy working, an hour later, only to be greeted with this message.

"The file is temporarily unavailable for download. Please try a little bit later."

#11 - mikewwfman316 - October 3, 2013 // 8:08 am
mikewwfman316's Avatar
can someone repost rogero_cfw_updater_4.30_4.40_4.41_SPOOF_4.50_BY_TE AMSGK_.rar its not working

#10 - mikele13 - October 3, 2013 // 7:58 am
mikele13's Avatar
hello guys. please anyone tell me how can i DISABLE spoofer 4.50?

#9 - joekrow - October 3, 2013 // 6:08 am
joekrow's Avatar
I am on Rogero CFW 4.46 and I would be happy if anyone could help me on which of these files I need to download.. I am 100% lost

#8 - DMagic1 - October 3, 2013 // 4:17 am
DMagic1's Avatar
SPOOF for cfw 4.50 (4.41 4.40 4.30 rogero) BY TeamSGK has page can not be found error.

#7 - bboss110 - October 3, 2013 // 3:24 am
bboss110's Avatar
Can i use this to play gta v online ?

#6 - StanSmith - October 3, 2013 // 2:40 am
StanSmith's Avatar
Which Rebug is it for? I'm on 4.21.2

I found out, its Rebut 4.30 ONLY. Thats what the app itself says when you run it.

#5 - swodniw - October 3, 2013 // 2:24 am
swodniw's Avatar
I get error 80710007