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August 16, 2014 // 6:28 pm - Following up on the previous official PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware release, today one of the Rogero CFW testers named pauline45 leaked Rogero CEX 4.60 v1.00 PS3 CFW which was confirmed as legitimate by another tester xxmcvapourxx with details below.

Download: PS3UPDAT_Rogero_CEX_4.60_v1.00.PUP (196.16 MB) / PS3UPDAT_Rogero_CEX_4.60_v1.00.PUP (Mirror) / PS3UPDAT_Rogero_CEX_4.60_v1.00.PUP (Mirror #2) / PS3UPDAT_Rogero_CEX_4.60_v1.00.PUP (Mirror #3)

MD5 Hash: 4B34B47C2FDCF31620405E516BAC9EA2

From pauline45: I'm posting this because the devs won't. I don't care what they think this won't work on MultiMAN as you need to use on BD mirror to play games but IrisMAN and GameSonic is perfect it works on all consoles, no bricks or that.

I've tested it out on every console from 2006 till late 2010 and will install over any CFW I don't care what devs and people or Rogero think its time to release it, it been out for 29 days now. I know I will get stick for this guys but who gives a fvuk as my mate Greg Rasputin said go for it.

From xxmcvapourxx: Yes it's real. Just let you all know it's not finished. I've been testing this with Abkarino all week, the only thing that don't work is MultiMAN. It has been flagged with dean so hopefully a newer version will be out soon.

Just so you know it does work well with IrisMAN but sound and some games when you upload or transfer your PS3 to another TV the settings will change, you have to reset the HD settings back.

Pauline I had faith in you... but leaker is a leaker. This is why devs leave, you won't see Rogero make another one...!!

Just a note: As it a test PUP and that Rogero, or Tortuga-Cove will not be responsible for bricks or issues!! Just a warning!! Still a lot of bugs in this firmware...!!

It still has other issues not just MultiMAN works on other CFW, it's the payload it's still in testing... purpose its not fully finished or perfect still has issues like PS1 AND PS2. I won't go into much detail anyway it's leaked now good luck to anyone installs it...

From pauline45: Yes I know mate it don't work with MultiMAN because deank didn't sign it, as I tried to sign it but deank's MultiMAN is closed source.

It works in IrisMAN and GameSonic no problem, but MultiMAN you need to use BD mirror because deank hasn't updated to 4.60 Rogero yet.

Finally, from Rogero himself on the Rogero CEX 4.60 v1.00 PS3 CFW leak, to quote: Hello,

Just a quick quote to clarify that this is indeed my CFW build, it's safe, tested on many Fat/Slim models and won't brick but it's not fully functional on all machines, it have some BD drive problems with original Discs or loading games from multiMAN on some FAT machines.

Unfortunately this was indeed a leak of a work still in progress, OFW4.60 have integrated some new changes to the BD FW and LV2 kernel, I didn't want any public release unless it was properly patched to work fine on all models (especially FAT consoles) and without any issues playing original PS3 discs.

This CFW was on hold due to the lack of free time in order to work more on it, and it was given to close friends for testing purposes only. Now after the leak of this test version I'm not sure If I will ever finish working on it.


Rogero CEX 4.60 v1.00 PS3 CFW Leaked by Pauline45, Details Available

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#357 - PS4 News - July 3, 2015 // 4:29 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Rogero never did one, his last was Rogero CEX 4.55 v1.00 PS3 CFW with an unofficial Rogero CEX 4.60 v1.00 PS3 CFW update by pauline45.

We'll update this thread if he decided to make another, at the moment I guess he is in semi-retirement mode from the PS3 scene.

#356 - dragon2177 - July 2, 2015 // 9:48 pm
dragon2177's Avatar
What happened with the cfw 4.70 edition?

And thx you for uploading!!!

#355 - HackTheNet - June 13, 2015 // 11:06 am
HackTheNet's Avatar
When will be the release of Rogero 4.75 ??

#354 - akcreative - June 12, 2015 // 10:46 am
akcreative's Avatar
i love this cfw.. no bugs.

#353 - mickey1973 - May 23, 2015 // 12:32 am
mickey1973's Avatar
rogero is the best cfw

thanks for this

#352 - darkis - April 23, 2015 // 7:49 am
darkis's Avatar
Is Rogero 4.70 coming ?

#351 - drbaks - April 12, 2015 // 9:00 am
drbaks's Avatar
Waiting for 4.70 ... very nice

#350 - Zel - March 27, 2015 // 9:25 am
Zel's Avatar
Thank you all !!

#349 - deveen - March 24, 2015 // 10:46 am
deveen's Avatar
that's working man, a good update thanks a lot

#348 - tattoobyping - March 21, 2015 // 3:20 pm
tattoobyping's Avatar
Thanks for that update.