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69w ago - Following up on PS3 4.53 OFW, today I present RetroA 4.53 Ultimate CFW and Package (PKG) Manager for PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware fans with details below.

Download: RetroA 4.53 Ultimate.rar / RetroA Manager.pkg

RetroA PS3 CFW MD5: 3130903F8B0A99A27AC6453BE182F416
RetroA PKG Manager MD5: CB32C5EAE1EBE17AA5708C9B516FE9E9

RetroA 4.53 Ultimate PS3 CFW

1.) Made out of 4.53 ofw
2.) Have install package files and app_home
3.) Have reactpsn compatibility
4.) Patched all coreos ecdsa check
5.) Patched lv2 to add peek /poke supoort
6.) Patched lv1 to disable lv2 protection
7.) Patched lv1 to add peek / poke support
8.) It can run games signed with keys up to 4.53
9.) Can be updated over any cfw
10.) Can be updated over 3.55 ofw
11.) Added no bt/bd patches
12.) RSOD bypass
13.) Reactpsn offline patch added
14.) Better system stability
15.) PSP remaster support added
16.) QA flag enabled by default if ps3 was qa on 3.55
17.) In game screenshot enabled
18.) Replaced XMB Wave
19.) Replaced Coldboot & Sound
20.) Package Manager added, need to install my CFW Manager to enable it

Replaced XMB Wave, Changed Startup Message, New coldboot and Sounds, Cleaning up of XMB Categories. Download My CFW Manager to get Package Manager (Thanks to hishamage for this). Thanks to Habib for his Patches.

RetroA 4.53 Ultimate CFW & PKG Manager for PlayStation 3 Released

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#10 - RetroA - 69w ago
RetroA's Avatar
Yes, i really don't like any cfws including mine, Rebug CFWs are the best..

#9 - moja - 69w ago
moja's Avatar
Hmm, all these newer cfws make it harder to wait for a proper rebug release. Might have to give in.

#8 - RetroA - 69w ago
RetroA's Avatar
i will try to fix this problem, did anyone have this problem beside you wick007, i will look into OK

#7 - wick007 - 69w ago
wick007's Avatar
not working usb PS3 next map UPDATE pup file paste recovery mode not find any update whats wrong cfw 4.50 on it now fat ps3 i have

#6 - lionsfan420 - 69w ago
lionsfan420's Avatar
It's like going backwards since Cobra mixed FW came out.. IMHO

#5 - hishamage - 69w ago
hishamage's Avatar
Really, nice cfw RetroA, and ZerorakerZX try it, i think you will like it, i like it a lot

#4 - RetroA - 69w ago
RetroA's Avatar
Try it and you will know

#3 - ZerotakerZX - 69w ago
ZerotakerZX's Avatar
What's so ultimate about it? There tons of cwfs nowdays, and all of them are the same.

#2 - RetroA - 69w ago
RetroA's Avatar
No Problem BOSS.

#1 - PS4 News - 69w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Cheers for the news RetroA, and I have added it to the mainpage HERE now as well.