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September 26, 2012 // 12:05 am - Following up on yesterday's update, today we are saddened to report that Duowan editor ShouFaDi (aka The First Emperor) has now updated his post stating that Red Power is now being called Blue Disk, and that a DRM-infected PS3 USB dongle will be required to use their Custom Firmware (CFW) version 4.21 unfortunately.

Below is the update, roughly translated to quote: "The group changed its name to Blue Disk, and declared that a USB dongle with a system may use personal guess Unplugged dongle may get in his CFW the Well when songce said not sell dongles, now renamed the idea to sell the dongle I swear.

I really do not know before sell dongle, but the host songce no dongle and I swear that in addition to the received outside the of the team songce host, no charge other belongings, and even water did not take a sip! And drove past their city's oil money or Ida dig orz

In fact, to be honest, not to mention being like crack as a PS3 lovers to hear messages like natural new crack will be very excited, even if it went to another city to pick up samples also nothing to complain.

Not to mention the other also specialized exclusive news but as write such sentences play a multi-media platform, new message, new dongle, as long as the evaluation of the value of the same will do just seize the fear of some people with ulterior motives rival station vulnerability, incitement Member denigrate the next.

Members looked decided it... my posts anyway, only to ensure that it wants to bring an objective evaluation..."

Current Developments for PSN Compatibility:

The team is currently testing PSN access on their console. From there testing REACTPSN isnt compatable with the CFW and gives the error 80029514 when you try to connect to PSN using the FTP exploit. FckPSN logs onto the PSN Store but gives you 80710A06 error if you try to login with a PSN ID but allows you to create the account.

Some more roughly translated updates are also posted HERE for those interested with a better translation by itsbighead available as well. Also The First Emperor went on a bit further to apologize for duping his viewers here (, to quote roughly translated:

"Again - I mean swear to God, I really do not know before is to sell the dongle, but the host songce no dongle and I swear that in addition to the received outside the of the team songce host, no charge other belongings, did not even water to drink! Drove past the oil money in their city or Ida dig orz

In fact, to be honest, not to mention being "like crack as a PS3 lovers, hear a message like new crack will naturally very excited, even if it went to another city to pick up samples no complaints not to mention the other also specifically said to exclusive news and as a multi-play media platform, new messages even if it is a new dongle, as long as the evaluation of the value of the same will be done.

Write such a passage is just afraid to seize the vulnerability of some people with ulterior motives rival station, incitement Member defame the next.

Then, Blue Disk (RED POWER) discussion, vent it in this post reply: Blue Disk (RED POWER) prohibit new open new topic related no open posts necessary (and decided by the Moderator whether there is necessary to start a topic), and offenders delete, gag those without treatment - whether it is praise or scolding equally.

To show our appreciation for everyone's enthusiasm and concern, we've decided to work with our distributor at taobao (Chinese equivalent of Ebay - to bring you firmware update service at a super low price 98 RMB (around 15USD). To express our gratitude to our dear users, we've also decided to offer an upgrade from BDCFW 4.21 to BDCFW 4.25 for free.

Features of CFW 4.25:

1: Support games up to 4.25. No eboot fix is needed. Get original game backup and play right away.
2: Support PSN
3: Support internal and external HDD.
4: You can downgrade to 3.55 , or update to latest OFW in the future and then later newer CFW (upgraded via PUP file on USB, no hardware modification)
5: No external USB device is needed to boot BDCFW 4.25

This leaves open (2) potential scenarios to explore, as follows:

  • Once word spread of the Red Power Team's PS3 4.21 CFW, the folks behind the useless Cobra / True Blue dongles cut a deal with the Chinese to wrap their code into another for-profit dongle (which was also done with PS Downgrade, followed by the useless dongle files being leaked, converted to hex, and ported even more for free!)

  • This was just another marketing scheme perpetuated by the con-artists to get some free publicity all along, similar to what was done when the PS3 JB2 (TB) dongle was first released announced... only this time it was done under the guise of a Chinese Team instead of an Indonesian Team.

In either case, it appears to be handled by the same group with the same devious mastermind and ironically (or not) multiMAN v04.06.00 already supports the new PS3 4.21 CFW despite deank previously stating he wasn't in bed or on their payroll even though educated PlayStation 3 scene developers such as CrashSerious saw through the obvious smokescreen and knew better all along.

Finally, a brief PSA (common sense really, eh?): It's important not to let hypocritical scam-artists take advantage of you, a perfect example would be sites riddled with paid sidebar affiliate links peddling dongles who claim they stand for open-source while directly profiting off DRM-riddled dongle sales at the same time.

Contrary to what they would like people to believe, dongles are only used to line their greedy pockets - no dongle is required to play PS3 games (as is evidenced when DUPLEX removed the TrueBlue PS3 USB dongle DRM protection, by all the N0DRM releases, by the awesome PS3 DEX progress and when the Damage Inc Pacific Squadron WWII PS3 3.55 / 3.41 EBOOT Fix author openly admitted, to quote: "Everybody with a DECR and extra hardware to dump the RAM can get his hands on those decrypted EBOOTs."

There are much more important things to spend money on in life than useless dongles that will continue to be replaced with newer versions to maximize profits whenever the opportunity arises, so instead have a little faith with patience towards the real PlayStation 3 scene developers and before you know it everyone will be playing the same PS3 games for free.

Red Power Now Called Blue Disk, DRM-Infected PS3 Dongle Required

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#421 - JOshISPoser - October 6, 2012 // 3:43 pm
JOshISPoser's Avatar
right?! just support real devs and buy a second ps3. dude, if anyone buys it at that price, you are DUMB. it's probably only that high so they can make profits from the first batch of dongles they make.

#420 - Renold - October 6, 2012 // 2:33 pm
Renold's Avatar
No way in hell I'd get a 300$ dongle. Maybe a 3$ one...

#419 - elser1 - October 6, 2012 // 1:28 pm
elser1's Avatar
does it make sense, as i'm no expert, that it is just 3.55cfw (called and spoofed 4.21cfw) but the fw patches all eboots etc up to and including 4.21?

also if the dongle etc is $300 thats disgusting. buy another ps3 and buy the newer games you really want, then the devs etc will be happy!

#418 - danco666 - October 6, 2012 // 1:28 pm
danco666's Avatar
No, actually I'm just saying what I read about it. I'm not happy at all about this because it would be too expensive and probably not for 4.21 FW just for 3.55. But if will cost 300 bucks, then I don't thinks so that everyone will.

Because, many people stuck at 3.55+ fw and there is no way out, except downgrading, which is normal to expensive. I don't thinks that will be something about it for users 3.55+ FW. So good luck for everyone and good gaming

#417 - fantopoulos - October 6, 2012 // 1:22 pm
fantopoulos's Avatar
because people do not want to make patches, cracks, eboots and let other (nobodies) in on their hard work which is free you are right, but till e3 can secure they wont be issuing new fixes, i had a long conversation on irc, so that is the scoop, they are protecting their work, and stopping red power from making a claim to fame if you do not understand this then gee, we need another language to speak lol.

i give another example, i created something special, that is minimal but a lot of people use it, now some sniffer decides to take my work and make money off it that is not how it works sorry

#416 - Denida - October 6, 2012 // 1:08 pm
Denida's Avatar
Somebody is getting greedy, wanting as many sold as possible before it will be useless again! Doubt many will get it at that price if so, though...

#415 - danco666 - October 6, 2012 // 12:54 pm
danco666's Avatar
Ok, guy I just read that this dongle will cost 300$.

And I read that this 4.21 CFW will work on 4.21 FW, not just on 3.55.

If I had good translator:

#414 - JOshISPoser - October 6, 2012 // 1:28 am
JOshISPoser's Avatar
wait, if free eboot fixes are released, who cares if they get released by a dongle? almost no one with half a brain would get the dongle.

i'm kinda confused about what you're saying. i just don't get why it matters if they get the method if other people release eboots for free anyways...

#413 - fantopoulos - October 5, 2012 // 10:20 pm
fantopoulos's Avatar
my talking WITH several people is that red team power whatever are getting all their info from the eboot fixes/cracks as you will so e3 has haulted to find a way to stop them dead in tracks they need more fixes/cracks to be able to even come close to getting where they want to be so wait a while gents no fixes till hole is shut, that red power is trying to use others works, but they got your number now.

if they are displaying videos that should mean they have a 4.21 jb cfw, but nope thus another fact it sticks on 3.55 firmware it does not take a rocket scientist, red power, do not try to take credit for others works, thus the hault in fixes

#412 - KaInEvIL - October 5, 2012 // 9:43 pm
KaInEvIL's Avatar
Maybe the current user reception didn't meet with their expectations/delusions. I'm actually more concerned in how the patches have come to a halt.