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91w ago - Following up on the previous revision, ReActPSN has now been updated to version 2.27 by Chinese PlayStation 3 developer ccregame which now includes a few minor PS3 / PSN bug fixes as outlined below.

Download: reActPSN v2.27.pkg / reActPSN v2.27.pkg (Mirror) / ReActPSN v2.27 with Custom PIC1

To quote, roughly translated: No big changes, the average user Needless to upgrade.

Alter some minor changes:

1. triangle break mode support to CFW4.46, dex4.46 not support, has little significance.
2. fixes L2 backup rap small bug.

ReActPSN v2.27 Arrives, Now Includes Some PS3 / PSN Bug Fixes

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#424 - darkomega9408 - 22w ago
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thanks mate

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indeed, nice!

#421 - valvoga - 22w ago
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Thanks a lot for this mate.

You deserve a cookie.

#420 - murders10 - 22w ago
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good work

#419 - pegast - 22w ago
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to me it does not work

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#416 - birdjgchen - 22w ago
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thanks again

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