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June 24, 2012 // 8:08 pm - Following up on his previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer PsDev has updated PS3Tools GUI Edition to version 2.0 which now incorporates the PS3 EDAT Tools with the complete changelog detailed below.

Download: PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.0

To quote: I collaborated now listen, PsDev back with the brand new edition. Yes, yes. Me and SnowyDew have collaborated and I added his magnificant tools to mine It was a struggle getting it to execute properly, but I finally got rid of all the errors and combined them for the best experience.

  • Changes, Decrypt and Re-encrypt edat's successfully
  • iso.bin.edat extraction
  • Decrypt eboot.pbp's / eboot.bins for further game modifiying
  • Decryption of act.dat and rif keys
  • Print coreos image info

Snowydew: so the decryption as it stands right now, an do iso.bin.edat, requires idps, rif and act.dat for the games. re-encryption i believe it needs the “fake” signed ones, as well as an idps (not sure on the idps) however the second method only requires the idps and the .rap file. this does not cover licenseing games i believe (It could, but we haven’t tested it) the re-encryption algo is in the encryption one, but again haven’t been able to test it completely (reason I was asking around on twitter awhile back)

Thanks to naehwert, snowydew, KaKaRoToKS, geohot, math and any one else I forgot.

Finally, in related news today belioc has leaked what he claims are some PlayStation 3 Lv0 Opcodes (below) and has credited PsDev for them, as stated below:

Although I am leaking this, I am still gonna give credit to who got these, that is PsDev. OpCodes (Operation codes) are the operation to be performed in a instruction set of the processor.

Here are the lv0 operation codes. A lot are unknown so it's really hard to say what function they're doing, but the function offset is provided. When I recieved the file it has about 10MB of NOP (No operation performed) about 1MB of operations being performed.

First Set:
Second Set:

Shortly afterwards, PsDev stated the following rebuttal though: Lol this is false, me and naehwert talked it over the opcodes are just a reading that is false due to the lv0 being encrypted. the BL is what decrypt the lv0. How would I dissemble a encrypted lv0?

Haha last time I share something that could have potential (it don't) with someone.

Just run the lv0 in a DisArm decoder (don't have to be DisArm) it will bot the self and tell the opcodes (that are false).

Thanks naehwert. Good bye.

PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.0 Arrives, Incorporates PS3 EDAT Tools

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